How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room

How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room – When I first moved into this rental house I was a bit worried about the layout of the living room. Generally, the entire ground floor is full of traffic, but the living room (that’s the main room of the house! The place where the kids play! The place where we have fun!) was just a long, narrow rectangle. . I had no idea how to arrange the space, so I had fun copying the previous owner’s furniture layout. Here’s a very fancy sketch/iPhone photo of that layout. Or if you want to see it in person, check out this post.

In fact, we lived with that layout for a year and a half, and earlier this year we said we’d had enough. There was not enough space for the kids to play and the beds were too close to the TV to do anything. My big idea was to break all the design rules and put all the furniture against the wall, but that’s what we wanted. More. open up heaven It was summer and I thought I could do something daring (which also breaks design rules) and cover the fireplace with a couch. It was the perfect wall for a large sofa. Since it was summer, there was no need for a fireplace. I never thought we’d be in this house in the fall needing a heater… remember that story? So we moved on to the layout below. If my amazing sketching skills still don’t impress you, here’s an actual picture of this layout.

How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room

How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room

First of all, we love the open space this layout gave us. It was exactly what we needed to solve the downstairs flow problem. There was plenty of room for the kids to play! We didn’t stretch our necks while they watched TV. I saw the children playing from the kitchen! Win, win, win. But by September, I knew I needed a stove again. Enter the third and final layout as shown above.

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas That Will Give You Instant Stylish Solutions

Basically, I put a sofa against a large wall and a bookshelf in my home office. I use that bookshelf to store my toys, so it helped me get rid of all the clutter in my room. I also moved a freshly painted console table into the room so now there is an extra cute shelf for display and a toy basket for more storage space. I love this.

Breaking the rules of design may not be good for everyone, but it sure is for me. I might like a nice room with balance, but by shoving all the furniture against the living room wall and creating a big open play area for the kids, this underutilized room can be turned into a family space. It made it easy to use and we now love our living room. I am very open and comfortable. The couch is definitely not the best place to watch TV because it’s on its side, but we only watch TV for a few hours a week and we turn it on that night so watching TV is a bit sideways.

Here’s how we tackle crazy square living spaces. Have you ever broken a design rule to make your living space work? Tell me I’m not alone! Sometimes you live in a property with a rectangular living room, but compared to an open kitchen living room or the classic square layout of most living rooms, this presents a different challenge to tackle.

But don’t worry. Rectangular room layouts still offer many possibilities for interior design expression. All it takes is a few creative hacks. That’s what this blog offers with nine square living room ideas that will make the most of your lounge space.

Rectangular Room Design

Rectangular living room designs may be cramped and don’t have as much floor space as you think, but they can also maximize your vertical space.

Incorporating decorative elements such as wall-mounted shelves, trinkets, and family photos is a great way to make effective use of vertical space and break the line of sight. A nice and healthy bookshelf will also help with this tip, especially if you plan to use a reading nook.

Quick Tip – Make the most of what you have: A square living room can feel a bit cramped, but you should focus on what the lack of space is. Use every inch you can.

How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room

When you learn how to arrange furniture in a rectangular living room, you should focus on the corners. Like our tips for creating zones, this tip is all about making the most of the space you have. In large or rectangular living rooms, corners are usually reserved for floor lamps and plants, but in rectangular living room designs, chairs, desks, coffee tables, and other functional furniture and decorations are often reserved. I think placing items in the living room is more rewarding. A corner for additional use in the room.

How To Plan A Rectangular Sitting Room (with Example Floor Plans)

Establishing a clear focal point is an important step in knowing how to decorate a rectangular living room. If you’re lucky, there might already be one in the room. Home fireplaces and large windows can be good focal points to clean up a room, but an entertainment center with a nice TV or sparkling mirrors can have a similar effect, the latter adding spaciousness to the space. small room

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Quick Tip – Consider the purpose of the room. Some of these tips are perfect for social homes and others for more solitary living. Think about what your living room is for.

When you come up with design ideas for a narrow rectangular living room, the instinct is to place the main furniture against the wall, but we believe it’s a mistake if you literally don’t have to. To create a more traditional and attractive living room, it is better to place the main article in the center and leave space and walls on either side. If so, make sure there is enough room to move it.

The 9 Best Narrow Room Layout Tips From A Style Expert

A square living room layout can make everything feel a bit straight and horizontal, but a good way to combat this is to include furniture and decor with rounded edges.

Round tables, chairs and even sofa units can give your living room a more inviting feel and soften the straight, rough edges common in rectangular living spaces. Likewise, round lighting features like table lamps and floor lamps can help create the same effect in a more decorative way, as can round mirrors and wall art.

Whether you’re enjoying the living room with your family, housemates, or guests, you should plan your room with traffic in mind. As with our tips for removing furniture from the walls, you need to consider how people will move around the room, especially during social events. This is especially important if your living room opens to the outside and the glass doors lead to a patio or deck, as people can easily step outside to get some fresh air.

How To Decorate A Rectangular Living Room

Maximizing living room space can be difficult, especially in a small living room layout, but the safest way is to create different zones. Usually, the main sofa and TV are somehow placed in the center of the room, but the space on either side of the sofa is used to create places to place other objects.

Small Living Room Ideas (with Photos Of Inspiring Designs)

A small coffee table and some stools make a nice conversation corner, while comfortable chairs and a nice floor lamp make a great space for casual reading. You can use rugs to separate areas.

Transform your living room into a casual, modern rustic haven with the Carpenter Square Coffee Table. The wide top keeps cocktails and snacks close at hand, while the open bottom shelf provides extra space for books and decorations.

Quick Tip – Comfort in Style: Everyone wants a stylish living room, but put yourself and your comfort first. Your home is not a showroom. This is your home and should be treated as such.

Despite the rectangular shape of the living room,

How To Style & Layout An Open Plan Living Dining Room

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