Small Kitchen Box Design

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) in the kitchen, and you wouldn’t immediately guess that I like to cook. But I’ve never let a lack of space stop me from making any recipe, whether it’s homemade lasagna or an elaborate birthday cake. With careful planning, the right organizational tools, and a few tips, a galley kitchen like mine really can be the best kitchen, with everything you need close at hand.

Small Kitchen Box Design

Small Kitchen Box Design

Here’s how to make the most of your cooking space, no matter how small, and prepare meals stress-free.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Cooking Space

In a small space, you have to be careful what is on the countertops; There are only those things that are actually used on a daily basis. I know it’s not convenient to pull out your food processor, stand mixer, or blender every time you use them, but if you’re short on space, it’s worth keeping the countertops clean. By completely removing rarely used items from the kitchen (I’m looking at you, Le Creuset extra large dutch oven), you can make room for unnecessary countertops in drawers and cabinets. In my kitchen, I decided to ditch the cookware and put all the spatulas, wooden spoons and tongs in a drawer to reclaim valuable counter space.

Since you’re stashing as much as possible at the counters, you want to make sure you have easy access to these items. I think a drawer is a lot easier for a cabinet than a plain old shelf. If you’re using a combination of drawers and cabinets, you’ll want to store most of your items in the drawers, while less frequently used tools like specialty cake tins can be in the back of the cabinets. If you don’t have a lot of lower drawers, consider installing pull-out closet shelves that incorporate the drawers as much as possible into your existing cabinets. In my kitchen, I ordered more internal drawers for the IKEA cabinets I installed eight years ago – it’s never too late to update!

I know it’s controversial, but I’m all for filtering the camera elements in glass containers. Yes, it’s annoying, but in a small space, I think they fit better in a closet than mixing boxes and bags, which means less overall chaos. I’ve upgraded to tomato sauce jars and the like, but for things that need to be kept tight, you can’t beat the old-school snap-on jars.

Your kitchen walls have a lot of potential for extra storage, but you need to be careful not to overload the space with too many wall hangings. A wall-mounted magnetic knife holder is smart because it takes up much less space than a knife holder in a drawer or knife block – and you can keep your knives close at hand. A hanging rail is also always smart (IKEA’s Kungsfors Rail is a classic budget choice, but when I want luxury, I go for the deVOL brass rail).

How To Create Extra Kitchen Counter Space (no Remodeling Needed)

There are many other ways to move vertically: Screw the cup hangers to the bottom of the upper cabinet and place the cups next to the coffee machine; To reclaim fruit bowl real estate, attach a hook and hang a wire fruit basket; Get strong magnetic hooks and stick them on your hood (we have a hanging mesh filter). but don’t apply

If you have a kitchen cabinet like this between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, you can probably make good use of that awkward space. Display your prettiest serving bowls here, or put baskets in an unused space to store things like paper towels, perishables from the Wholesale Club, and party supplies. I saw someone install a shelf based on a simple wooden wine rack. Shah! If you have some unused space, you can also put some nice baskets on top of the fridge.

There is almost no end to the magnetic holders you can add to your fridge today. And for good reason – in a small kitchen, it’s smart to use this vertical surface for storage. In my apartment, I have a magnetic paper towel holder, scissors that came with their own magnetic case, and some magnetic dish hooks. Writer Marie Vijoen stylishly sticks spices to the front of her fridge. Yamazaki makes amazing magnetic accessories, including this slim fridge holder (if I have enough room on the side of the fridge to use it, I’ll totally buy it).

Small Kitchen Box Design

If you have very little table space, you can also use the oven for storage. Consider cutting above the stove to cover the two burners to create extra work space (while you’re not cooking, of course!) You can add utensil holders to the front of your cookware. A magnetic hook can also be attached. . I’ve never used one myself, but I took notice when Melanie from the blog A Small Life shared a link to a magnetic cooktop shelf that allows you to use a high-end shelf as a mini shelf.

Genius Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Small Kitchen

Minimize what accumulates around the sink to reduce clutter and make cleaning easier. For example, we only have one soap dispenser, and we only wash our hands with dish soap. If you don’t use your scrub brush every day, store it under the sink. Don’t wash your hands a lot and have a relatively large sink? A dish rack above the sink frees up the counter next to the sink; If you need to dry more than one hand, you can place a microfiber or wool dish drying mat under the sink.

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The space under the sink is often a deep hole filled with dirt. Minimizing the number of products you use will help you make the most of this space. Instead of using three different spray cleaners, you can use one all-purpose option. If you have multiple categories of cleaners, use them before refilling. Another favorite trick: Remove a roll of garbage bags from heavy containers.

While we’re on the topic of downsizing, I have to mention that getting rid of your cooking and food storage equipment is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your kitchen more spacious. If you have time and desire, carefully evaluate each kitchen item. Can you store it somewhere else? Is it possible to get rid of it completely? In an effort to tame my food containers, I temporarily packed a few of my containers to see how many there were

Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas

The latter has nothing to do with how you set up your kitchen, but everything to do with your ability to successfully cook in it. When planning your menu, ask yourself if you can really cook everything in your small kitchen. When we entertain, I almost always go for one-dish dishes like a lasagna tray or enchiladas so that when guests arrive, the kitchen isn’t a mess. If I am planning a big holiday dinner, it is better to ask the guest to bring dessert or buy it from the bakery. In order to master the art of cooking in a small space, it’s important not to demand too much from your kitchen.

What are the best tips for organizing a small kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!

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Small Kitchen Box Design

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Of course, we all want a spacious kitchen with a pantry, storage for seasonal decor, and a place to store all our tools. But the reality is that most of us are stuck in a small kitchen that doesn’t have enough space to store our collection of reusable water bottles.

While we can’t do anything about living expenses, we have organizational solutions to make your current space infinitely more comfortable. Professional organizer Joanna Wyrick tells us, “The easiest way to get organized is to commit to organizing your daily habits. There are many small decisions you can make each day that help you stay organized.”

She compares organization to staying healthy: “You can’t be healthy

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