Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

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Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

If you want to expand your seating area or give yourself a more visible place to entertain, a kitchen bar is a great way to do it. And since no bar is complete without some stylish bar stools, a kitchen bar gives you the opportunity to bring color, texture or visual flair to your space.

Ideas For Making A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Of course, there are many different ways to bring a kitchen bar into your space. You can add a kitchen island, remodel some of the counters you already have, or spring for a complete makeover. But remember, as long as you have some places to sit and room to eat or drink—you should have everything you need to create a kitchen bar.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful kitchen bars we’ve seen and think about some design ideas you can bring to your own space. You’ll be glad to get started the next time you’re cooking in your kitchen — or hosting a wine night at your new bar.

Kitchen bars provide an opportunity to enjoy your decor. They usually consist of three pieces – your bar, your high chairs and the lighting above your bar – so you have several different elements to play with.

You can paint your bar a bold color and choose bar stools that complement it. Or you can use lights to add color to your space. Options abound, so don’t hesitate to take a chance or risk it.

Tips And Hacks For Small Kitchen

Kitchen grates are very small and the first thing someone will see when you look at your kitchen is the sink and the backsplash behind it. To set the tone for the rest of your space, invest in a backsplash and sink combination that’s perfect for both your kitchen and bar.

Many kitchens come without built-in bars—meaning if you want additional seating, you’ll have to create your own. Fortunately, there are many stylish kitchen islands to invest in that serve just this purpose.

Cut one that fits your space and paint it to match your cabinets, or leave it as is and take advantage of the aesthetic contrast it provides.

Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

If your kitchen is lined with open shelves, remember that every item you place on those shelves actually doubles as decor. Use this built-in storage unit to set the mood in your space.

Cool And Smart Small Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you want your kitchen bar to really feel like a bar, line your shelves with martini glasses, nice bottles of wine, or whatever else you want your bar to offer. Not only will your stocked bar look great, but it will be ready for your next cocktail party.

Most rectangular bars are lined with benches that run along one side of the bar. This helps to save space in the kitchen and makes the room more defined. But, there is no reason for you to put your seat there.

Depending on how your kitchen is set up, it might make sense to place three stools facing each other at the end of the bar. Find and use the best design for your space.

Kitchen bars are a great place to have fun. A common step is to paint your bar a vibrant color, but you can take a slightly less predictable approach and cover it with dark tiles instead. You can match the tiles to your backsplash or choose a complementary set. Either way, you are on a data manufacturer’s website.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Transform Your Space

If you’re decorating with an open concept, you may want to create a visual separation between your bar and dining room. A great way to do this is to match your bar with the rest of your kitchen and make your dining room a little different.

You can use columns and other structures to create your own bar without covering your space. Take a long, hard look at the space you’re working in and let it inspire your design choices.

A common practice is to paint your bar to match your kitchen cabinets. But, if you want to change the situation a bit, you can paint them in slightly different shades of the same color. Choose navy blue for your bar and light blue for your kitchen cabinets, or a different, monochromatic color palette.

Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

Remember, a darker shade carries more visual weight, so your space will be more balanced if you use it in a small feature like a strip.

Ideas For Decorating Kitchen Countertops

No bar is complete without some high chairs – and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy them. Bar stools are a great way to add color or texture to a space, and the right combination can help pull your entire space together.

Some bars come with built-in overhangs – the work surface extends beyond the bar, giving you a natural place to put some stools. If you choose backless stools, this is a space-saving solution and it makes eating at the bar more comfortable. It minimizes leakage – which is always a bonus.

If your bar goes into the dining room or living room, consider your entire space. You want your rooms to be different but still be cohesive. The best way to do this is to keep colors and images consistent.

Consider bar stools and dining chairs that look similar but don’t match too much and echo your color palette throughout your space.

Small Kitchen Decor Ideas That Don’t Skip On Style

Many kitchen tables are rectangular, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Look at the space you’re working in and choose a layout that works best for it. Maybe your kitchen looks better with a diagonal stripe. If so, accept it and design the rest of your space with that choice in mind.

Chances are the first thing someone will see when they look at your kitchen is your backsplash and bar. So it makes sense to invest effort in both – and make sure they look good together. Choose colors that match, complement or contrast and make sure the color pair you choose is a color you like to see.

Exposed structural columns can be a nuisance. But they are a great way to channel your space. Instead of trying to hide it or draw attention away from it, think about whether you can use it to your advantage.

Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

Perhaps a column runs along the end of the bar, creating a defined boundary in your space — making your kitchen look better.

Small Space Kitchen Ideas

If you’re decorating a small space, it pays to be creative and find places that can multitask. Can you turn your rolled kitchen counter into a mini bar? If so, you can offer a comfortable dining room – without sacrificing too much space.

Hanging lamps and kitchen bars go well together. Besides serving the practical purpose of helping you see your food, hanging lights are a great way to decorate your space. They add a touch of contrast or coherence that can help make your space more cohesive.

If your kitchen is completely devoid of shelves, it might make sense to bring in some of your own. You can decorate these shelves with items that set the mood for your bar and your kitchen as a whole.

If you want to have fun, display your items on your shelves. And remember, you should always have some decorative touches like candles and plants.

Small Traditional Kitchen Ideas That Overflow With Character

Just because you don’t have room for a full bar doesn’t mean you have to go completely bar-less. A squat bar can be incredibly useful—especially if only two people live in your space. Find corners of the worktop that provide enough space for comfortable dining, and consider placing two bar stools underneath.

Many people decorate their kitchen counters and cabinets with complementary colors. But playing with the design is just fun. Cover your kitchen counters with one material and line your bar with another. This method works best if your kitchen cabinets wrap around the bar, making it clear that they are part of the same space.

Accents that make a statement can set the overall mood of your space and should match the tone you’re trying to develop. If you want your bar to look like a hangout, seriously consider mounting the TV on the wall.

Tiny Kitchen Counter Ideas

This move isn’t for everyone—and it probably only works in a small kitchen or wet bar—but if it’s right for your space, take a chance.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Home

Creating contrast with your kitchen and bar cabinets can be a lot of fun. But in the end, you are

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