Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs – Just because a kitchen’s lack of floor space doesn’t mean it lacks function, organization, or style. The key to owning space and making the most of it is a design that maximizes efficiency, such as a kitchen. By definition, a kitchen unit has two parallel sides with a narrow passage in the middle. This galley kitchen design works well in small kitchens—less than 90 square feet. Four to 6 feet between parallel sides increases efficiency and workflow.

Check out these kitchens to see if this type of small space design can work for you.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

Andrew and Germain updated their gallery in their Med-Deco home from 1936. The room was closed to all residents. The renovation plan was to keep the square footage the same so as not to disturb any architectural details and additions. However, the solution to open up the space to the living room was to punch a hole in the wall to pass through the breakfast bar. It was the right decision: He ended up eight feet in the house. Clever design maximizes the size of this small kitchen

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas & Design Inspiration

The six-foot-wide kitchen in Emily’s antediluvian home was originally a container. Many ideas helped him feel open and not so closed off. In place of tall cabinets, open shelves made of marble and brass add the necessary atmosphere to a small kitchen. The bottom fridge takes up very little space and wasn’t very visible.

To make the design more fun, the contractor created a walk-in window, an extended counter, and two chairs across from the kitchen. Send your project to. Discuss with your supplier whether a transom window is possible in your kitchen. Transom window creating a dark kitchen

Megan didn’t want to change the kitchen floor plan or the painting. He just wanted to give the dark kitchen a facelift. All new materials contribute to the lighter look, as does the window expansion through the main seat. The contractor lowered the cover to work surface height and widened the opening. Now all the light comes from the next room. Smart design is the key to a galley kitchen

Storage space and smart design make all the difference in Monica’s kitchen renovation. For proper storage space in the kitchen, the laundry room has been converted into a pantry. The refrigerator was standing outside a row of chipboard cabinets so that its height and volume could not be seen. In addition to the kitchen, there was a comfortable dining room in the kitchen.

Fourteen Space Efficient Galley Kitchens

The upper and lower cabinets that expand Jenna’s narrow kitchen are placed along one wall, facing the built-in fridge and exposed wall. Although he admits, “I’m in the process of creating a ‘bucket list’ of fixtures on the remaining wall, though I still enjoy the space created by a blank wall. This design only has a menu view to work with and it shows an efficient way to navigate that space.”

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Daniel, a former food writer and chef, installed open shelving in place of upper cabinets along half a wall in the kitchen. This eliminated the claustrophobic feeling that plagued the old kitchen.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

The contractor removed the refrigerator from the entrance, as it was difficult to get into the kitchen. Shifting to one side creates symmetry and facilitates movement through space. Check if general pet suppliers do not have to. The redesign of the dining area allows for additional storage space.

Galley Kitchen Layout: Pros And Cons

Sheilaja and Sergio’s long kitchen had a dining area that she finally didn’t need anymore (thanks to moving it into the living space and entry). Instead, they took advantage of that extra space to use the length of the room and install base cabinets against the window wall. To make it appear larger, they chose a tall wooden shelf facing the wall of the upper cabinets.

Sandra and Michael remodeled their existing kitchen to add cabinet and countertop space. They choose cabinets with a narrow base (mainly wall cabinets) to conserve square footage without feeling cramped.

In Harry and Kaita’s kitchen, the placement of the refrigerator reduced counter space and the perimeter walls stiffened the entire space. They moved it to a place a few meters away from the kitchen walls. Cutting the wall at the entrance also helped to free up some space. Pro tip: If you’re not sure about tearing down the walls, moving your refrigerator can be another way to save space while preserving your existing structure. The kitchen takes up dead space.

The homeowner, Rashmi, wasn’t interested in an open kitchen when it came time to prep. He lived with a kitchen unit for four years to figure out what he wanted in a room. To save space, 18-inch shallow kitchen cabinets are installed on one side. Closer to the entrance is a narrow dining bar with an extension of the worktop that seats two. Opposite the bar, Rashmi has installed built-in storage cupboards and a washer-dryer. It used to be a dead end.

Remodel Your Kitchen With Galley Kitchen Design

When you are ready to start remodeling your kitchen or home, try to get the best remodeling contractors.

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The kitchen in the garage has two parallel sides with a narrow hallway-like passage between them. The ideal distance between two walls is four to six meters, which helps increase efficiency and work flow. Homeowners with small kitchens—less than 90 square feet—will benefit from this kitchen design.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

There are many ways to make a kitchen hallway feel larger. First, using built-in refrigerators and dishwashers—only 24 inches deep—creates a smooth, flowing line between appliances and cabinetry. This eliminates extraneous knobs or edges. Second, choose your paint color wisely. Light cabinets, white, gray, and agave, make small spaces feel larger, as do bright, luminous objects. Third, talk to your contractor about adding a traffic window. This space opens up and allows guests to mingle while the hosts prepare the food. Finally, check the placement of your cabinets and appliances. Move large items such as the refrigerator away from the entrance to the kitchen as this can create visual barriers to the space and make it appear smaller.

Galley Kitchen Layout Ideas & Design Tips

Microwave oven fits hob within built in cupboard. Alternatively, it can be placed high up somewhere else in the kitchen. The appliance department helps with travel and mobility if there is only one cook working in the area. Drawer microwaves can be installed in lower cabinets and act as drawers.

By cutting a window into the kitchen wall, she opens up the space. The general contractor will know if the wall is structural or run the plumbing or electrical. Choosing open shelving for storage instead of upper cabinets keeps the kitchen visually open. Other options include moving the fridge right out of the kitchen or installing a fridge under the fridge to maintain a clean look.

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How To Design A Galley Kitchen

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Washington, D.C. Remodeling Tools 101 Queens Remodeling Costs and Planning in Philadelphia, NY, NJ Meet Our Contractors in Manhattan Los Angeles Kitchen Ideas and Kitchen Inspiration in Whole Home Kitchens in Commercial Renovations in Dallas Clinton Hill Collaborations in Chicago Brooklyn Bathrooms Atlanta Tips and Questions Are Often Asked ADU kitchens are long and narrow, with cabinets along two parallel walls. While some argue galley kitchens seem cramped and stuffy, others find them effective, affordable, and easy to maintain—especially when trying to make a small space bigger. Because of their compact nature, galley kitchen layouts are best if you are working on a tight budget. Whether you have a gallery kitchen that needs a makeover or you’re thinking of a complete kitchen remodel, we’ve rounded up some amazing kitchen ideas that pack a lot of style into small spaces.

Just because you’re working with a compact design doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good kitchen design. Use bright whites, light surfaces, and natural light to open up a minimalist kitchen design—but don’t forget about geometric patterns, open shelving, and vibrant pops of color.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Designs

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