Small Kitchen Designs Bunnings

Small Kitchen Designs Bunnings – If you are planning a small kitchen and are worried about the practical use of the appropriate space, worry no more! We’ve listed some tips to consider and help you maximize every nook and cranny…

First, you need to measure the space so you know exactly what you need. When planning the layout of a small kitchen, you should always be careful. With limited space, your main goal is to maximize the functionality of the kitchen and eliminate unused dead space. In most cases, this involves choosing a U-shaped layout, using all available walls.

Small Kitchen Designs Bunnings

Small Kitchen Designs Bunnings

When it comes to your color palette, keeping it light and bright is a great way to make a space appear larger and more open. You can create soft colors with pale gray, white, gray, and even wood tones. If you have a small kitchen, cabinets in neutral colors will help reflect light, making it appear larger.

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Hint: If you’re torn between two mediums, why not include both? You can use lighter colors for your pedestal and darker colors for wall storage to create height and visual interest!

A corner room can be a frustrating space to organize and is often neglected. Corner Swivel Shelves and Blind Corner Slide Out Shelves provide the perfect storage solution for awkward areas often found in small kitchen designs. You can use a pull-out wiring solution to maximize the space where you would normally place filler panels. We have a dual level 150mm, 200mm and 300mm rotating system that allows you to add nooks and crannies to store spices, oil and vinegar as well as cutting boards!

Regardless of the size of your space, it’s a good idea to include an open plan, especially in spaces that aren’t easy to access or that you use every day. This will allow you to fill the shelves with special items or books and give you the opportunity to inject personality into the kitchen while making it more open!

To really expand your wardrobe, we also recommend pull-out wire baskets, as they allow you to remove everything you need on dedicated shelves for easy viewing and access. Our extra cupboard boxes are the perfect solution for tight spaces as they allow you to organize and store food efficiently in a 450mm box.

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If you have the space, including your general waste bin, recycling and sorting, it will free up space in the kitchen, while hiding unwanted smells – win, win! We recommend placing the sink and dishwasher nearby for convenience and convenience.

When working with small spaces, we always recommend bringing a base cabinet instead of a single-door cabinet. Baseboards allow you to store almost anything, as you can choose different shapes to meet your storage needs and eliminate the need to reach to the back of your closet to find what you’re looking for.

So there you have it, top tips on what to consider when planning a small kitchen renovation – we hope you find them useful! For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Small Kitchen Designs Bunnings

Make your dream kitchen design a reality with the help of Bunnings kitchen design experts! They will guide you through the process step by step to ensure the end result is right for you and your home!

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