Small Kitchen Ideas Philippines

Small Kitchen Ideas Philippines – If you have a small space in an urban cape, you know how difficult it is to design functional spaces that look stylish. Especially the hard work in designing the kitchen. We all know how hard it is to cook in a small kitchen. That’s why you need a careful layout and proper storage solutions. Otherwise, it will not be comfortable to use. Even furniture manufacturers know this and produce compact multifunctional kitchen units that help solve these problems. Although these units are usually very expensive, our approach is to make the kitchen comfortable with standard furniture solutions that make the most of the small space and creative design ideas.

First of all, you should understand that a small kitchen cannot accommodate everyone. No place to store mail, laundry supplies, and lots of recipe books. You need to focus on everything related to cooking. Use modern scaled, built-in appliances and of course wardrobes with practical organizers. Just remember to go through all your closets from time to time. Otherwise, they will soon be filled with a lot of unnecessary things and as a side effect, your countertops will also be covered in clutter. Btw, using floating shelves is probably the way to go. Small kitchens can feel claustrophobic with all the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, but that’s not a problem.

Small Kitchen Ideas Philippines

Small Kitchen Ideas Philippines

Most small kitchens do not have enough space. However, there are many tricks that can help you with this. For example, you can cover your sink with a cutting board, use tables, cover your windows or use a small but functional kitchen island with a dining area, additional storage or even built-ins. -in appliances.

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There are no large windows in small kitchens. That’s why all your cabinets and closets should have LED strip lighting. They are easy to install and provide more than enough light for comfortable cooking. In addition, do not forget the pendant lights above other areas that you will use in the kitchen. Btw, light furniture and wall colors also help with better light distribution.

If your kitchen is functional, it’s time to think about decorating. We recommend mixing materials to ensure an interesting look. To expand the view you can use glass surfaces. Glass cabinet doors and a solid glass back are the obvious solutions (you can DIY this type of back).

Although the white and neutral theme is very good for a small kitchen, you can also use bold color. Dining room chairs in bright colors, painted walls and cabinets, and creative lighting fixtures can completely change the overall impression of your kitchen. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take up space and not try to “look big”.

Below you will find many great ideas for small kitchens that will prove that bigger is not always better.

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Refined furniture from Snider can be very useful. This is a modern kitchen with a smart, compact design. (via digsdigs) What are the best kitchen design ideas in the Philippines? Staying at home has become the norm since the COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc around the world. Every day, it becomes clear that the “old normal” is a thing of the past. Companies are embracing the work-from-home (WFH) setting, schools are increasingly offering online classes, and people are more open to small gatherings. Since you spend a lot of time in the apartment, you are encouraged to prepare your meals regularly. It’s okay to order takeout every now and then, but take the time to cook your meals with fresh, healthy ingredients. Cooking is more than an everyday chore. Make it a fun activity. And what better way to bring out the Julia child in you than to light up your apartment kitchen? Check out these 15 apartment interior design ideas for small kitchens: Add vintage pieces of furniture Install an attractive backsplash Make your kitchen an extension of the living room Play with the bold colors Trench dividers Cabinets in natural wood Choose from matte to glossy to lighten the glass parts. . Layered lighting Hides clutter in hidden storage. Go chic with a black kitchen. Mixing natural herbs with textures and styles Find the wonder of a minimalist kitchen Your coffee nook 1. Add vintage pieces of furniture Photo by Nikki Nagy WAYS THROUGH PIXEL Need small kitchen ideas ? Opt for an old farmhouse table instead of a built-in island. Vintage furniture adds character to a space and can easily become a conversation piece. You can browse a selection of farmhouse tables at thrift stores. If you’re into DIY, you can recycle old wood and turn it into a functional table. To maintain this kitchen item, clean your tabletop regularly with wood cleaners. 2. Install an attractive kitchen backsplash Kitchen backsplash tiles protect the wall from water damage from accidental splashes from the sink. It also protects against heat damage when placed behind a stove. For a modern kitchen design, you can install black subway tiles that completely contrast with the white cabinets. It is advisable to hire professionals to work with washboard tiles because they have the necessary tools such as tile cutters. To keep the tiles looking good, wipe them with a clean cloth or sponge after using the kitchen. 3. Make your kitchen an extension of your living room Photo by Max Wachtbovich via Pixel Try this minimalist kitchen design: Make your kitchen an extension of your living room by coordinating the design themes of this two spaces. You can use the same color palettes on the walls, the same style of furniture and coordinating patterns. Visit your favorite store for kitchen and living room decor that matches the style and color palette. Instead of a kitchen table with sharp corners, you can choose a round table that combines the softness of the atmosphere of the living room. 4. Play with bold colors Image by Max Vachtbovich via Pixel Your apartment kitchen doesn’t have to remind you of a school cafeteria kitchen. While bright neutral colors like white give a clean look, they also look very cold. Add life and energy to your cooking area by choosing fixtures in bold colors. You can install a pendant lamp in attractive gold or paint your cabinets in a bright red. How about the drawers in a little purple? Be bold with your color choices! Try combining black, white and gray with other shades on the color wheel. 5. Room Dividers Courtesy of EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pixel You can maximize the space of your small apartment by designing an open kitchen. Separating the kitchen from other rooms is an old design that makes the space look cramped. Pull the room dividers and walk into the open kitchen area. It’s perfect for a multi-tasking lifestyle – baking desserts in the kitchen while waiting for emails at work. Remember to keep your spaces clean and organized. Keep only essential household items or use enough storage space to avoid a cluttered home. 6. Choose natural wood cabinets Natural-inspired interior design is very popular in 2022. People are turning to wood and rattan furniture, marble countertops, and indoor plants as decoration. One possible reason is the effect of meditating on nature during this very stressful time. Improve your apartment kitchen by replacing the cabinets with natural wood. Leave it bare to work its magic! To care for natural wood cabinets, clean them with a soft, damp cloth and rub the grain of the wood. Remove stains or dirt with a paste made by mixing baking soda with water. 7. The change from matte to glossy. The kitchen backsplash reflects natural light through Pixel by Max Vachtbovich glazed tiles, illuminating the kitchen space. The effect is the same regardless of the color of the tiles you choose. Interior designer Natalia Mayar recommends green kitchen tiles. “Paired with rustic wood and marble worktops, they make a really nice contrast to the earth tones, as well as adding different layers of texture to the space,” he shared with You can install kitchen tiles yourself or hire professionals to do the job for you. You can check with your apartment manager for recommendations. 8. Explore glass partitions The open kitchen concept is a trend in kitchen design, but if you want room dividers in your apartment, you can explore glass partitions. Mirror partitions define spaces while preserving natural light. Placing a divider between the kitchen and other areas of your home will also help prevent odors from the cooking area. Keep the glasses clean by cleaning them regularly. Wipe the glass with a cloth dipped in white vinegar and then clean any residue with a toothbrush or putty brush. Then, remove the vinegar solution by wiping the glass with a damp cloth. Allow the glass to dry. 9. Illuminate yourself with layered lights Image by Vic_B via Pixabay

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