Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest – A spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and lots of natural light is an absolute dream. However, most of us are faced with awkward layouts and less than ideal storage. But a small kitchen is not so bad. In fact, if you choose the right small space solutions and functional design ideas, it doesn’t really matter how many square meters you’ll be working with. First, we’ve rounded up over 80 smart and elegant small kitchen ideas that will inspire you to never feel like a claustrophobic cook again. We promise these tips will help you make the most of your counter and cabinet space and even help you spend more time in the kitchen.

If you choose an all-white kitchen, you can instantly make the space appear larger due to the reflective nature of the shade. Smooth, glossy cabinet fronts (no hardware here) and a matching countertop cooktop maximize the shine.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

In designer Corinne Mathern Studio’s small kitchen, a counter-height countertop functions as both an island and a dining area. You can easily push such a thing against the wall or take it out of the room when it feels cramped.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

To make it look bigger: Use three shades of blue to create depth, as designer Garrow Kedigian did here. Extending the lightest to the ceiling, he emphasizes its height, making this space spacious.

To ground a small kitchen and not feel like a cave, use a dark color for the lower half and a lighter color for the upper half. Natural wood connects this space with the forest outside.

To open up the kitchen, designer Kevin Isbell painted an oversized glossy checkered pattern on the floor. Soft, bright colors go well with cafe curtains.

Pay attention to designer Matthew Ferrarini and install pocket doors that cover the heaviest kitchen wall when you’re not cooking or cleaning. We love this idea of ​​open floor plans and studio apartments.

Tiny Home Kitchens To Inspire You

Has the farm sink or plumbing system seen better days? Ignore the problem. That is, install a drop skirt to hide the mess, as was done in old English country kitchens.

The rest side of the island can work much harder. Design it with cabinets instead of solid wood and it’s perfect for storing rarely used items.

To make your kitchen feel smaller (and less like a dark cubicle), install striking pendant lights. This ombré pair will make you glow from start to finish and catch everyone’s eye.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

Don’t have a lot of counter space? Consider adding a garage to your closet, like designer Natalie Chong did in her old Toronto townhouse. A child is holding a Nespresso machine. At the bottom, an open wooden panel hides the Vitamix.

Beautiful Kitchen Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

In a Georgia kitchen attached to a back door, designer Laura Jenkins turned several cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into cabinets in the mud bath. The seamless construction also hides the cafe and pantry, making the room appear larger.

When the palette leans towards neutrals, your kitchen can be more open and peaceful. Just consider this quiet kitchen by Lauren Nelson Design, which combines handcrafted tile, marble countertops, and Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green cabinets with a subtle nod to the outdoors.

Designed by Sarah Robertson, this kitchen features a sliding cutting board and drying rack to make cooking a breeze. Not to mention cleaning: you’ll never have to worry about putting them in other drawers or cabinets.

Consider maximizing your dining room layout with a built-in bench, as designer Nannette Brown did in this cozy New York apartment kitchen.

Inspiring Tiny House Interiors

Backsplash – Everything looks good and runs smoother. Professional designers are embracing this style, including designer Melanie Millner, who chose Cielo quartz for this European-inspired Georgian mansion. Increase the feeling of spaciousness by combining it with a small shelf made of the same material.

If hanging a pot rack from the ceiling isn’t for you, opt for a short rail attached to a small open shelf. Designed by designer Augusta Hoffman, the kitchen features a small bar with a variety of pots and pans for easy access when cooking.

If you’re used to charging your phone or iPad in the kitchen, move that clutter to an outlet drawer like Sarah Robertson’s sleek design. This will create more space for cooking and flipping through recipe books.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

Add character to your small kitchen with an exposed brick look for less. In this San Francisco kitchen, designer Lynn Kloythanomsup chose classic red brick, but because it’s just for beauty, she turned it faux. “It’s like a thin brick,” he explains.

Tiny House Expedition

Save space with a built-in electric stove. A slim version—one designed by Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz of Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork with two working chambers—provides more room for unpacking and cooking.

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Clever Ikea Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you one of the many families moving into a tiny house? This popular home style is both efficient and beautiful, but can be overwhelming at first.

It is not always so easy to find clever ways to fit everything necessary in such a small space. Considering the space, ingredients and equipment needed to prepare delicious meals, the kitchen can be one of the most difficult spaces to design, especially when it comes to comfortable living spaces.

That’s why we’ve collected some ideas that can inspire you to create a small kitchen!

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

Sometimes we don’t have enough space for an extra table top against the walls. In that case, try a kitchen cart on wheels.

Tiny Home Interior Design & Decor Tips

If you need more space, buy a cart with lots of drawers. If you need more counters, choose with optional folding attachments for flatter surfaces. You can even use it as a versatile dining table!

Vertical space is important in small homes, but closets often block the view and make the home seem smaller. You want to optimize your home to have enough storage space without cluttering up the space.

Using multi-layered shelves instead of cabinets is a simple solution to this problem. Removing the wardrobe doors opens up the space without obstructing the view. It lets more natural light into the home and makes it feel less cramped.

The problem with spices and herbs is that they take up a lot of flat space needed to store pots, pans and appliances.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

That’s why hanging spices and herbs is an aesthetic way to make the most of your small kitchen design. It looks interesting when it serves an important purpose. Hang all the parts you use most often so that they are easily accessible and at the same time save a lot of space.

An underutilized space in the kitchen is the space under the kitchen hood. There is a surprising amount of space, perfect for an extra shelf, a cookbook or even a spice rack.

When installing the stand, choose something small enough that it won’t block the airflow around it. This way, the hood continues to serve its purpose and gives you a wonderful extra living space.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Pinterest

When it comes time to figure out the design of a small kitchen, think about all areas. Tiny homes work best when everything works together and every space has a purpose.

Small Kitchen Ideas That Prove That Less Is More

With a little advance planning and thought, you should have no problem coming up with something that fits your needs!

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