Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget – It just took us 10 years to reach here but we made him friends! I’ve been living in my high-rise apartment for a long time, and while every corner is decorated the way I wanted, my apartment courtyard is lost. I look back every spring when the weather gets better and I always want to change it up. There was this sad attempt a few years back, which was just a rough statistic. However, this year something clicked. Thus, I turned the project around in a matter of days and never looked back. Decorating an apartment patio can be a lot of fun, but I ditched it!

For patio decor tips, I turn to Pinterest, as I do every spring. I kept seeing one big common thread over and over again, flooring. Last year I thought about something. But I have set my aim very high. I wanted to paint the floor. what not I wanted to create a tile pattern to resemble this stunning exterior by interior design genius Emily Henderson. But I’m not clever. Unfortunately, I waited another year. Then I realized I could use these incredibly cheap and easy-to-install outdoor floor tiles. It was a game changer for the field. It took them no time to load when they clicked together. I love how it transforms a space in no time.

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Another big change was the black section, which I had some control over. I thought (obviously wrong) of building a boxwood hedge in there but that also seemed like a ton of work and I have zero tools besides a hammer. Instead, I painted it the same Valspar Royal Navy as the wall in my bedroom. I went with an exterior paint formula with a flat finish to withstand the weather and metal materials. While it was a subtle color change, it was the burst of color that this space really needed. Also, the Black bench is better against him now than it is black-on-black.

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A small change in color and flooring completely transformed this space. I was able to preserve my existing furniture, the really perfect pieces, and discarded the rest. With easy-care plants in beautiful, affordable planters and great lighting, this space is complete for under $500. Here’s a look at my new apartment balcony for spring and summer!

Incredible difference before and after. And yes, it’s a chart. It was completely covered in pollen. If you live in Atlanta, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every spring it covers the city for about 2 weeks, and until then there is no reason to attack. After cleaning the entire patio including the furniture, it was time to get started!

Just as you would start with an inspiration board or concept for a room in your home, do the same for your patio. Collect decorating ideas and especially balcony ideas that will help you create the atmosphere you want. I wanted the space to reflect my home as it is something that you can clearly see from the living room and bedroom. I went with navy (hah) and lots of warm neutrals like peaches and tans with lots of natural textures and greens.

All outdoor spaces should have some sort of chat seating to make guests feel invited and comfortable. Depending on the square footage of your venue will determine who you go with in terms of seating options. For smaller spaces definitely choose smaller seats like this simple bistro set. For larger venues, choose seats that can accommodate more of your friends, including a coffee table for more fun. I like it for its compact size. If space allows, you can even add a small bench for extra seating. I always recommend having some kind of little table accessible to hold your Aperol Spritz in the afternoon.

Small Porch And Patio Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Whether you choose to create fake or real potted plants, adding greenery to the entire area helps define the patio and keep everything cozy. This helps make even a small balcony feel like its own separate room. With panels on either side, you’ll create a true outdoor oasis. And if you have a good green thumb, a balcony garden is always a pleasant addition. I personally have some basil and mint on my patio to add to food and cocktails!

You don’t need to go crazy about the color at first, it will fade over time with sunlight and weather. I always think it’s wise to choose neutral seat cushions and play with colours. From rugged patterns and textures to simple outerwear that will keep you cozy through the night.

The only thing that completely transformed the space was the gray concrete floor. There are many options to choose from but I chose tiled outdoor flooring. It was very easy to set up and relatively inexpensive for its effectiveness. But if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can always add an outdoor rug. There are so many options to choose from these days. A classic jute or sisal rug is also always a simple, durable, and affordable choice.

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

There is no outside light on the porch of my apartment. None. Not even a receipt! I had to get creative here. So I decided to buy a chandelier that is not an outdoor chandelier, but can be easily removed in bad weather (as well as a covered patio and rarely so large). I attached these hooks to the ceiling with Gorilla Glue. I keep the extension cord in a basket next to my bed for when I want to plug it in. It’s not a big deal and I was in dire need of light to use this place after sunset.

The Best Outdoor Furniture For Small Spaces

Lighting is always ideal so that you can enjoy your outdoors even in the evening. It also creates a warm and inviting ambient light to really set the mood! String lights are a very easy and cheap way to do this that cost about $30. Some may be solar powered, battery operated or plug in.

Most of the apartments have very small verandahs and balconies. However, don’t go too crazy with these small spaces. You want an apartment patio to be an extension of your home, so keep it simple. Too much furniture, too many accessories, etc. Don’t go crazy with it. After all, you want to be able to relax out there!

An obvious one, but I keep forgetting until it looks like a mad storm. At night, or at least when you know the weather is going to turn bad, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of rolling up your mattress. I try to do this especially when I am out of town. Not only will this give your piece a stunning look, but it will also last for a long time.

Whether you use citronella candles or a spray, remember that you will find bugs on your newly decorated patio too! I love using citronella tea candles in the area. And yes, even in my multi-storey apartment, a dozen floors up there are mosquitoes.

Apartment Balcony Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

I wanted to make sure I could keep him from falling a dozen floors, because a pig can stick its head out of the yard. In the last picture you see some plexiglass, which is an awesome DIY. The zippers were drying out and the pieces were starting to fall off on their own. I completely took it out and replaced it with this black mesh designed to protect the baby. It was super cheap and easy to install. Just zip it over the railing and you’re ready to go!

Bistro table and chairs • Windsor benches • Orange geometric pillow • Neutral wood pillow • Rattan pillow • Terracotta flower pot • Rattan tray • Chandelier • Textured terracotta planter Sarah Walk overcame three major challenges with her patio makeover. The blogger behind Tale Love and Party wanted to save money, so she had to do a budget patio makeover. Her patio is also very small, so she needed to make the most of the small outdoor space. On top of that, she’s renting out her home, so she needed a renter-friendly patio makeover.

See how he overcame all these challenges and achieved an amazing outdoor feat… all in one weekend!

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When we moved into our house, I had big plans for our patio. Big plans! But somehow over the years, I’ve been procrastinating all the time and instead our little sad porch has never been loved.

Small Balcony Ideas For Apartment Living

I wanted it to be a place where we could all hang out, and instead it became a place where my kids would draw with sidewalk chalk and collect spiders.

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