Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter – To be honest… working from home has its benefits, but sometimes it’s hard to focus. Also, your children will probably wake up early, even if they have never woken up before. So, we want all the coffee we can get at home.

So, I’ve put together 30 of the best coffee bars at home to inspire you. This can range from new, updated or DIY furniture to a coffee station installed in built-in kitchen cabinets. Plus, I’m sharing TEN creative ways to display your coffee mug.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

Here are some creative ways to create a coffee shop at home using different types of furniture. Whether you’re repurposing an old dresser or buying a new console table, the possibilities are endless.

Coffee Bar Ideas That Are Stylish & Functional

A good idea is to set up a coffee shop in the breakfast nook or other place where you can use the wall space.

If you have a closet that doesn’t have a television, why not build a coffee shop in it? For example, it is suitable for a master suite. However, any cage where you normally store dishes can be converted into a storage cabinet. First, drill a hole in the back to hide the coffee maker cord.

Whether you use a room organizer from Ikea or an old bookcase table, bookcases offer plenty of space to display your mug collection. Plus, the cascading tray is perfect for storing extra supplies.

Sand, paint or stain, add new hardware or remove doors on furniture. Mainly, do what you need to do to update the furniture you already have! Turn an old cupboard into a large coffee shop, whether you need to make a little or a lot of coffee!

Home Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Space

If you have the tools available, create an open shelf on the kitchen counter or buffet table. Be creative and use old corbels or make your own brackets. Then, store your coffee bar supplies in beautiful bins and trays.

A fan will remember this awesome coffee bar with DIY floating shelves and a chalkboard wall…plus, screw hooks to hang mugs. It’s like having a small coffee shop in your home.

DIY projects are a great way to customize pieces to fit your space while creating something truly unique for your home. A DIY coffee cup rack or bar cart can be built in an afternoon with just a few tools, pine 1x4s and metal tubing. Perhaps, you already have a cart or small rack that you can turn into a mobile one by adding wheels.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

A favorite, this built-in shelf doubles as a coffee shop in Joanna Gaines’ upstairs farmhouse office. This is a fun idea for any home office or small space.

Diy Coffee Bar Cabinet

You may already have built-in space for a coffee shop in your kitchen. However, if you are building or renovating a house, it may ask you to enter certain rooms. Regardless, I love how this coffee station is designed to blend in perfectly with the kitchen cabinets. However, this space stands out with its unique feature of open shelving and a beautiful backsplash.

Maybe you have an ‘appliance garage’ or space in the butler’s pantry that you could turn into a home coffee shop. This works well if you have extra cabinet space and like equipment that is hidden away when not in use.

You don’t need a separate room for a coffee bar. Keep it simple and leave the coffee maker on the kitchen counter. I like to use large trays to collect things, it keeps the space clutter-free. Extra coffee mugs can be stored in the cupboard above.

First, open shelves are my favorite because of the endless possibilities to decorate them with your coffee-related collections, plates or decorations. Also, objects are easier to hold or place when they are clean.

Home Coffee Stations To Make You Swoon Make Yours Now!

Also, the decorative wall shelf is the perfect size for storing cups. You can find many options with hooks, cubes or baskets at Hobby Lobby or home goods stores like Wayfair. In addition, you can hang the hook rail below or above the shelf or directly on the wall to hang cups.

From the counter to the wall, a mug rack or ‘mug tree’ is great for storing lots of mugs. You can find various trophy trees lying on the table or counter here.

Ignorance in Vere’s corner! For example, small shelves, trays or baskets are also great for storing cups. Or, set up a drawer in the kitchen to store all your mugs and coffee supplies. Use a basket or container to store extra K-cup mugs or lids.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

These are some of my favorite wardrobes that I found online. I think they make a great coffee bar at home. Click the link for a closer look!

Diy Coffee Stations You Can Recreate At Home

Hope you are as inspired by this creative space as I am. If so, please save these coffee shop ideas at home to your Pinterest board.

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From simple DIY coffee carts for small spaces to larger coffee stations for dining and living rooms, there are plenty of DIY coffee bar ideas to choose from at home that are perfect for coffee lovers.

Make your morning cup of coffee special with this home coffee bar idea. There are DIY projects that are perfect for any home decor style, including farmhouse, rustic, modern and more, allowing you to add a personal touch to your space. This coffee bar idea is a great addition to entertain guests and entertain. Whether you want a coffee station for your kitchen counter or a dedicated space for it, there are plenty of DIY ideas for inspiration. You’ll also find inexpensive IKEA hacks, remodeling ideas, and plans to build your own coffee station. You can set up a coffee station in the living room, dining room, office, kitchen or anywhere you have free space. ! We cover everything you need to create the perfect coffee corner in your home. Looking for cheese coffee bar ideas or how to make a coffee bar cabinet in your kitchen? Get tips as I make the unexpected leap from “Kitchen Coffee Station Hater” to Gleeful Coffee Station Owner!

Home Coffee Station Ideas For Kitchens

BTW, I almost titled this: “12 Ways to Get Caffeinated More Efficiently While Watching Something Beautiful,” but decided to go pro. (Okay, semi-professional. Because we’re talking here.)

Today we’re not only sharing our quick & free coffee station cabinet “makeover” before & after, but we’re also answering popular questions like,

To be honest, I’ve always balked at coffee shop ideas I see in magazines and online sites (I’m looking at you, Pinterest and Instagram).

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

I mean this coffee shop idea is cute, but it still doesn’t work for me:

How To Set Up A Stylish Coffee Bar In Your Own Home

Then I realized that I could ignore this coffee bar (PS: every time you type or “pooh-pooh-ing.” Try this!) your day will improve by about 37%…

Secretly want my own kitchen coffee station?!? It’s something we can all do = ignore something because we subconsciously want it!

The reason I despise coffee shops at home is because most of the coffee station ideas I see have signs or words like “coffee,” “sip” or “chill out.” While I enjoy all three, I usually don’t have signs or words on my wall (except this one). i can do that

Go ahead if it says something that makes me laugh out loud every time I see it

Diy Home Coffee Bar Ideas

But we’ll never know because I don’t have room for a sign on my coffee bar cupboard, you know…

Becoming the owner of a kitchen coffee station was a sudden and surprising thing to me more than anyone else. It’s related to what I’m doing here for our blog, and I’ve seen photos of coffee bar ideas that are less farmhouse, more casual and minimal. What I want to see.

None of these kitchen coffee shops have a “Drink Coffee” sign! Now this is a train I can ride.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Kitchen Counter

During our surprise kitchen makeover, we thought ahead to include hidden appliance cabinets on each side of our sink. One of them is meant to house my espresso machine (I say “me” because Matt only drinks tea—I’ll blame the majority of his British DNA—even though one of my biggest “mother countries” is #2 in the world for coffee love ).

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

Yes, life happens! And yes, I like to hide things behind doors because you don’t have to look perfect all the time, amogham?😆 Blogger fist bump to all of you who agree! Because you’re smart and I like you.)

But now I have shared this photo on the internet

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