Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

When it comes to functional essentials for every room, budget and decor style, there’s one Scandinavian retailer that reigns supreme. We’re always turning to IKEA for everything from affordable furniture for starter homes to expensive-looking decor for the first apartment.

Ikea Pantry Hacks To Create Stylish Kitchen Storage On A Budget

Blame it on our social media feeds, where we’re constantly snapping pictures of clean canned beans and attractive jars of pasta and cereal, but the re-organization includes our kitchen shelves. It’s a daunting task when you’re starting from scratch, so we called on expert Jen Robin to share her best IKEA storage storage ideas.

“Every place is different,” says Robin. “We want to focus on the individual needs of our clients and how to create a space where function and aesthetics combine to make sense of their lifestyle.”

Whether you’re trying out new jars and containers or buying new IKEA cabinet organizers, a clean pantry makes a kitchen enjoyable for everyone in your household.

“When you start a warehouse overhaul, think about your day-to-day operations: what gets caught frequently and frequently?” Robin notes. “Keep everyone in the house in mind, too. The goal is to create functionally flowing and easy-to-maintain systems where everything is visible and everyone has a home.”

Small Ikea Kitchen Ideas: 10 Stylish Designs For Tiny Spaces |

Robin shares a guide to reorganizing your entire kitchen storage space, as well as her best products for sorting those little things—your gravity chamber awaits. Read on for her tips for organizing your pantry with her favorite IKEA tips.

No one ever said a kitchen pantry overhaul was going to be easy or quick. You may have all your favorite storage designs nailed down, but first you need to have a clear idea of ​​the exact space you’ll be working with.

“Measure your space so you can decide which bins will work for your area,” says Robin. “Don’t forget to measure the depth and height of each shelf, as well as the total space.”

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

Before you start picking out new containers to display your favorite foods, you need to know what sizes will fit (and how much you can store at a time). Once you have an idea of ​​how many jars and jars will fit comfortably in your pantry, you can start narrowing down the items you want to keep on hand.

Inside Our Kitchen Cabinets Organizing Ideas

Just like “Konmari is your closet,” it’s important to organize your pantry for the ingredients and items you actually use. Deciding what to keep can be difficult, but a box of expired oatmeal that you can’t throw away might be a good place to start. “Sort through all the similar items and throw away the ones that are used up,” says Robin.

If storage is in short supply, donate or donate canned goods and other food that you don’t use or have excess of. While it’s common sense (and recommended) to have an extra supply of items you use each week, it’s best to keep singles in your kitchen that contain other ingredients that rarely see the light of day.

Once you’ve cleaned and weighed your shelves, it’s time to organize your pantry, but don’t start stockpiling just yet. Robin suggests labeling sticky notes to indicate each category, then placing them on shelves to better understand where everything goes. Also, calculate how many extra drawers or containers you’ll need and consider any other organizational accessories you plan to add. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, a trip to IKEA can sort you out.

When planning your storage space, Robin explains, “the most used items should be at eye level,” while the least used items can be stored up or down. Remember that there should be fewer large or heavy baskets and more glassware or lighter items.

Easy Kitchen Organisation Ideas

When planning your storage space, be sure to consider the height of everyone in your home. If you have small children or members of a large family, they will be happy to have their favorite foods within reach.

You’ve got all of your organizational containers, your spice rack organized, and your favorite snacks perfectly organized – now what? Robin’s top tips for organizing kitchens at IKEA include “labeling bins, cans, anything that can be labeled. It helps everyone know where things are and it’s easier to keep track of,” he says.

Robin suggests using similar jars to take your spices to the next level. Instead of storing them in oddly shaped original containers, a uniform collection of spices allows you to clearly and easily navigate the area when preparing your favorite dishes.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

Using a basket to hold small items of various shapes is a great way to keep all your favorite foods in one neat and organized place.

A Smart Small Space Kitchen

“These boxes hold snacks, snacks, cereals, and more. great for sorting,” says Robin. “We love a simple basket that makes everything really accessible.” You can also use a dry erase marker to mark directly on the basket, which can be easily erased if you change ingredients or foods during different seasons.

Robin says these IKEA whiteboard markers are “great for marking,” especially if you want to write directly on plastic jars or glass containers. Our favorite ingredients and everyday items can change all the time, so dry erase markers (like sticky notes) are an easy way to label your containers without having to keep everyone’s constant contents.

This compact mesh basket provides enough ventilation to keep fruits and vegetables outside the fridge. Instead of sacrificing a bowl of your favorite fruit mix on the kitchen island, a breathable basket is an efficient and stylish place to keep those ingredients fresher for longer.

Robin also recommends choosing heavy-duty packaging. “It saves space and is aesthetically pleasing,” he says.

Diy Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Not only will your flat pantry be more accessible, but getting rid of cardboard boxes will give you a better visual idea of ​​what foods and ingredients you need to stock up on.

Now is a great time to combine those three half-used boxes of linguine pasta into one tall container. With more storage space and a clear view of what’s finished, it’s easier to write a grocery list because it’s easier to see the level of each item. Clear bins make it easy to navigate the shelves – no more digging around for old cans you didn’t know you had.

As for her favorite containers, Robin recommends IKEA dry food jars with easy-open lids. “The bowl keeps nuts and snacks accessible, keeps food fresh, and makes it easy to see when you need to refill it,” she says.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

Other items, such as canned goods (which require the most airtight lids), can be stored in resealable jars. Robin recommends IKEA’s Corken containers for organizing these ingredients in clear containers that don’t block your view of other items in your pantry.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

When arranging clear containers in your pantry, place shorter items in front so that tall cans in the back are clearly visible.

You don’t need to fill every inch of your kitchen pantry with tape jars, but you should think about organizing your space as efficiently as possible. Remember, the goal is to have easy access to ingredients and supplies, and not clutter your shelves with unnecessary boxes and containers (or play a game of Pantry Jenga while you’re at it).

If you’re dealing with a particularly small pantry, Robin suggests adding a lazy Susan for easy access to items without losing shelf space. Place it in the corner of a cabinet to store oil or jars in hard-to-reach places.

In cabinets with tall shelves, adding inserts allows you to create more space without stacking items on top of each other. “They’re great for maximizing vertical space and eliminating clutter,” says Robin. Use shelf liners for cans, baskets, plates, bowls and cups.

My Ikea Kitchen Makeover

The warehouses seem dark and cavernous because almost none of them have windows — and how are you supposed to eat breakfast when you can’t see what you’ve got? For an instant improvement to the look of your pantry, install some cabinet lighting, such as an LED light under the shelf.

Before you hire an electrician, make sure that installing these light strips yourself is easy and requires no experience. Even better than ceiling lights with traditional bulbs, LED lights use up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer.

As for organization in general (especially in a place like a warehouse where everyone has supplies).

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Ikea

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