Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

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Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

Style knows no boundaries. Whether you’re decorating a tent on the beach, an industrial loft or a tiny public kitchen, there’s always an opportunity to use your style in the space. You may not like that there are only a few meters between the refrigerator door and the opposite cabinets, but with the intelligent use of colors, designs and materials, you can turn even the narrowest kitchen into a space.

A Gallery Of Kitchen Inspiration

View We’ve scoured the web for the crème de la crème of small kitchen ideas.

This narrow kitchen is laid out like most rental kitchens we’ve seen before. Using closed cabinets in favor of open shelving elevates the space dramatically, while wall art adds a personal touch. It also provides an opportunity to display decorative plates and other items that you are usually forced to keep behind closed doors.

In the modern white kitchen, the designer used clean lines, a light palette and a simple, minimalist design. The effect creates an airy, large feeling – even if the room has a small appearance. Since there is not much table above the table, the artist came up with a kitchen table that can be used to prepare work.

There isn’t much room to turn around in this small kitchen, but the designer did a great job of preventing claustrophobic feelings by using modern clean cabinets. Vertical and horizontal lines provide more space, which is a bonus. The white color scheme also helps to open up the space.

Beautiful Small Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen may be small, but high-end appliances—like black marble countertops and gold cabinets—give it a nice touch. You can have the same look but replace your hardware with something more advanced. In narrow spaces like this, too much pattern or color can be too much, so the designer chose cream cabinets and a small herringbone rug pattern.

This beautiful kitchen has a lot to like: simple open shelves, uncomplicated hoods, rustic wood cabinets, sea green cabinets and black and white stone floors. It’s a great example of how a small dream can blossom with attention to detail. You can do the same by thinking about what your kitchen needs and planning with those things.

Do you recognize the theme here? White walls and cabinets are almost always a definite choice for small kitchens, as they can make a small space seem larger. A beautiful collection of cut wood and freshly picked flowers add a personal touch to the simple look of this kitchen.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

White is safe, but if you like color, don’t be afraid of it. Dzek made a unique choice with these floating shelves, deep forest green cabinets and oak table tops. Adding some colors that you like can make your kitchen a place that you enjoy being in, which is important considering how much time you will be spending in it.

Best Small Kitchen Ideas And Designs That Are Stylish In 2021

Layers in pastel colors, bright appliances, white marble countertops, popular area rugs and indoor plants make this bright kitchen unique and fun. Despite its rough look, it’s still our favorite kitchen. If you are trying to balance between white and color, pastel can be a good solution, especially if used sparingly.

Do you live in a home with laminate flooring and old appliances? As this beauty proves, there is still hope. The trick here is to remove your cabinet doors to make them more comfortable (and fake shelves), then use pretty plates and decorative pieces for decoration.

Bright colors and a monochromatic palette give this European kitchen a simple elegance. Architectural details – such as the accordion belt and sliding window – take another step. Take care of the unique kitchen pieces that are already there and come up with a thoughtful lighting solution.

Even the most basic space can be filled with personality by adding something special. Choosing personal, even unusual, furniture for your space can change the feel of the room – don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, we love the futuristic chrome pendant lights, folk chandeliers and graphic linen prints in this Scandinavian kitchen.

Make A Small Kitchen Look Larger With These Clever Design Tricks

A narrow kitchen can be transformed without breaking the bank. Call on inexpensive brands like IKEA and shop at Home Depot to update your cabinets, shelves, and lighting. Then give everything a fresh coat of paint. Despite these small things in the kitchen, the geometric runner gives a design look.

If you’re looking for a way to change your subject, what better way to do it than by choosing amazing lighting? This New York kitchen, designed by BHDM Design, is a good example. Light gray paint, breakfast and clever storage, made this small kitchen technically versatile.

This small kitchen has style. Bright white cabinets and asymmetrical pendant lights stood out to us, but the fun combination of striped runners, retro-style furniture and linen curtains packed personality. When it comes to your lifestyle, find things that make you feel at home and meet your needs – if you love your place, maybe others do too.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

Designed by French architecture firm A+B Kasha, this small and elegant kitchen in an old Parisian apartment looks like it was once a closet. However, its designers installed handleless handles and a tall hood to bring it into the 21st century. Removing the hardware can create a smooth finish that is worth appreciating.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Make smart use of your limited space by installing custom cabinets of the right size and shape to match your kitchen appliances and other items. A short shelf holds everyday coffee mugs, while smaller units provide shelter for mixing bowls and pastries.

In a small kitchen, keep all the appliances under the counters and only the pretty things on display to keep the space airy and clutter-free.

Taking design cues from architecture is always a smart idea. We love how the rustic wooden walls blend perfectly into the floating shelves. Wooden furniture also does a good job of accentuating the design, so if you’re working with a kitchen that blends with the dining room, be aware of the above.

The perfect place for romance, this minimalist kitchen looks like it was inspired by a Parisian pastry shop. White marble cabinets, magenta runners, blooming flowers and ladylike accessories make this kitchen look elegant, while well-placed mirrors add to the beauty. You can add mirrors to your space to not only add a touch of elegance but also to give the illusion of a larger space.

Classic Kitchen Ideas That Never Go Out Of Style

White country appliances give the combined kitchen a country feel, but the basics – tiles, granite counters and white counters – are classic and timeless, if the owners want to go a different route. Keeping your decor simple and classic can leave you with a clean slate for big changes in the future. It can also work well if you want to leave things as they are, because they won’t go out of style.

A hoodless stove on the kitchen island is a great use of space—and that pastel, vintage-inspired design can be the prettiest collection. We love how it draws on the soft pink and white marble and ties the space together. If you want to add an edgier feel, try going dark with your cabinets, like the navy shown here.

The modern kitchen has something that most small ones don’t: heat. We love how the designers extended the earthy decor into the kitchen furniture and vessels. Adding natural colors and plants can make your small kitchen feel like an extension of the outdoors and a larger space overall.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas Pinterest

Hanging your pots and pans on the wall is not a solution to the lack of visuals, but the trick also adds a visual element to the environment. Especially if you have a collection that you are proud of, it makes sense to show it to others. Don’t believe if someone says you can’t find all your pot in the kitchen.

Best Small Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

If you have a soft spot for traditional and modern things, feel free – you can combine both. The combination of traditional furniture and modern appliances makes this Swedish kitchen perfect. The floor adds an interesting pattern.

If you’re trying to create a modern kitchen to work in, try decorating with industrial elements: think wrought iron, brick styles and neutral colors. This kitchen does it justice. Hello, beautiful subway tiles, industrial lighting and rods, precious wood and floating shelves. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a more amazing kitchen.

An easy way to add a modern feel is to replace your old furniture with stylish ones. This traditional kitchen is furnished

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