Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas – The kitchen is long and narrow with cabinets along two parallel walls. While some argue that kitchens are crowded and claustrophobic, others find them efficient, affordable and great for storage, especially when trying to maximize limited floor space. Because of their smaller nature, galley kitchen layouts are also best if you’re working on a tight budget. Whether you have a kitchen that needs a makeover or you’re considering a complete kitchen remodel, we’ve rounded up some great kitchen ideas that pack plenty of style into small spaces.

Just because you’re working with a compact setup doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beautiful kitchen design. Use bright whites, reflective surfaces and shades of natural light to open up the design of a small kitchen – but don’t forget to add geometric patterns, open shelving and bright colours. We’ve shown how kitchen lighting, bold cabinet colors and eclectic moldings can help create the illusion of a larger space than it actually is.

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

If you want to get creative, you can find inspiration for charming breakfast nooks and other open kitchen layouts, such as combining the dining room and kitchen with island seating. And if you’re looking for smart ways to incorporate 2023 kitchen design trends into your tight layout, consider colorful backsplashes, premium hardware, and bold kitchen paint colors. Start scrolling and find an idea that matches the style of your home – from farmhouse to contemporary.

Skylights Transform Galley Kitchen

Darker lower cabinets help define the space, while lighter upper cabinets make the room appear larger by reflecting light. In this Upper East Side kitchen, Becks & Cropp opted for black lower cabinets with bold hardware—and kept the uppers minimal.

Interior designer Julia Chessman makes this small space so chic, from the gold hardware and elegant runners to the soothing green cabinets. It also uses built-in cabinets to hide the refrigerator, creating a feeling of peace and harmony.

Infuse style into a small space with pops of color and playful patterns, like Shelby Girard, vice president of creativity and design at Havenly.

Maximize narrow space with the right white cabinets and compact kitchen appliances. Add bright details like Mediterranean tiles, gold hardware and industrial-style lighting.

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Ideas To Maximize Small Layouts

Give your kitchen hallway a more spacious look with elegant tiles like this classic herringbone pattern. Here, REFORM combines gray floors with elegant pink cabinets and minimalist lighting fixtures.

A color track not only creates a feeling of space in a narrow corridor, but immediately adds warmth and texture to the interior. Pay attention to Brio Interior Design and choose a bright and geometric style.

Create visual intrigue by combining cabinet styles and finishes. Here, Rina Sotropa of In House Design Group sticks to bright white on one side, but opts for warm wood and black marble on the other.

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

This cheerful kitchen combines a variety of colors and patterns, from a checkerboard floor and a bold runner to a sleek gold countertop and two-tone cabinets.

Galley Kitchen Ideas And Layouts To Suit Any Space

At the end of this Greenwich Village kitchen, the Mendelson Group creates a small breakfast nook with enough seating for two.

Brighten up the hallway of your kitchen cabinet with bright lights. We love these chrome globe pendants selected by Chandos Interiors.

In kitchen layouts, you can choose a bold background on one or both sides of your kitchen. Create this calm interior from Lily Spindle and use attractive tiles on just one side.

When in doubt, stick to refined whites – from worktops to cabinets and moldings. Tip: A light wooden floor goes perfectly with an all-white design.

Fourteen Space Efficient Galley Kitchens

In combination with open shelves, this blue kitchen is decorated with two adjustable wall handles. Interior designer Tiffany Gohler keeps it light with natural wood and greenery.

If space allows, extend the table top to create a compact bar area with stools. We love how Union of Art Interiors added a large window overlooking the landscape to create the illusion of a larger space.

Instead of upper cabinets (which can make a narrow space even narrower), Julia Chasman uses open shelves for extra storage space.

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

Many kitchens have a window at the other end, which is a great way to break up a narrow hallway and allow light to flood the room. In this sunny space, REFORM settled on pastel blue cabinets and light wood floors.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: 14 Designs For Narrow Kitchens

AMMOR Architecture uses a gallery kitchen layout in a relatively large space with large appliances and white cabinets on each side. When you cook, this arrangement ensures that you have everything close at hand.

, where he deals with all things home and interior design. Before joining GH in 2022, she wrote for publications including

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Space Saving Storage Ideas For A Galley Kitchen

How to feng shui your bedroom to get positive energy 40 incredible shower ideas 30 bedroom wall decor ideas with personality 30 unique photo wall ideas to try at home. That doesn’t mean it has to lack functionality, organization or style. The key to saving and maximizing space is a layout that maximizes efficiency, such as a kitchen. By definition, a kitchen unit has two parallel sides with a narrow passage between them. A galley kitchen layout is best for small kitchens – less than 90 square feet. Four to six feet between parallel sides maximizes efficiency and work flow.

Check out these kitchens to see how this type of small space can work for you. The success of the kitchen kitchen

Andrew and Herman are updating the kitchen in their 1936 Med-Deco home. The room was surrounded by the rest of the living space. The renovation plan was to preserve the square footage so that no architectural detail was disturbed by the expansion. However, breaking the wall for the breakfast bar was the solution to make the space accessible to the living room. It was the right decision: eight feet became the centerpiece of the house. Clever design expands this small kitchen

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

The six-foot-wide kitchen in Emily’s antebellum apartment was originally an enclosed space. Many ideas contributed to making it open and less closed. Instead of upper cabinets, open shelves made of marble and brass offered lightness to the small kitchen. The refrigerator under the table takes up less space and is less disruptive.

How Galley Kitchens Are Making A Comeback! — Ink Design Concepts Llc

To make the layout more ideal for entertaining, her contractor created an extended counter on the side outside the kitchen and a walk-through window with two chairs. Publish your project on Discuss with your contractor whether a pass-through window is possible in your kitchen. A pass-through window brightens up a dark kitchen

Megan didn’t want to change the floor plan or size of her kitchen. She just wanted to refresh the dark space of the kitchen. All-new light fixtures helped lighten the look, as did expanding the bay window in the main living space. Her contractor lowered the bar to the height of the worktop and enlarged the opening. Now all the light comes from the next room. Smart planning is key in galley kitchen

Storage and smart planning made all the difference in Monica’s kitchen remodel. For more convenient storage in the kitchen, the broom closet was converted into a pull-out pantry. The refrigerator stood outside a row of board and rail cabinets, its height and size out of sight. The kitchen added character as an informal place to eat and drink. The wall of cabinets is ideal for a narrow kitchen

To maximize Jenny’s narrow kitchen, the upper and lower cabinets are along the same wall, with the fridge and bare wall facing it. Although he admits, “I’m currently creating a ‘bucket list’ installation for the rest of the wall, although I like the space the blank wall takes up.” With only one frame width to work with, this layout is an efficient way to navigate this space. Open shelves look stylishly clean in a kitchen with a kitchen unit

Galley Kitchen Ideas: How To Plan One To Maximise Space

Daniel, a writer and former chef, installed open shelving along half the kitchen wall instead of upper cabinets. Thus, the feeling of claustrophobia that plagued the old kitchen has disappeared.

Provides homeowners with an exceptional remodeling experience by personally selecting proven general contractors for you, while offering expert advice and assistance – free of charge to you.

Their contractor moved the refrigerator away from the entrance, making access to the kitchen difficult. It was moved to the opposite end to create symmetry and facilitate movement in the space. Learn how to vet general contractors so homeowners don’t have to. Replanning the dining space allows you to place more things

Small Open Galley Kitchen Ideas

At the end of Sheilaji and Sergio’s long kitchen was a dining room that they no longer needed (thanks to the move to the living room and entry). Instead, he used that extra space to take advantage of the length of the room and install a low

Learning To Love Your Small Galley Kitchen In Nyc

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