Small Home Kitchen Ideas

Small Home Kitchen Ideas – A large kitchen with sky high ceilings and abundant natural light is an absolute dream. However, most of us have to deal with ugly foundations and less than ideal storage space. But a small kitchen is not so bad. In fact, with the right small space solutions and functional design ideas, it doesn’t matter what square footage you’re working with. Ahead, we’ve rounded up more than 80 clever and stylish small kitchen ideas so you’ll never feel like a claustrophobic diner again. We promise these tricks will help you get the most out of your counter space and decor, and you might even want to spend more time in your kitchen.

Choosing an all-white kitchen can make the space feel larger because of the shade’s natural light. A kitchen set with smooth, glossy cabinet fronts (no hardware here) and matching countertops adds an elegant effect.

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

In this small kitchen by designer Corinne Mathern Studio, a long work table doubles as an island and dining area. You can easily push something like this against the wall or move it out of the room whenever you start to feel uncomfortable.

Small Kitchen Ideas With Big Style

Make it bigger: Use three shades of blue to create depth, as Garo Kedijian’s example does here. An easy climb to the roof emphasizes its height and makes this place comfortable.

To keep a small kitchen on the floor without feeling like a cave, use a darker color on the bottom and switch to a lighter shade on top. A natural tree connects this space to the forest outside.

To open up this kitchen, designer Kevin Isbell painted a larger-than-life mirror on the floor. Light and bright colors perfectly match the cafe’s wardrobe.

Take a note from designer Matthew Ferrarini and install pocket doors to hide your kitchen’s most active walls when you’re not cooking or cleaning. We love this idea for open floor plans and studio apartments.

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Have a farmhouse sink or sink that has seen better days? Skirt is the word. That is, install a sawn skirt to hide the mess, as is done in an old English country kitchen.

The island hangout group is actually more active. It is designed with cabinets instead of solid wood and is ideal for storing items that are not used much.

To make a narrow kitchen feel more spacious (and less like a dark alcove), add statement pendant lights. This ombre pairing makes it stand out from end to end and grab attention.

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

Don’t have much counter space? Consider adding a utility garage to your apartment, as Natalie Chong did in her previous Toronto home. A child holding your Nespresso machine. Underneath, a push-to-open wood panel hides the Vitamix.

The Best Small Kitchen Ideas

For a Georgia kitchen connected by a back door, designer Laura Jenkins converted some of the cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into mudrooms. The uncluttered design also includes a coffee station and dining area, making the room feel spacious.

With a more neutral color palette, your kitchen will feel more open and calm. Consider this quiet kitchen by Lauren Nelson Design, featuring handmade tile, marble countertops, and furniture that references Benjamin Moore Outdoors in Caldwell Green.

In this Sarah Robertson-designed kitchen, a slide-out cutting board and freestanding rack sit next to it—cooking is a joy. Not to mention clean: you don’t have to worry about keeping them in boxes or other cabinets.

Maximize the size of your dining room with a built-in bench seat, as designed by Nanette Brown for this minimalist kitchen in a New York apartment.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

Backsplash—makes everything look and work better. Pro designers embracing each other, designer Melanie Milner chose Cielo Quartzite for her European-inspired property in Georgia. Enhance the feeling of spaciousness and unity with a small display shelf in the same appliance.

If you’re uncomfortable lifting the pot rack from the ceiling, choose a small rail secured to a small open shelf. In this kitchen by designer Augusta Hoffman, a small bar displays many utensils and tools for easy access while cooking.

If you frequently charge your phone or iPad in your kitchen, move that charge to the wallet with docking stations like this sleek setup by designer Sarah Robertson. That way, you’ll have more counter space for cooking and flipping through recipe books.

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

Add character to your small kitchen with inexpensive exposed brick. In this San Francisco kitchen, designer Lynn Cloithanomsup chose classic red brick, but since it’s just for looks, it’s faux. “It’s like a thin brick tile,” he explained.

Best Small Kitchen Ideas: Tiny Kitchen Design And Decor |

Save counter space with a built-in kitchen sink. A slim design like this two-piece kitchen counter by Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz of Concept Kitchens gives you more space to put away dishes and eat meals.

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Top 3 Kitchen Designs for Your Remodel by Ikea 64 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas We’re Obsessed With 95 Kitchens That Will Make You Want To Remodel How To Choose Kitchen Island Lighting The best things come in small bags. The true heart of the home: the kitchen. A small space can also be larger and work better when cooking in it. With a thoughtful design that reflects the owner’s personality, a small kitchen can be large and attractive to everyone who enters it.

Welcome To Our Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

While a classic white kitchen is spacious and open, narrow kitchens are perfect for fulfilling your bold dreams with kitchen paint colors (may we suggest blue?). Regardless of beauty, clever cabinet designs can ensure you have plenty of storage space to bring kitchen organization ideas to life in a small space. And like any small kitchen, style it with decorative design ideas that are perfect for cooking and entertaining — and don’t forget a beautiful island and tile backsplash that add personality to the entire room.

Here we bring you 28 small kitchen ideas from our favorite designers to inspire you to organize your small kitchen with a unique style.

Architect Paul Bates added modernity to a traditional Birmingham kitchen by designing geometric white oak cabinets through the doors at the David Alders Clough House in Chicago.

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

The appliance is hidden under the cabinet panels, along with the brass pulls (Modern Matter), giving the kitchen an early American feel. A candelabra-style chandelier by Circa Lighting and a sink and bridge faucet by Ferguson in this Williamsburg colonial designed by Heather Chaddock Hillegass.

Photos Of Tiny House Kitchens Show How Creative Homeowners Can Be

A 19th-century butler’s mirror makes this small space feel larger than it is, while offering a peek into the kitchen of this Manhattan apartment by Garo Kedgian and its brass backsplash. Leather chairs, Le Forge. Wallpaper, Christian Lacroix

In this small kitchen designed by Anthony Baratta in New York City, a studio pelmet and painted trim draw attention to a large window. Apthorp’s original mosaic floors remain, echoed in the dining area’s fleur-de-lis wallpaper. The banquette is upholstered in “1940s glam” diamond-patterned leathers (Dualoy). The table is a Biedermeier copy commissioned by Baratta.

In the kitchen of this San Antonio home, designer Todd Romano used an antique metal table instead of a built-in island, which made the small kitchen feel more spacious. Traditional Talavera tiles are set in a graphic chevron pattern with glossy ebony decoration (black, fine paints of Europe).

In designer Cece Barfield Thompson’s New York City home, a large checkerboard pattern (flow painting) helps make a small kitchen more inviting. The iron windows are original.

Things To Get Rid Of In A Small Kitchen

Despite its small size, the New York kitchen by Robert Pasal takes up a large island that not only seats four but also includes a kitchen. When combined with wall ovens (right of frame), a built-in kitchen eliminates the need for a wide range and allows for under-counter storage space. Metal bar stools finished in antique bronze and topped in pistachio (Jerry Pair).

In the kitchen of this Montreal home, design duo Les Ensembles made room for a breakfast table by building banquette seating under the window. Countertops are Caesarstone and tables are English.

In this London home, designer Gary McBourney used soft colors to draw attention to the kitchen with a light-filled breakfast and living room. Paint cabinetry, Teresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball. Refrigerator, sub-zero. Countertops, Caesarstone

Small Home Kitchen Ideas

In the small kitchen of his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, designer Jeffrey Fisher has installed floor-to-ceiling cabinets with hand-painted trim. The floor is a hand-painted, terra-cotta area.

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