Tiny Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Decorating Ideas – Your kitchen may be small, but it fits with these small kitchen ideas from some of our favorite designers on Instagram.

Good small kitchen design ideas solve big problems. Some kitchens are simply too small for an island. Enter the kitchen island’s sister, the Peninsula. The kitchen peninsula, like @intentionalspace’s home, is essentially an island on three sides, with the fourth side attached to the wall. It acts as a bridge between the kitchen and the adjacent space, providing seating, storage and storage. Creative corner shelves give you a little extra space for storage and decoration.

Tiny Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Decorating Ideas

While baking ingredients are often hidden away in a cupboard or pantry, a small kitchen may lack enclosed storage space. Take @endless_hacienda and showcase supplies often used to match containers and labels that are equal parts beautiful and affordable. We love how her solution makes the most of the narrow space behind the door. Still can’t decide? For even more inspiration, you should check out this list of small kitchen decor ideas.

Splendid Small Kitchens And Ideas You Can Use From Them

A small kitchen is a great opportunity to be bold, down-to-earth. We love the patterned tiles in this lovely @colyer.cox.abode kitchen. Go this route and make the floor the star while keeping the rest of the kitchen clean and minimal. Porcelain or cement tiles are available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, or install peel-and-stick vinyl tiles for ease.

Removing upper cabinets helps to open up a small kitchen to make it look more spacious and airy. As an alternative, use open shelving, like this one in the @marriedandahouse kitchen (photo by Kirsten Smith Photography). Use shelves for your favorite kitchen utensils and dishes that you use the most – and they will look nice and not have a chance to collect dust. Other crafty small kitchen design ideas here include black cabinets that help ground the space and a gorgeous Persian-style rug that helps the open kitchen blend in with the rest of the house.

Too many materials or colors can make a room feel cramped. This small kitchen uses a calming blue, using it sparingly and in the right places. Check out our other kitchen color trends for more inspiration

Space can be hard to find in a small kitchen, so we love this idea from @lizpowelldesign. She designed a floating table in an unused corner of the kitchen and turned it into a perfect breakfast nook with chairs.

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It’s no secret that an all-white interior can make a room feel larger, and a white kitchen is no exception, as evidenced by @kitchstudios’ all-white space. White cabinets, white walls and a white backsplash are earthy accents, and contrasting details include black fixtures and butcher worktops. Layering different subtle textures and patterns adds dimension.

Many small kitchens are light and bright to make the space feel spacious. But don’t rule out dark and moody colors just yet! @agi_at_59 decided to take full advantage of a small dark wall that added depth to her narrow kitchen, especially when paired with a similarly dark floor. It’s also a great focal point for interesting artwork.

Unexpected blue cabinets in the @jogalbraithhome kitchen distract from the small size of the room. The vertical lines created by the shiplap backsplash are also striking. We love the hidden hood, which blends seamlessly with the white walls and enhances the illusion of openness.

Tiny Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If your kitchen is short on space, try adding a small island. It doesn’t have to match your cabinets—and technically, it doesn’t have to be an island. where you complemented a narrow bookcase with a polished black granite slab to create a DIY kitchen island. Open shelves provide easily accessible extra storage without taking up too much space.

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Ideas To Maximize Small Layouts

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