Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas – A compact kitchen can still be beautiful and functional. From galleys to tiny houses, these five tiny kitchen tips have you covered.

A standard 30- to 36-inch-wide oven and range will often take up much-needed counter space. Look for a handy 20- to 24-inch-wide mid-range that can slide into the tightest of areas. Several options offer side doors for maximum flexibility.

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

Look for dishwashers that save space. Some are the size of a standard wardrobe and include all the washing cycles and features you need. Slender fridge models like this retro-style Smeg in mint green have been ditched for scale style.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas & Design Inspiration

Eliminate bulky storage needs by choosing a sink with a built-in cutting board or strainer. (Check out Kohler for some style options.)

A sink with a built-in cutting board is paired with easy-to-clean Cambria Skara Brae™ counters for a stylish prep station in this loft kitchen.

Light colors can bring energy and bounce light around a room. Consider a light backsplash paired with darker cabinets or countertops to open up the kitchen.

Upper and lower furniture can vary in colour, material and style. The two-tone kitchen draws attention with Torquay countertops, backsplash, and white upper cabinets that contrast with sage green cabinets.

Galley Kitchen Ideas That Are Practical And Chic

Don’t forget plants and vegetables for a fresh pop, like in this tiny kitchen makeover from Tiny Canal Cottage with Weybourne Matte counters.

Functional does not mean boring. Open shelves can display dishes and eye-catching decor, while wall extensions can emphasize a sparkling glow. (Explore quartz backsplash ideas and tile ideas.)

Instead of a breakfast or kitchen table, add a bar with stools. You don’t need an island to do this – a peninsula layout or a renovated kitchen works well.

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

A typical kitchen layout has a narrow passageway with cabinets and appliances lining the walls. Offering efficiency and utility, it is perfect for the practical owner who separates cooking from socializing. The altered kitchen layout provides a more airy feel and the option of additional dining space.

Why A Galley Kitchen Rules In Small Kitchen Design

To open up the space, consider replacing one of the aisles with a parallel island that allows flexibility, as in this kitchen renovation by Casey Knipps. Check with a trusted contractor to see if it’s possible for your home.

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to dim the lighting. Make your spaces bright and practical with a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the general lighting of a room diffused to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Task lighting illuminates your kitchen work surfaces, while accent lighting highlights certain items, such as a kitchen cabinet or shelf.

Ready to plan a renovation or update to your small kitchen? Bring your vision to life by creating a moodboard from your choices. Request a sample of your favorite Cambria designs for the perfect table setting. Need more information to get started? Here are some of our top picks for a small kitchen with a mid-century modern twist.

Share your kitchen project with us on social media using the hashtag #MyCambria. We can’t wait to see your small space style! The fact that the kitchen area is small does not mean that it should lack function, organization or style. The key to owning and making the most of space is a design that maximizes efficiency, like a galley. By definition, a galley kitchen consists of two parallel sides with a narrow passage between. The galley kitchen design works best for small kitchens: less than 90 square meters. Four to 6 feet between parallel sides maximizes efficiency and workflow.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Take a look at these kitchens to see how this type of small space layout works for you. Her heads for what in the kitchen

Andrew and German modernized their galley kitchen in their Med-Deco home in 1936. The room was closed off from the rest of the living space. The renovation plan was to keep the same area so as not to change the architectural details with the extension. However, the solution was to break the wall for a walk through breakfast bar to open up the space to the living room. It was the right decision – it was an eight-foot centerpiece in the house. Clever design expands this small galley kitchen

The six-foot-wide kitchen was an enclosed space in Emily’s pre-war flat. Some ideas have helped you feel open and less closed. Instead of upper cabinets, marble and brass open shelves provided the open air to the small kitchen. The under counter fridge took up less space and was less visually invasive.

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

To make the layout more entertaining, her contractor created a window with an extended counter and two stools on the non-kitchen side. Publish your project i. Talk to your contractor about whether a window is possible in your kitchen. A bay window promises a dark kitchen

Ways To Maximize A Small Galley Kitchen — Michael Helwig Interiors

Megan didn’t want to change the kitchen floor plan or footprint. She just wanted to give the dark kitchen space a makeover. All new fixtures added to the lighter look, as did the widening of the bay window in the main living space. His contractor lowered the bar to counter height and widened the opening. Now all the light comes in from the next room. Clever design is key in a galley kitchen

Smart storage and design made all the difference in Monica’s kitchen remodel. For more convenient storage in the kitchen, transform the broom closet into a pull-out pantry. The refrigerator sat outside a series of batten-and-plank style cabinets, keeping its height and size out of sight. Adding to the character of the galley kitchen was a cozy dining alcove. One wall of cabinets meets a narrow galley kitchen.

To maximize the tight kitchen space in Jenna’s kitchen, a series of upper and lower cabinets sit along one wall and face a built-in fridge and feature wall. Although she admits, “I’m in the process of creating a bucket list installation for the remaining wall, although I do enjoy the space that the white wall creates.” With only the width of the scope to work with, this layout is an efficient way to navigate this space. Open shelves in a galley kitchen look elegant and clean.

Daniel, a food writer and former chef, replaced upper cabinets on half the kitchen wall with open shelving. This eliminated the feeling of claustrophobia that plagued the old kitchen.

Ideas For A Galley Kitchen

Offers homeowners an exceptional remodeling experience by personally matching trusted general contractors to your project and providing expert guidance and support, at no cost to you.

His contractor moved the refrigerator away from the entryway, where it made it difficult to get into the kitchen. It was moved to the other side creating symmetry and facilitating movement through the space. See how vets do general contractors so homeowners don’t have to. Remodeling the dining area allows for additional storage

Sheila and Sergio’s long galley kitchen ended up with a dining area that they no longer needed (thanks to the move to the living and entry space). Instead, they used that extra space to take advantage of the length of the room and installed lower cabinets near the window wall. To make it even bigger, they chose a long wooden shelf in front of the wall of upper cabinets. Clever idea: shallow cabinets save space.

Tiny Galley Kitchen Ideas

Sandra and Michael revised their existing kitchen layout to add more cabinet and counter space. They chose slim base cabinets (basically wall cabinets) to save space without feeling cramped. When you move a bulky fridge, valuable space is freed up

Top Tips For A Diy, Budget Kitchen Makeover

In Harry and Katie’s Gallic kitchen, the placement of the fridge reduced the counter space and the surrounding walls tightened the overall space. It was moved to a spot a few feet outside the kitchen walls. A cutout in the entry wall also helped to free up space. Pro Tip: If you’re not sure about knocking off the walls, moving the fridge is another option to free up space and preserve the existing layout. A galley kitchen uses dead space.

Owner Rashmi had no interest in an open kitchen when it came time to renovate. He lived with the galley kitchen for four years to understand what he needed from the room. To save space, 18-inch shallower kitchen cabinets were placed on one side. Closer to the entrance, there were two stools at a narrow dining bar that was an extension of the kitchen counter. Rashmi installed built-in storage cabinets and a washer and dryer in front of the counter. It was a dead space before.

When you’re ready to start renovating your kitchen or home, work together to renovate with the best contractors.

A note about appliance and appliance deliveries: If you’re on a tight schedule, Appliances Connection has over 50,000 items in stock and ready to ship nationwide. If you are located in the NY/NJ metro area, in-stock items usually ship within 2-3 days.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Cooking Space

A kitchen galley has two parallel sides with a narrow corridor-like passage between. The ideal distance between the two walls is four to six feet, which helps maximize efficiency and workflow. Homeowners with smaller kitchens, meaning less than 90 square feet, will benefit from a galley kitchen design.

There are several ways to make the hallway from the kitchen to the galley look

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