How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget

How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget – Make your guest room cozy and ready to welcome family and friends this holiday season with these great guest room decorating ideas.

We had guests at OC Ranch Reno year round, and spring is a great time to visit Utah, but when we moved to Utah I didn’t expect to have many guests in the fall. And winter months than summer! I guess all the Californians and Arizonans we know are scratching the snow! 😉 The 1987 Fixer Upper is located at the mouth of two valleys full of world class resorts and only 30 minutes from an even more amazing resort … they really want to see us … or ski! 😉 lol! Either way, we’re happy to have them! When the weather changes I always feel like making a few changes to the rooms around the house…so I thought I’d add some simple ideas to update the guest room during the change of seasons.

How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget

How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget

Some projects take longer than others around here and putting up these curtains was one of them! I’ve had the curtain rod for over a year, it took a while to convince my favorite craftsman to install it. Changing one thing in a room is always a good reminder to me of the importance of everything, every design in place. Just adding the fabric design with a piece of color in the fabric and a pattern on the fabric will instantly transform the room. Yes, it got better when I added some more…but that was the only major change!!

Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Refresh

I wanted to bring in some darker moodier colors to make it a little more cozy in the bright room, so this navy velvet blanket was the perfect addition.

Do you shop at home? I do it all the time. Sometimes the whole room needs to feel refreshed, something borrowed from another room in the house and reused in a new place. I’ve had these rugs in the family room and I’ve been redoing some things in there as well, so I moved them up and love them here. It’s such a cute pinstripe that I paired it with a solid, wide stripe in black and cream and I don’t think it wins in the stripes department…but I love stripes. 😉

This bed is usually white, and I love white blankets and pillows, but wanting to warm this space up a bit, I added this oat colored linen instead of the usual honey white. They pair well with oat colored linen on the fabric and a similar color scheme on the fabric. It’s so good that I can use the same sheets and blanket all year round, but make a completely different bed, just by changing the blanket and a few pillows.

Believe it or not, I had this piece of art hidden away in a closet for over a year. I knew I wanted it when I saw it, but I didn’t know where I wanted to hang it. Well, when I started putting this house together, I realized that the space above this bed is perfect! I love it and it looks great all year round.

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

I debated whether to add this piece of art next to the bed, but honestly the night stand and accessories seemed too complicated in my opinion. He wanted some life there, and this place needed an old frame and a soft surface. These pieces from Studio McGee for Target are one of my favorite deals.

I always had a light colored sea basket on the bottom shelf of this nightstand, but I swapped it out for a dark one, again to bring out the dark, moody vibes.

The clock is one of my favorites and I love the contrast on the white nightstand. A few cute books, a ceramic lamp from HomeGoods and my favorite eucalyptus and this little vignette is ready.

How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget

Finally, a leather bench finished at the end of the bed adds great warmth and coolness to the space and provides a place for guests to sit and put on shoes, put suitcases etc.

Summer Guest Room Ideas And A Refresh

I still have a few things to finish in this guest house. This odd niche is where I like to add open shelves, including a shelf deep enough to use as a small desk. On the wall opposite the bed, I hunt for a chest full of panties. Maybe something in natural wood… cleaned, and maybe a little old for some quality. I already have this round, black framed mirror to go on the dress and will add more accessories when I find the perfect piece. After I add the dresser, I’m going to have to trade the bench for one of those skinny skinny benches because there isn’t enough space under the bed for a large bench and dresser. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m very happy with how things are turning out and the cool guest house is coming out!

I have a few pillows listed here, so let’s talk about pillow inserts for a minute. In my opinion, the right pillow insert can make any pillow look more sophisticated. No matter how cheap the pillow cover is, with the right insert, it will look great. If your family is anything like mine, we really want to sleep on our throw pillows, not just have them look on the bed or sofa. It never flew in my house. Down pillows are what many people are familiar with because of their ability to fluff up and make them look good, but there are some amazing other down pillows that I like better than the ones below. Not just because of the compatibility reasons, but because I find them comfortable to sleep on. I get mine on Amazon from this pillow. They have every size you can think of and I think you will love them as much as I do. Order to put a little bigger than your pillow (2 inches is good). If you have an 18×18 quilt, get a 20×20 pillow and more to complete the quilt. Looking for some beautiful rugs for your home? Check out this article.

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My Home Refresh Series: Updating Our Guest Bedroom

Hello! I’m Tammy! I am a mother of two, a designer, traveler and shopper. 🙂 Thanks a lot for visiting. My site started as a hobby 15 years ago when I was raising two young children, and has now grown into a community of fun, supportive women. I’m so glad you’re here! These seven guest room ideas and design tips will bring out your inner designer and simplify the decorating process.

Part of decorating your home to show off to your family and friends. Hosting loved ones in your guest room is your chance to create an oasis that guarantees an unforgettable stay.

The best guest rooms are cozy and not crowded. They feel like home, but they also make your guest feel like they’re staying in a purposeful, well-thought-out space. Whether you’re decorating your guest room from the ground up or you’re looking for creative ideas to enhance your existing bedroom suite, we’re here to help.

How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom On A Budget

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to have a successful bedroom makeover. You just need the right tips and advice. In this article, we’ve highlighted our top seven tips for creating the perfect guest bedroom, regardless of your style preferences.

Guest Bedroom Ideas: Essentials For A Welcoming Design

The first step in decorating any interior is choosing a style. Whether it’s mid-century modern, rustic, glam or farmhouse decor, the style you choose will give your room style. Without it, a comfortable bedroom feels like a dead space

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