How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom – !! So today I’m going to share what’s behind the secret door in our portfolio and bring you the details of our $90 powder room makeover. My goal was simple: I wanted a nice, clean, finished space (and finally remove the old wallpaper).

Wainscot or board and batten (I’ve heard enough about that happening in the lobby). New jewelry (I used whatever I had on hand) and a vintage gold mirror (still on the hunt, haven’t found it online yet for cheap). I saw a beautiful old-fashioned wooden table with a vanity finish, but one thing. I haven’t found it yet. Also, I have already decided on a light gray (Olympic Spirit Gray) in gray.

How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

Introducing a bad choice of wallpaper in 2005. Wallpaper is the main culprit in this room. I give myself credit for trying to get out of the box that time.

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

Before: We removed the old floor and replaced it with the new Pergo Outlast +. The old wallpaper must come down.

Wallpaper Removal: We removed our phone’s wallpaper with the Shark Steamer, a soft fabric and plastic eraser. If the wallpaper doesn’t fit, I use a tool that pierces the wallpaper and then a wet cloth (1 part water, 1 part fabric). Then he broke it with a plastic scraper. But in this case, the wallpaper came off easily and the wall was not damaged.

Once these things were done, we removed the toilet bowl and foot to complete the Pergo Outlast+ flooring (click here to see the entire Pergo flooring project). Then we added white paint around the perimeter of the room to close the gap between the floor and the wall.

I lightly sanded every stain from the wall and then painted the room Gray Ghost in Olympia Paint & Stain satin. I stuck with a single color palette for my bathroom. I try to use very complementary colors in the house. See how gray fits into the overall color scheme.

Small Powder Room Ideas For A Beautifully Decorated Half Bath

After the wall was up, I painted the door black using the Metal Door from Traditional Paint. Then I decorated using the decorations available around the house.

Updating my room is easy these days. Part of this has to do with being budget conscious, but I love how simple rooms are finished. Looking back, my bathroom needed maintenance every couple of years and I was guilty of neglecting them for so long.

Above: Wall mirrors (obviously, they’ve been around for years

How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

To see where the rest of our home improvement budget went, take a home tour that details the years and beyond. You can shop in each room to see where I bought all my items.

Modern Powder Room Ideas You’ll Love

The rest of the bathroom update will be posted on the blog this week, along with a few other projects we’d like to do. I hope you’ll continue – we’ve got a new type of flooring (actual flooring that you can cut with scissors), I think you’ll like it.

Jeanette is an Ohio designer and DIY expert with an eye for simple projects that add value to your home. It focuses on accessible content that is timeless, relevant and beautiful with great appeal. Expertise in completion, renovation, design and economic room renovation. Jeanette has been a guest on The Rachael Ray Show, WCPO Cincinnati Lifestyle and has been featured in Best Homes & Gardens, Lifestyle, Men’s Health and many home and garden publications.

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Budget Bathroom Refresh

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How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

25+ Banner Decor I love using pillows as a way to embrace decor without breaking the bank. Of course mine… I have taken home to a whole new level in the last few weeks. Do you think I’m deliberately trying to control things knowing that I won’t have control in five months? Well, it can’t be. 🙂

Art Is Beauty: Finished Tiny Half Bathroom (powder Room) Remodel

I’m taking all the areas that we haven’t fixed and will be slowly redone, the carpets have open doors and endless designs for our floor and I’m working on printing pictures of my family that I haven’t looked at. … ohhh… 8 months. I’m sure my free time will be completely over when baby 3 comes! 🙂

After we finished the building in October, I left the space undecorated and in its original state. It’s time to get busy this weekend and bring all the details to life in this space!

When I did my design plans for each of the main steps before construction, I knew I wanted to highlight this area. I wanted something different and a little different. Since it was going to be about 4′ x 6″, I decided the floor had to be different. Something that will surprise and delight you when you open the door. Something to really discover.

I originally found this tile on through 1,000,000 tile options. But once you find something you want, do a quick Google search and you’ll find the best prices from many vendors. Turns out it’s $2 per square foot at! You! Money saved and mom is so happy!

Pretty Powder Room Ideas For Your Half Bath

The lesson here: Once you find something, don’t stop there. Find something and hunt and search again. Find and sell prices from multiple sellers. At less than $2 per square foot, it makes a big difference in a small half bath or large kitchen. No matter how much money you have in your pocket!

For a natural wood look, I like how I can mix and match metals and colors as opposed to pieces that are too much. I can really decorate this place with any color or tone, and the wood will make it stand out. I got this 24″ round mirror from Target (only $45!) and this 24″ wooden mirror from Michaels (currently $20!). A few shelves, a large mirror, etc. I thought about trying it.. but in the end I want this place to be simple and useful. I don’t need shelves to fill with a lot of jewelry. Here’s what I need for a half bath. So my advice is to keep the wall clean and open space.

I wanted some timeless fixtures that would brighten up the space and give it a farmhouse detail, so I went with the Andante LED Industrial 3-Light Sconce from Amazon and the Heritage Center Faucet from Wayfair. I see some mixed metals around the house, but generally speaking, I prefer the bright chrome look 90% of the time. It’s normal in my eyes.

How To Decorate A Very Small Half Bathroom

** If a different metal is more your style, the light also comes in brushed nickel and antique brass and black! Oh, and if you don’t want 3 lights, it comes in a version with only 1 or 2 lights! **

Powder Room Ideas To Enhance A Tiny Half Bath

Do you want to know where it started? Before the mod, we had a blue star wallpaper, a crap themed shell, and some crap with non-touching doors (which we’re talking about… This big mod doesn’t have any doors to match she in the middle for either. of us. This a

This cute little patriotic towel is perfect in the kitchen. See how the dust looks here in the lower right of the picture? It is to the right of the bathroom door. When guests leave the half bath, they go straight into the kitchen/breakfast room, which is always scary when we have a lot of people in it. No one wants to go to the bathroom in public. Even though it was just a door, I had to change its position.

Want to know how far our kitchen has come? Check out our dream kitchen open plan for all the details!

When construction began, plans began to remove half of the bathroom from the kitchen to make the kitchen more open.

Small Half Bathroom Remodel ⋆ Growing Up Kemper

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