Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

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Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

Since moving from our 3,000-square-foot suburban home to our much smaller 1920s bungalow, I’ve asked myself this question over and over again. Every time I try to work on a project, I find myself occupying the dining room. When we bought our house, I knew that having just one space to work, pose, and eat would be difficult, but I had no idea how annoying (and time-consuming) this shared desk situation would turn out to be.

Dollar Store Craft Room Organization Ideas

Until now, in our bungalow lifestyle, we wear a lot of hats in our dining room. Realizing that we have limited wall space throughout the house, we always plan to have our coveted shoe storage cabinets lined up against the back wall of the room. Then, at the end of the summer, we realized that the house was lacking a lot of logical space, so we created dedicated storage in the corner of the front door for backpacks and jackets.

Our dining room doubles as an office when I work on client projects at home, a project table where I create DIY tutorials for this blog, and a homework station for our youngest daughter. Oh, and that’s right, the only place in our house where we can all sit together and eat.

This means that every day I tidy up this space at least twice so that I can actually use it for its intended purpose (like a dining room).

Perhaps even more annoying? I still haven’t found a place to store all the materials for my construction project in our new home. Everything was originally dumped in our detached garage and stayed there.

Small Space Living: 5 Craft Storage Secrets For Small Homes

So if I was working on painting an original artwork for a client, I would have to go out and go all over the house to get to the garage to find supplies. Assuming the project could be completed in less than 5 hours, I could return the supplies to the garage and set the table before dinner. More often than not, though, I ended up with piles of tools at the front door hoping I’d have time to complete more complicated projects before they could be returned to the garage.

Dealing with the hassle of not having a dedicated space to store my craft supplies in my home was also a dilemma. The only real storage space we have at home is in a grimy basement or our creepy attic. Between dust, cobwebs and general inaccessibility, both options left a lot to be desired.

Inside the galleries of the Ikea rooms, we come across this washbasin set up with simple wooden shelves that surprised me. I loved the clean lines and thoughtful organizational ideas. As I entered the space, I shouted

Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

This space is only five feet by seven feet (35 square feet) and is technically just an old porch at the back of the house, next to the kitchen, which the previous owners closed up a little poorly. The space has no electrical outlets or ventilation for HVAC, but it is airtight and waterproof, so it could function as a room in our house.

Craft Room Ideas Budget Organizing Storage Solutions

So if we need more space, why don’t we use that space? Well, it’s at the back right of the house and the driveway empties out at the front on the left. So using this space as the main entrance (opposite the front door) doesn’t really make sense, because we’d have to walk all the way through the house eventually, instead of walking half a meter to our covered porch.

Instead, we used this area as a dump to recycle trash and various project materials that we hadn’t yet taken to the garage.

But in that moment, looking at the Ikea space in front of me, I could suddenly see our muddy garbage dump as a creative space that really worked for my projects and hobbies.

I was even more inspired when I discovered that the Ikea bookcase pictured above has an additional component option of a drop-down table. Since I really needed a place to store my paints, papers, fabrics and various projects, I thought the bookshelves would do just that. It never occurred to me that I could also use this same bookcase as a flexible workspace!

Diy Craft Room Ideas & Projects • The Budget Decorator

I came back from Memphis (where our closest Ikea is located) with plans to spend some time sketching and soon take another trip to find the exact items I needed to make my workspace look and work perfectly for me.

After I got home from Ikea, I was more determined than ever to turn my unused mudroom into a craft sanctuary where I could easily make a mess and clean everything up and put it away without interrupting our daily lives. I just needed to make a plan. I had to determine all the items that needed to be stored in this space to make sure I had everything. Otherwise, even if I only had a few things that didn’t have the chosen house, the whole project would be for naught.

Since I know I’m not the first person to turn a small space into a craft room, I’ve scoured the internet for inspiration and ideas. I came across beautifully decorated rooms with ample storage for gift wrapping, paper crafts, fabric, and sewing supplies, and of course lots of ideas for storing craft paints!

Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

Even more, I have been impressed by the number of people who have carved out a small corner space in their home and turned it into an office or workshop. There were even lots of pictures of crafts in the cupboards! Like, they took a closet and turned it into a craft room! Smart thinking, folks!

Fun And Fabulous Craft Room Organizational Hacks & Ideas

He created a wall of bookshelves in his living room to store his books and magazines. At the end of the open bookcase, she added a deeper shelf to create a small desk where she writes her blog and works from home.

My takeaway: I could keep my design books, magazines, catalogs, and client project documents in my craft room. I should just provide them with dedicated open shelving paper storage solutions so things don’t look cluttered. Keeping all my storage bins the same color would also put more emphasis on the things in the room I really wanted to show off: my books and artwork.

I was also incredibly inspired by this blue door that Jen at Rambling Renovators added a “Crafts Dept” sticker to. Looks a lot like the front door to my powder room*. I started thinking that I could make a vinyl decal for my own door with my company logo. As there is outside access to the space from the front yard, I could even use this space as the client’s first stop at my home when we sit down for the initial consultation.

*eh, at this point, i should call it “craft room”, right? I mean, haven’t we all invested enough to turn this space into a craft room and ditch its ineffective mud roots?

Craft Paint Storage With Wooden Drawers

I also loved that he painted the door blue. He gave a lot of personality to a space that can sometimes be a bit bland, right?

Speaking of personality, my friend Ariel from PMQ for Two never shy away from showing off her fun and colorful aesthetic. When I was looking for craft room decor ideas on Pinterest, I came across an office space photo of her and came up with a wonderful idea to add character to the historic ship’s original walls and baseboards.

It also reminded me that I really need to consider adding a place to store wrapping paper and random wrapping supplies (ribbon, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, etc.). Especially with the holiday season approaching, having a dedicated place to store all those rolls of wrapping paper would make my life so much easier. Especially since it was being stored in the garage, I added “gift wrapping supply station” to my list of essential craft room organization furniture.

Craft Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

As I browsed the internet for small space design ideas, I came across a similar look again and again: white walls, white furniture, and colorful accents. Lots and lots of pink.

Craft Room Organization Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

While my daughter would love a space like this (in fact, it looks a lot like her bedroom now), it’s not quite the vibe we’re going for throughout the house. To our bungalow,

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