Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

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The kitchen in my small apartment is really crazy. It is difficult to find enough space to store things and cook food. Also, I hate having a messy place when guests are home (or ever). As a shopping editor, I’ve been looking for the best products to free up space in a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

If you have a small kitchen, my buying guide will change your life completely. From stylish coffee pots to hidden extra shelves, there are plenty of essentials to keep you organized. Check out these properties and quickly add them to your cart. You will be very happy, I promise you.

Best Amazon Bathroom Storage Products 2023

Cooking is a breeze with the Food Station Duo ($160). The six-in-one appliance has two steamer baskets and a three-blade food processor.

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Ideas For Organizing A Small Kitchen A Cultivated Nest

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Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

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Tour Our Kitchen + 5 Small Kitchen Organization Tips (video)

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Entertainment News Jennifer Aniston Says “Everybody Has Problems” On “The Morning Show” Season 3 By Nejera Perkins 10 Hours Ago Here are 12 easy ideas for small kitchen parties! These simple tips will keep cabinets, drawers, and desks organized, clean, and highly functional.

We recently moved back to New York City, which means we went back to living in a house and living out of a tiny kitchen. The moving process is always stressful, but one of the easiest things for me is planning to organize the different areas of the house.

I worked with my friends at Horderly to organize three places in our house: the kitchen, my pantry, and our entryway. The most important job for me has always been cooking and that is where we will focus today!

Space Making Hacks For Small Kitchens

Since we live in New York, that means we’re working in a small space. Horderly helped us organize the closet in our previous apartment, and I shared his 5-step organizing method in that post, but this time we started from scratch. So we have a full kitchen to play with and I came up with some great ideas for organizing small kitchens.

We’ve got 12 minimalist kitchen organization ideas that aren’t just for my kitchen. We have things you can wear anywhere!

Before we get into our specific ideas, I want to give you some general ideas first when thinking about your site:

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

Basically, the goal is to minimize the appearance of clutter as much as possible, which will help your space expand.

Kitchen Cabinets Organizers For A More Functional Kitchen

A number tip is to use racks. Shelf risers are great because they basically give you an extra shelf in your closet. Currently they are used for:

But they can also be used for pantry items, condiments, tupperware, and more! I use these wire racks and they work great (and they come in many sizes).

Next, let’s talk about pots and pans. These can take up a lot of space, but can be difficult to store. Most of us stack our pans, that is, we keep them inside us, but while this can save space, it’s not efficient to use. Hoarder introduced me to Adjustable Cookware Shelves and they are amazing!

They allow you to store your towels, bathrobes, baking sheets, muffin tins, etc. aside. They are right through the wire dividers and I think they help save space. They are also more useful!

Simple Pantry Organization That Won’t Break The Bank

Third (and actually fourth) on our list of small kitchen organization ideas if you’re short on space is to use the back of your cabinets. We only have two drawers in our kitchen, one for cutlery and one for other utensils, so we don’t have space for towels or drinks.

That’s where these sticky little hooks come in! They are ideal for storing crockery and kitchen towels in the cupboard. This also goes hand in hand with our advice to keep things out of sight as much as possible (= large field view).

Again, we’re talking about using the back of our cabinets for storage. We use it for our furniture, but also for some of our cleaning supplies. There are plenty of options for planners beyond the gate! Here are a few that I recommend:

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

One of my absolute favorite tips I got from the Horderly team is to use lazy susans. I’ve always resisted them for a reason, but my gosh, I’m just asking for a change. I have 6 in my kitchen right now and I absolutely love them!

Small Pantry Organization Ideas

The best thing about lazy susans is that they make it easy to manage things and they are also wonderful for corner cabinets.

They’re especially good for corner cabinets because they can be potential black hole spots – you never know what you’ll push back! We have three of these wooden lazy susans and I love them!

Pack your pans, but if you have a small kitchen, there are two things I recommend stocking up: Tupperware and bowls, mixer/measuring tray. It’s a great way to save space and they should blend well. We were the only ones sitting in front of the cakes lined up next to us!

If you have a small kitchen, you know you want drawer space. So we must make the most of these boxes by organizing them! Like I said, we only have two drawers in our kitchen, so we need to use more of them.

Pantry Organization Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Do you feel like working in space? Use your oven! Remember when Carrie from Sex and the City used her oven to hide her sweaters? Use that thought, not just knitting!

In our new apartment, we don’t have enough space for a toaster oven. So instead of finding space, we stuff them into our oven. If you’re short on space, your oven can be the perfect place to store your towels, muffin tins, and even baking pans. Make sure you take them out before you start baking!

Do you have empty space on top of your refrigerator? Use it! Whether you have cabinets in there, or just empty space, it’s a place to store things! I recommend using baskets on top of your refrigerator, as they are easy to lift up and remove and basically function as large drawers.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas Amazon

We used these hyacinth baskets from The Box Store and they worked great. We have two on top of our fridge (which are perfectly suited to normal temperature) and one is for snacks, the other is pasta for everything!

Ideas For Organizing Your Dishes, According To Pros

Do you know how many pantry items are in plastic bags these days? It’s great that they’re repairable and all, but it’s a pain to maintain. The first thing you can do to organize your closet is to take out the bags and place your belongings in boxes.

I recommend finding a closet storage system that fits your closet. Start by measuring your shelves, decide what can fit. Then take stock of your inventory and determine how much you are trying to save. And finally, look at your site. Better for Lazy Susan? In that case, round jars (such as mason jars) may work best. The right rack? Boxes like OXO Good Grips can work even better!

Do you have something in your kitchen that takes up a lot of space? For me, it’s the tea boxes. I love tea and have collected many beautiful varieties and their containers take up a lot of space. Last time we planned we bought boxes of tea and we loved it. Save a lot of space!

Think about how much space you have in your kitchen and you can save! Other things I will cover are:

Ways To Organize A Tiny Kitchen That’ll End Up Making A Big, Big Difference

Let me know in the comments if you have something in particular that bothers you! or me or

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