Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget – Wow! Today’s post is huge! For the past five years, my husband and I have lived in our 1969 ranch-style home in Cascade, Michigan, and while we absolutely love every inch of the main level, the unfinished basement has been…forgotten. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, because who spends that much time in an unfinished basement? BUT! In our house, you enter the house through the basement level garage, so every day on my way home I walk through the worst room in our house – the laundry room. And when I say unsightly, I mean disgusting. I’m very embarrassed to even show you the “before” picture and admit that we’ve lived with this for 5 years, but it’s a big, scary project that takes a long time to face.

BUT! This winter we finally decided to take the plunge and the first week of January WE ED DO! We say RIS! To give an idea about the layout of the square, the room has a “U” shape. To the left of the U is the workshop and to the right of the U is the laundry room. Under the U is the entrance to the house from the garage. So we decided to take down the wall and create a decorated L-shaped room with an L-shaped entrance from the lower garage and mudroom, and a laundry room to the right of the back. Okay – now that I’ve officially confused you, let’s look at some pictures!

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

A channel in the wall leads to a workshop. The door on the left is under the U and the garage door

His, Hers And Ours Diy: Laundry Room Makeover

To the left of the U-shaped room is the workshop. Here you can see the same wall channel that was seen in the last photo in progress in the workshop

A workshop and soon converted into a mud room. I had the garage door on the left when I took this photo

At the base of the U-shaped room is the garage door and the wall that will be the mudroom

To the right of the “U” is the laundry room. There is a hole in the concrete floor for the sump pump between the washing machine and dryer, so I can not connect the washing machine and dryer.

Basement Laundry Room Makeover

The door to the left of this photo is the door to the other finished house and leads to the upper stairs

Storage is… a problem. Also, I have a thing for microwaves and that’s it – I hate them. We never use a microwave and I don’t want to see one every day, so the microwave is in the basement. Actually, I didn’t have a microwave for 2 years because we rarely use it, but unfortunately we insist on not having to look at it when I cook.

Okay, now that we’re done, you all think I’m so bad, I don’t have a laundry room, let’s get to the good stuff! We bought electricity to wire the lights in our new place and replaced all the electrical panels in our house. We also build the floor. Plus, my husband and I handled all the remodeling, including framing, drywall, painting, cabinets, trim, tile, stucco, and plumbing! I’m sure I missed something! It’s a lot of work, but what else is there to do in Michigan in the winter?

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

This is a wall mounted washer and dryer. Since the sump pump and pipes, plumbing, and HVAC go through that wall, we decided to build and make a closet behind the washer and dryer, but still accessible. clean, ductless wall for washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Decor & More

I know I’m here for life and all, but man – this place I plan to fix is ​​genius. We built two closets between the workshop and the new mud room. This wall will be the partition between the mud room and the unfinished and new laundry room.

Have we ever touched a hair dryer before? Don’t! Is it worth every penny to do another one? Point! Shall we do it again? Net. BUT! At least we would like to know how it is now and can fully appreciate it if we have to pay someone else in the future.

On Saturday, while my husband was hanging out the dryer, my mom and I decided to go to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore and see what we could find. It’s a great organization and I’m happy to support them in any way I can. Lucky for me, I found a matching solid 8′ double door for $25 a piece! This would be around $500 a piece new, so this is a huge savings and a rare find!

I also got this Kohler iron, navy blue enamel bottle for…iiiiiit wait…$18.75. This particular skirt is now discontinued, but a similar Kohler goes for $800-$1,200! I couldn’t believe it and the color was so beautiful! For less than $75, I have a bottle and two doors!

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On the main level we chose to spray paint the ceiling black to hide all the HVAC, wiring and plumbing that runs between the floor joints. This hazmat suit comes in handy!

This place is one of those projects that has to get worse before it gets better.

The door on the left is another house. The door to the right is the door to a new cabinet built behind the washer and dryer to access the sump pump and drain pipe.

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

Hallelujah! The light began to make this room more like a room and more like a dungeon.

Laundry Room Makeovers That Combine Storage With Style

Remember that oak door you bought? This is where the ingenious space planning comes in. When the door closes, the unfinished workshop closes. When it’s open, it gives my husband plenty of room to take a long piece of wood to the workshop, and it includes a shoe closet and a coat closet so the cloth doesn’t get to our things while we’re working! Of course I don’t like barn doors for our 1969 house because umm… it’s not a farm. In this case, however, there is no space for a full door and the functionality of the sliding door is greater than the aesthetics.

Do you see? Your shoe closet and coat closet go with you! Oh – that little white box on the right? This is a built-in ironing board!

This photo is a great example of how the laundry room and mud room are connected today. This black door is the entrance to the garage and to the left of this arrow is the laundry room. The drying rack is a favorite feature of the laundry room. After five years of drying my clothes on top of baskets and doors, I promise not to accept these babies!

Okay… are you ready to see the AFTER photo?! I can’t wait to see it! But first let’s look back at JONDE.

Laundry Room Makeover Diy, Vintage Chic Laundry Room On A Budget

Now I know what you’re thinking. Fall…where’s the microwave!? What’s a laundry room complete without a pre-planned space for a microwave!? OK. You better believe the electrician put the plug in that tall cabinet….

This room looks as it should. We had a lot of trouble working with the mechanics on the structural pole in the middle of the room, and I’m really happy with how it all came together. We’re proud to have done it alone in space, but… Maybe someone else can do it next time? I am tired. Who wants to come for laundry?! Kathryn is a creative entrepreneur by CPA. Founder of Middle Start. interior designer, photographer, writer and entrepreneur. He likes to stay home, downsize, and has a not-so-secret dream of living on an island.

Our laundry room at the #Pearlgoesmodern Airbnb is complete! When we started this project last month, Brian and I were looking at what we could do with an old, musty basement with a dark ceiling. Don’t be surprised…

Basement Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

We know there’s an empty, unfinished basement out there…so instead of trying to create something that doesn’t exist,

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