Before And After Bathroom Remodels On A Budget

Before And After Bathroom Remodels On A Budget – You don’t have to start from scratch to refresh your bathroom. But thanks to your request and our love for sharing your amazing projects, I’m featuring the next episode of #showEyourDIY – about this gorgeous bathroom remodel – with real-time details on the schedule and plenty of cost breakdowns.

Fair warning, most of these improvements were for the process contractor. Because unless you or someone you know has killer skills (and some of these people have), bathrooms are incredibly difficult to DIY 100% when it comes to things like plumbing. No one wants to risk running out of water or any type of “toilet flushing problem”, do they? But fear not because there are amazing ideas you can use and create yourself.

Before And After Bathroom Remodels On A Budget

Before And After Bathroom Remodels On A Budget

Now I know I said most of these bathrooms were paid for by contractors, but I wanted Rachel and Matt to start with this beauty because they did their powder room/house 100% . They enlisted the help of manufacturing experts from their father, and due to the frantic reorganization, they hired a designer named Amy Hirata. But YouTube’s how-to videos were the main helpers in this massive undertaking. I mean we all loved this color before and after…

Budget Friendly Half Bathroom Renovation Ideas

After finishing the main floor (where they remodeled it to include a mudroom/laundry room, a powder room and finally a large main bathroom :)), they had almost no budget to design and decorate the powder bath. So the $1,700 makeover vanity that Rachel envisioned unfortunately won’t happen. They had to be creative and think of a good DIY because she didn’t want to buy something she didn’t like. A trip to Lowe’s brought them these stunning tapered legs, and with the remnants of their built-in dining area, the vanity cost a total of $32. Yes, $32. Then she found the sink during an impromptu trip to Ikea, where she found it on sale for $50. Deal. Going monochromatic with green paint (Pristine Wilderness by Sherwin Williams) was last minute due to creative exhaustion, but she and we

For other DIY projects, cutting the slatboard costs about $100 for an MDF between 1X2 and 1X4, and the difficult installation of the wallpaper costs $75, but ends up costing $150 (learning curve tax ). The total after roughing out the site and installing the plumbing and electrical was $800. It looks amazing, everything is done with your own hands.

. At first I was a bit confused by the look of the previous photos, so I asked him to go into it a bit more. This is what she said: “It was a big room, yes, there was a big window. We closed the window and added a small one above the tub and added walls to create the bathroom layout.

Coley excelled at these tiles because he couldn’t find long, narrow tiles that didn’t cost more than $30 a square foot. The way she figured it out was to buy 12″ x 24″ tiles and cut them to size. It was $3/square foot plus $500 to cut and install the tiles. She found this beautiful clawfoot tub (everyone’s dream tub, really?) on Craigslist for $200, then painted the exterior and legs. It’s done. Comb and brush $30 total. It looks great and gives that space. And when you add the vintage dressers, cabinets, lights and mirror (all from her, at an incredible price) this is a bathroom I want to hang out in forever 🙂

Diy Gorgeous Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom is small, only 5′ x 8′. But it was going to be her and her husband’s main bathroom, so the two adults had to play around with the layout to make it work. They moved the toilet into a shower niche, and with the extra space next to the original sink, it allowed them to install a double sink in the bedroom (a must for them). Then they turned the tub into a shower/bath for showering.

According to her, it was a half-do-it-yourself, half-rental mini-bathroom renovation. “I designed the space and hired a contractor to handle major changes like electrical and plumbing. After their work was done, I installed the wallpaper over the weekend with the help of my husband.

The renovation took the contractor about three weeks, then she took an extra weekend where she did the wallpapering. Apparently wallpapering was supposed to be part of the contact’s workload, but in the end he didn’t want to do it and folded the walls. It sounds a bit crazy, but we think it’s good for people to know that it can happen. Saved money at the end. The total cost of this renovation is 20 thousand. That’s $13,000 in labor and $6,000 in materials. Not cheap, but it turned out really nice!

Before And After Bathroom Remodels On A Budget

Not that the Pepto Bismol shower wasn’t fun on its own, but Leigh had a different approach to taking care of a guest in her new home. So it was almost a complete job. “We ripped out everything except two vintage medicine cabinets on the side walls. What’s even more fun and special about this bathroom is that this awesome vintage tub was taken from their master bathroom and repurposed here. When doing any type of renovation (renovation or decoration), it is important to remember that repurposing what is already in another room can give it new life. Obviously, not all of us have such interesting materials (like a vintage mint green pot) to work with, but it’s always a good thing to consider. And it’s free and eco-friendly 🙂

Diy Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Lee and her husband hired a contractor for everything except the toilet installation (you go!), the wallpaper, and the very cute design. With materials costing around $1,300 and labor around $4,000, the total renovation was around $5,300.

Fun bonus story: Lee was incredibly kind to share the story of how they got the house. Some of you may remember that when Emily and Brian bought their house, they had a lot of competition (more than asking for cash offers). They decided to make it personal by writing a letter to the owners and pleading their case. Luckily for them, it worked out, Lee recalled when they were bidding on the house. “We have won several cash offers and I have to thank Emily for her contribution, otherwise we may not have our dream home today. At first I had goosebumps when I read this and I knew it was Emily’s day! So for anyone looking to buy a house, remember that while money is certainly very important, people want to sell their house at low prices. people who will love and care for it.

(home buying ideas) Moving on, I want you to hold on to your hats because Sarah from Room Tuesday has made a ton of amazing DIY bathrooms that you are going to love. Below we have two of his stunning bathrooms from two different homes. The before and after are pretty good, so be prepared.

The upstairs bathroom is from her old house, but the style is still there 🙂 Sarah and her husband Emmett went around and got everything installed. My favorite detail is the DIY shower enclosure. It’s a fun way to style your shower curtain. The deadline for this renovation was 6 weeks as Sarah participated in a one room challenge with a tight deadline. So she set a deadline and designed everything for $5,000. It’s awesome.

Bathroom Remodel Before And After (photos)

Now this bathroom is the guest bathroom in their new home. Yes, you heard right. This beauty isn’t even their master bathroom. It’s full of great DIYs, however, my favorite is how they customize their pre-made vanities. This bathroom is so beautiful and unique and Emmett made this table out of burl wood. I know. We are all now trying to think of ways to have our own Emmett. Jokes aside (or not :)), this renovation took them about three months, at a total cost of $15,000. While not cheap, the scope of the project with the amount of such beautiful materials and moments makes this price quite reasonable. If they had not employed themselves, their number would have doubled. The moral of the story is that you should check out Sarah’s blog for all the DIY info.

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