Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas – When it comes to log cabins, the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” couldn’t be more appropriate. Your home kitchen is more than just a place to prepare a quick meal. It’s also your meeting place – a place to pack a picnic lunch before a hike in the jungle, enjoy a family meal after a long day and swap stories with old friends late into the night. Whether you live in your bunkhouse year-round or just in the summer, it’s important to think about the design of your fitted kitchen.

From the modern decor of lake homes to the more rustic cabin kitchens traditionally found in log homes and cabins, there is a seemingly endless variety of kitchen designs and styles.

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Need ideas for a cabin kitchen? We’ve compiled a few examples of large log cabins built by our customers to showcase the versatility and creativity of our handmade wood products. Read on to learn how stains, trim, cabinetry, and even wood species can affect the look of your log kitchen.

Log Home Kitchens

This unique take on a lakehouse kitchen is bursting with rustic charm. A large kitchen island provides a pop of color that immediately catches the eye in and around the room. Meanwhile, the white kitchen cabinets contrast well with the rustic look of the weathered round barnwood paneling. Imagine sitting down to eat at a picnic table after a swim in the lake.

Open kitchens are currently very popular, especially among people who like to entertain guests or have a large family. Friends and family close to Northern Log Supply will likely recognize it as owner Peter Green’s kitchen. This kitchen has granite countertops with a stone splashback. The large kitchen island features a sunken farmhouse sink and a high bar that seats four – perfect for a quick bite. Bathed in natural light, the picnic dining table is where Peter, his wife and their four children enjoy many family meals together.

This large, comfortable kitchen has many elements that make it one of your favorites. On the walls, this client installed our 1×8 cedar wood panels, but with a modern twist: the wood was laid diagonally. Wooden cabinets and a large kitchen island complete the space. The raised bar top, which seats five, is tiled in wood to complement it.

Here’s another open kitchen that one of our clients built. While we can’t boast of supplying the firewood for this kitchen, we have supplied wood paneling, wood siding, trim, milled logs and wood railings for the rest of the log home in Wisconsin.

Log Cabin Kitchen Design Ideas

Compared to some of the other kitchens we looked at, this client chose a darker color for her kitchen, giving it a warm, cozy feel. Our 2×8 pine paneling and 3×4 D paneling are offset by pre-stained chestnut, light marble countertops. An antler chandelier above a round kitchen table completes this cabin’s kitchen.

As you can see, there are many different styles to consider when remodeling or building your kitchen.

Need help making your cabin kitchen ideas a reality? Whether you’re going for a more contemporary look or going the rustic route, we can help you create a natural, beautiful setting with our one-of-a-kind wood products sourced right here in the USA. We have a variety of log styles and wood stain colors to add life to your kitchen, including barnwood backsplashes, wood panel ceilings and lap walls.

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Contact us today for advice on choosing the right wood, finish and fittings for your cabin kitchen.

Cabin Kitchens: Design Essentials And Inspiration

To enable comments, sign up for a Disqus account and enter your Disqus username in the Articulate node settings. Are you looking for the perfect kitchen design for your cabin? Look no further! Read on to discover 17 stunning log cabin kitchen designs you’ll love. The only problem is that you might have a hard time deciding between them all!

For the perfect finish, choose reclaimed barnwood hardware that looks absolutely adorable on tables, cabinets, chairs, door rails and more. Wood grains are preferred for their rough appearance and can be enhanced with the right shellac or stain treatment.

And if you don’t have time for a makeover, don’t worry—there are plenty of vendors who can recreate the look of reclaimed barn wood with new materials for the same great look.

Two elegant building elements, wood and stone, work beautifully together to achieve a strong, imposing height that cannot be surpassed. Play with these two elements in your cabin kitchen design plans and you will love all the options of this combination.

Unbelievable Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas To Steal

Marble is another material that looks great with wood. Consider a marble countertop on a wooden base. This combination brings a modern element to a classic cabin kitchen design.

Extend your window area by creating elegant wooden arches that will frame your window beautifully. The arch design gives a soft look to wood that is often highly textured and stiff.

You don’t need to pack tons of wood grain into your cabin kitchen! In fact, combining light and dark wood in the same space can add great perspective, dimension, and warmth. Don’t be afraid to try different colors to see what works best in your space.

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

A classic piece that adds elegance to the cabin, hanging island lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and practical to illuminate such an important space in the kitchen. It can also help fill the space without obstructing so the kitchen doesn’t seem too tall.

Rustic Nc Mountain Stonebridge Log Cabin

If you are going for a rustic decor, you should definitely consider natural pieces to reflect the rays in your kitchen. A natural look reflects all the elements that Mother Nature already has in the source material, such as grain, edges and imperfections. It is definitely a powerful design element that you will love.

For a modern log home kitchen design, invest in exposed, finished ceiling beams for a strong look that offers stability, focus and durability. Visually beautiful and symbolic, finished ceiling beams are a favorite of many interior designers working with cabin aesthetics.

Red is a very beautiful color when it comes to cabin kitchen design. Strongly associated with barns and country living, red is a great color when choosing an accent tone for your kitchen space. Steve Lyons of Houston Home Remodeling Pros, a home remodeling company in Houston, Texas, has a tip: “Try painting the island a deep, warm red. Avoid lighter, more muted reds as they can often clash with the rustic look of wood or panelling.”

Round islands are rare, and when made of stone they seem to blend in perfectly with the surrounding wood aesthetic. Because stone and wood go so well together, a round stone island can be a wonderful addition if you’re looking for a unique piece to place at the center of your kitchen.

Log Cabins At Jacobs Creek: Our Cabins And Rates

Try placing small cabinets in unexpected places, such as the kitchen island or hidden b above the refrigerator. Although small at first glance, these small spaces are still perfect for storing kitchen glasses, crockery and utensils. When finished with wood, they can create that cozy cabin aesthetic that ideal cabin design is popular for.

By creating a sloping bar that separates the kitchen from the dining area or living room, you can essentially maximize your workspace without closing off the kitchen entirely. This allows people to continue to move around the kitchen area without sacrificing useful areas for cooking, eating, and conversation. Use a rustic look with beveled edges to create the perfect slanted bar top.

Sometimes, low ceiling lights can do more for a cabin kitchen than big, old lights. Consider installing some integrated spotlights that blend seamlessly into the ceiling surface. The moderate amount of light illuminates the surrounding tree without stealing the spotlight itself. Many of these built-in lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood. Great effect!

Small Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Reminiscent of a high-ceilinged A-frame cabin, the kitchen’s sloping roof can be a cool element while still providing plenty of cooking space and cabin appeal. Not to mention that the stench emanating from the stove will move and engulf the sloping roof. OK!

Cabin Decor Ideas: 15 Ways To Create A Cozy, Rustic Space |

Make sure your cabin kitchen has a high window that offers a good view of the surrounding property. This connection to the outdoors can enhance the interior space by reminding guests of the expansive environment in which it is located.

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