Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After – This $1,000 bathroom renovation only took 6 weeks and it doesn’t look cheap! Looks like we spent a lot of money!

We were not ready for a big renovation this year, but when I went to see my 6’6″ son wash his face on this beautiful countertop, we knew we had to address this room.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

However, we do not have any money left in our annual budget for a full renovation. So we have to work with what we have and make a beautiful place for only $1000!

Bathroom Renovation Tips: 5 Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodel And Decor Ideas

Yes, it’s a room! This $1,000 bathroom remodel only took 6 weeks and we are amazed at the results!

This bathroom is handicap accessible, but I have a very tall boy and the 30 inch counter is too low.

We removed the top, added a 1 x 6 board to the existing frame, and raised the base of the cabinet. After sanding the bottom of the base, we added a small cut to the front to hide the lining.

We updated the look by making new doors and adding beautiful black door handles and drawer pulls that we found on Amazon.

Rv Bathroom Ideas: 21 Mind Blowing Rv Bathroom Renovations

We then replaced the shelves with formica counters that we salvaged from building a pantry and covered the marble with industrial vinyl wrap.

I calculated it for a matte finish. Most vinyl wraps are high gloss, so I wanted a relaxed look. We love how realistic the film looks and how easy it is to put together!

After installing the vinyl film, we cut a hole in the top and put the old sink back.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

Not only is our tile a gorgeous 80’s beauty that needs updating, but we also have a major grout problem.

Budget Friendly Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Here is a complete tutorial on how to fill the tub with some helpful tips to make it quick and easy!

After we removed and replaced the grout around the tub, we can completely refinish this date box using the Rust-Oleum pot and the Whiteboard Kit.

We painted half the wall and all the tiles in the tub and what a difference bright white makes.

Our floors are also quite old. After learning that Rust-Oleum has a new floor coating called Rust-Oleum HOME floor coating, we knew it would be perfect for this room.

Before And After: Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

We chose Aged Gray and couldn’t believe how easy it was to change the look of the floor in just 6 hours!

I wasn’t told that her elbow hit the ceiling when she was washing her hair in a soft blind shower.

You can not say they are not original after we covered the top of the old panel with new cutting edges and painted with a tub of Rust-Oleum and panel paint.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

During this renovation, we found this custom shower door on Facebook Marketplace for $80.

Small Bathroom Makeover With Painted Tile And Painted Floors

We don’t have to order new shower door parts like wheels and screws, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new black door!

The popcorn ceiling and I had a big problem and had to be kicked out of the house! Same in each. one room

We were able to scrape the ceiling in this room pretty quickly, but the shower was a problem.

No matter how we try to fix it, we can’t get through it, but as fate would have it, we found this creative solution!

Small Bathroom Remodel Before And After

We have some flooring left over from the previous owner in the basement and are trying to see how we can fix the ceiling. The colors don’t match.

I love the inspector stamp exposed. We just cut to fit and nail together.

Trent used the same spray paint to refinish the old lamp, but added some striping to bring out the old brass.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

We have an 8 foot tall mirror with a single light hanging in the middle.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover: Part 1 — Michele Makes Things

I want to make an antique wall exhibition and you all know I love whitewash, I went to Rombio paint.

For the lights, Trent went up to the balcony and split the wires of one light into two separate fixtures.

We borrowed a glass cutting tool from my son-in-law and cut the bottom of the mirror into two 24″ x 30″ pieces.

To complete the room, our walls were painted with Romabio Paint in the colors of my capsule collection. This city is called Iron City.

How To Refresh Your Half Bath On A Budget » The Tattered Pew

Collected all the decorations from around the house to complete the room. Each image is a licensed item I found in my hobby closet last spring.

A handkerchief that has been around for years. Add a fake green vase and candles and say it’s done! Everything I have.

Of course, you want to know the cost details of how to build this $1,000 DIY bathroom. So there you are, my friend! I have included links to some items that you are looking for. If I left something out, let me know and I’ll give it to you.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

Boy, was I surprised! It’s amazing how thinking outside the box can push you to be creative and solve your decorating problems.

Affordable Small Bathroom Makeover

Thank you so much for coming with us on this journey and supporting us! We couldn’t do this blog without you and your input. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this revelation. Leave me a comment below.

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Big thanks to Linda from One Room Challenge and the sponsors listed below for giving me the inspiration I needed to create a room I love! See how we transformed our small master bathroom with these budget-friendly small bathroom remodel ideas!

The first phase of the Master Bath renovation is complete and I am so excited to share it! If you missed it, check out this post where we share all the plans for the update!

If You Think Your Rental Bathroom Is Beyond Help, This Post Is For You

We are not ready to renovate this bathroom, so we decided to renovate it in two phases. The first stage is to update the structure, lighting and paint. Phase two is to renovate the bathroom and possibly replace the floor.

In this post, we share how to update a small master bathroom on a budget, and the tips we learned!

I’m a firm believer in making any space feel like home, no matter how temporary or low budget. You should feel comfortable walking into your home, and it doesn’t take much to do! Small changes can make a big difference to the feel and look of a space.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

When we decided to give our small master bathroom a quick makeover, we wanted to keep it simple. We don’t know how this update works in the meantime, so I don’t want to waste money if I decide to change it again.

Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers You Have To See To Believe

There are tons of easy ways to update your space on a budget to make it feel like home!

The power of paint is magic! Honestly, if you want to update any space on a budget, paint!

The original paint in the bathroom is dark yellow, which makes the room look small, boring and dirty. I wanted to brighten up the bathroom with lighter paint colors to make it feel bigger and cleaner.

We decided to use the same paint color we used in the master bedroom to help bring the space together. I love this color! It’s a perfect warm white with a hint of pink – Behr Bleached Linen.

Diy Bathroom Makeover With 6 Easy Solutions

For the storage cabinets, I knew I wanted to do one accent color. I’m debating between sage green, rust orange/red, or black. I chose Behr Muted Sage and I love it! It’s a perfect soft sage green and goes well with the bathroom rug! I want a dark color on the closet doors to make the room look bigger!

We could have painted the panels there, but they were old and short, so we changed! Along with updating the old room, it is recommended to update the shelf panels and door covers. Taller/larger, more modern pieces make a big impact and clean up the walls. We used the paint color we used to decorate our entire house – Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

Another part of this room that has been updated with paint is the old flat door. Read this article to read all about how to update the flat panel interior door above.

Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget Before And After

I am so nervous about painting our floors!

Before And After: 20+ Awesome Bathroom Makeovers 2023

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