Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas – In urban areas, there are few places to escape the constant chaos. Creating your own peace is just an exercise in sleep. It is a safe place where we feel really comfortable. But by converting a small balcony, you can create a unique and beautiful space. An often forgotten space A small bar can be used in many ways. Sometimes it can be turned into a comfortable dining room for two, and at the same time it can be used as a place to rest and read. Then there are times when it can become part of you.

A small Scandinavian bar can host everything from a cozy breakfast to a romantic dinner [From: Open House]

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

Decorating a small balcony and expanding the available space is all about knowing what you need and what can be done in this small space. Not everyone wants a comfortable chair with storage underneath or a balcony with only one chair in the corner. From elegant to more or less simple and easy; This is something.

Balcony Design & Decor Ideas Worth Trying

It may come as a surprise to some of our readers, but the balcony can be transformed into a simple and practical home. As many homeowners try to find space for a home office or work space, a small balcony in the bedroom offers a new and unique style. You can install blinds and small shades to block the light, but it will be better for the extra power. Now there is another direction where you can turn a small balcony into your entertainment center with a comfortable sofa and chair in the corner. and the following space is used in storage; Your small balcony will now provide a multi-functional solution.

The small bar has a small stool at the end and storage underneath. [By: Geometrium Design]

Amazing transformation of a modern white balcony into a beautiful home office [By: Vera Sheverdenok – Inside Roomba]

We have already shared with our readers how you can transform a small, urban balcony into a beautiful romantic candlelit space for you and your loved ones. This is a simple idea and all you need here is a few chairs, a small table (helps to save a lot of space); There are potted plants with beautiful flowers and colorful lights. Enjoy a home-cooked meal, enjoy the view, and don’t worry about getting a table at a fancy restaurant.

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Lamps, a small flowered chair and two chairs turn the balcony into a romantic retreat.

The most important part of maximizing space on a small balcony is finding furniture that fits the overall style and functionality you want. We’re big fans of sitting on stools that are comfortable and offer storage underneath. High beam to save space in every direction; Includes tables and chairs that roll away when not in use. Be careful not to pack too much on the small balcony. Create a visual balance between the blank and the design and let the green that needs to define the overall shape.

A small table combined with comfortable chairs and a green wall for a private balcony [By: Maurizio Pellizzoni]

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

Sherry is a blogger who loves life to the fullest. Designed by, Lover of all things related to design and fashion. Sherry was born in California, grew up on open ranches and surrounded by nature, and became interested in designing and examining how homes interact with beauty, where the design of the balcony is very important to the view. There are many beautiful ideas for the design of the balcony of the house. Choose what you like.

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The maximum depth that can be used for a vertical balcony is 1.5 to 2 meters. Two people can drink coffee 3 meters apart. The 6-foot round dining table seats four. Moving from 6 to 8 feet will provide more comfort, but is usually best when hosting large groups.

Even with a small balcony, a private outdoor space is the dream of many city dwellers. Even if it is small, your balcony has a lot to decorate. Check out the following ideas for home balconies.

All you need to enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony is a coffee table and a chair. Choose a type that can be easily adjusted when needed.

Expand your visual space with built-in chairs. You’ll never have to worry about the wind blowing over your gear, or worse, sending it flying.

Best Balcony Ideas To Decorate A Small Balcony

Pack your balcony with the greenery you’ve always wanted. Add grass to make your balcony more comfortable.

You don’t have to invest in outdoor equipment – especially if you rent. Get a bright and colorful pillow that doubles as an interior.

Enhance the look of your balcony with a beautiful rug or runner. Be sure to choose one that will withstand the elements.

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

Provide yourself with enough light for night gatherings by installing outdoor lights or lanterns. If you rent, go for string lights or outdoor lights.

Stunning Balcony Decoration Ideas

You may be in the city, but there’s no reason why your balcony shouldn’t feel like you’re on vacation. A hanging chair or hammer creates a good atmosphere.

If there is no space, try to install furniture that can be hung or folded when not in use. This table is collapsing to make room for the floor.

There may not be room for a dining table (or chairs), but there’s always room for flowers. Place planters on the balcony to spice up the landscape and add an attractive curb appeal to your home.

A rug can help make your balcony look bigger, and with the right print, it can give the illusion of a larger space. A living wall is a great way to have a small garden without taking up space. Along with the views, the common abandoned bar will be a private balcony. In fact, the Bar can be very beautiful and interesting depending on how you design it. The final results of the balcony survey that we have shown today are very good. Some balconies are places to relax, while others are like small gardens. Let’s see.

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Today, many people receive constructive ideas for the front balcony that is used effectively.

This space created by the designer, is a warm and relaxing space. It is good to spend the afternoon talking with family and eating food. But the exterior design makes the floor and small tables easily covered with dust. The owner should take care of it.

Placing a round table on the balcony is also good. If you have never thought of building a studio or outdoor restaurant on the balcony, you can use the extra space on the site to store a book or a cup of coffee.

Small Kitchen Balcony Ideas

It is worth putting a table to save time here. Buy a table that is not too big. Don’t make your balcony a mess. A desk that can be attached to a wall is ideal. It can also save a lot of space when not in use.

A Lush Balcony Filled With Greenery

Colorful and patterned bags are followed by bright flowers, creating a more dramatic effect than painted plants. Different colors are added to the design of the balcony. As many homeowners know, Space is at a premium; Your balcony can be the only pocket you have to enjoy fresh air. While working on the interior decoration of your house, the design of the balcony is often forgotten.

But if you are someone who likes to drink your morning coffee outside, you should think more about your balcony. The best balcony design ideas from 2020 to make your balcony more beautiful at home

Even a small balcony can be turned into a beautiful garden. A porch designed for a small house can be useful here. Use every available space in your balcony design to turn your balcony into a green oasis, using a variety of floor pots and planters. You can put a butterfly on the balcony of the train to make it look better.

Be sure to keep plants that need full sun outside. Flowering plants; Try using greens.

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