Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget – When we bought our house, the basement laundry room was absolutely filthy and unsafe. It is now much less rude and dangerous! Here’s all the glamorous work that goes into it.

During our home inspection, our inspector pointed out that melted plastic on the top of our water heater indicated that our flue was clogged. This meant that dangerous fumes were not rising from the basement as they should have been. He suggested removing the vent to see if we could find the cause.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

Our house was purchased as is, which meant that the previous owners had no legal obligation to clean it before closing day. Taking full advantage, they dumped a lot of trash in the basement.

Practical And Pretty Laundry Room Folding Table Ideas

This paint tray directed the flow of water from the sink and tub to the hole. (We’ll fix that soon.)

A sign next to an open sewer reminded you of your manners: “Don’t pee here. Our friend Kimberly said we should apply it everywhere

After all the mess was over, Jarod and I started cleaning up. I scraped the peeling paint off the walls. There were several washdowns of the walls and floors with bleach, TSP and Simple Green. It took weeks. It was both disgusting and satisfying. I can’t stress how dirty that basement was. I’m going to show you several pictures so that you believe me.

Yes, it’s mold. The bleach kills him and a dehumidifier keeps him from coming back. Worrying at first but too bad at the end!

How We Designed A Family Friendly Laundry Room In The Portland Project

Lint is highly flammable, which is why you need to keep your dryer vent clean and unobstructed. Our dryer vent installation was incredibly awful. (By the way, the previous owners wrote on this board, not me.)

They moved the dryer to the old window which would have been nice, 1) they didn’t remove the window curtain and 2) that window is under our back porch/laundry room (from our kitchen, here’s a look , and one of my big ongoing projects). So they pumped hot, humid air into a semi-enclosed space. Going back there, I found this:

The window screen basically served as a secondary lint catcher, much grosser and almost dangerous than that dead bird.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

I threw out the screen, put up a sign, learned a lot about dryer vents, and installed a new one that went all the way up the outside wall. Exciting times, guys.

Simple Garage Laundry Room Makeover, Part 1

It would be nice to have this channel in a less visible location, but it’s the best option for the current setup.

So many paintings. Two coats of primer on brick/concrete walls, one coat of primer on remaining walls, followed by two coats of paint.

Before the photos when we completely renovate the basement), but I’m still proud of the progress I’ve made with more money and a thousand hours of hard work. It went from being a place where you could kill to do laundry to being a nice place.

Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I purchased a Mustee Utilatub (such a name!) from Home Depot and an American Standard Colony Soft Double Handle Laundry Faucet from Amazon. I removed the old sink and installed the new one myself. It was my first plumbing project.

Basement Laundry Room Before And After

I built a simple wooden shelf to hide the broken concrete of the window frame. This black hose is from our washing machine – not pretty, but necessary.

To commemorate the previous owners, I created a sign and a watercolor that they stuck to the bathroom wall. Don’t even think about peeing here.

Hi! It’s been two years since I posted anything, but I’m not inactive. This year I started a big project: finishing our basement! I have a ton of late content to share, so I’ll break it down into stories in stages. First: the architectural plans. I shared some good news on my IG stories today: our porch window project won a Dryhouse award from the Chicago Bungalow Association! Even if you don’t live in Chicago, CBA is a great source of information and inspiration. I constantly referred to their bungalow maintenance guide as I worked to maintain and improve our home. Thanks to @chicagobungalow for championing vintage homes! A new blog post has arrived: ✨The Veranda Renovation!✨ While waiting to find out who the next president is, I plan to appease myself with a before and after image slider. Join us ! Link in profile. #chicagobungalow This week, I’m leaving my neglected blog to talk about the progress of the sunroom renovation that I’ve already shared here. The first post was made yesterday (link in profile). I plan to post pictures of our finished porch by the end of the week. Here’s a taste! Meanwhile, I shared on IG Stories what I learned from the @chicagobungalow House Research 101 class – we had to remove 3 candles from Hauslermo’s birthday cake…Today I went down the tarp and we stood in our living room saying “Wow. Wow. .” This project sat in my head for 5 years (swipe for a view from 2015) and now it’s come out into the real world, bringing varying amounts of natural light to our first floor. I can’t wait to fill it with plants again! But first: cleaning, painting and modeling. @themarvinbrand Thanks to everyone who shared my excitement for our new sunroom and new windows! There is still a lot of work to do, but I am very happy. 💗 Kathryn is a CPA turned creative entrepreneur. She is the founder of Beginning in the Middle. Interior designer, photographer, writer and professional conspirator. She likes to be comfortable at home, the little things and secretly dreams of one day living on an island.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

Our laundry room is ready in our Airbnb #pearlgoesmodern! When we started this project last month, Brian and I had low expectations of what we could do in a creepy old basement with dark, low ceilings. Let’s say we were surprised…

Budget Friendly Ideas To Renovate Your Laundry Room — Multi Trade Building Services

We knew we were dealing with an unfinished, unfinished basement space…so instead of trying to make it into something it wasn’t, we embraced it. Some of our favorite details here are the newly skimmed walls (we explained our method here), the louvered door we built, and the brass rail + clothes rack we added. All of these details were simple, low-cost Lowe building materials that we customized.

Buyer. It’s such a beautiful metal that we haven’t used it in a while without plumbing. We had a few extras and decided to make a small rail for our shelf. It helps keep things from slipping and it looks nice!

We also used copper to create a hanging bracket, which we attached to the upstairs joist. Brian folded the bottom in half to hold it in place (it’s not attached to the floor, just to the ceiling).

We made our folding table out of pine and cut pieces of plywood to fit the doors. We accomplished this by cutting lots of slats and installing them at regular intervals across the front of the door.

Basement Laundry Room Makeover

We wanted to hide the space between the doors to make it look like one continuous surface, so we spaced out our slats as we went door to door.

We have plenty of space at the bottom to store large containers, extra paper towels/toilet paper for guests etc. We used the full length (2.8m) of the butcher block for the full range of bend space.

We don’t usually like raw plywood edging, but we love how it looks in this space.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

So very excited to install these new machines!! Since we published our first article, we have received feedback from readers saying they have similar machines and love them. I’m not surprised – the reviews for the washer and dryer are fantastic!

Best Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover Ideas And Designs For 2021

Most importantly, these machines are strong and can handle large amounts of laundry. The washer has a capacity of 5 cubic feet and can handle a full set of king size beds at once – woo! The capacity of the dryer is 7.3 cubic meters.

Another interesting feature is the SmartThinQ technology, which allows both remote control via WiFi. We are very happy with them.

The other piece we’ve added is LG’s Styler, which actually looks like a large programmable steam box. In addition to being able to eliminate wrinkles, it is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to reduce bacteria and fungi by at least 99%. Steaming also reduces food and smoke odors.

I love that everything is programmable and works for you unlike other steamers. It also features SmartThinQ technology and can be controlled via Wi-Fi like a washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Refresh

We knew we wanted a sink here and ordered a 40″ from Mustee. We didn’t like the look of the white plastic + gray metal legs, so we painted them black.

This sink is very nice – very deep, and will definitely come

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