How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile – If you have a small bathroom, it can be a challenge to create a highly functional space that also looks great.

But with a few clever design tricks, you can make your bathroom feel more spacious, turning it into the beautiful, practical and relaxing space you’ve always wanted.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

Small bathrooms are often dark. Natural light brightens the room and makes the room appear larger.

One Picky Chick: How To Make A Small Bathroom

If you only have a small window, install a skylight or sun tunnel to bring more natural light into the room.

If you use a lot of different colors and patterns in your bathroom, it will look cluttered. It divides the space so that it becomes smaller.

Using a single light color throughout the room opens it up and creates the impression of a larger and brighter room.

An all-white bathroom design never goes out of style. They also have the added benefit of making the room seem larger, as white reflects light better than any other color.

Make Your Small Bathroom Look Big And Luxurious With The Right Tiles

Since most of the bathroom fixtures are white, it also creates a smoother, more streamlined look throughout the room.

A cohesive look doesn’t have to end where the walls end. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls continues the seamless look throughout the room.

If you want a lot of contrast, choose a slightly lighter shade for the ceiling. Ceilings appear darker than walls due to light reflection, so painting them a slightly lighter color can create a smoother effect.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

If your bathroom is only partially tiled, paint the rest of the wall the same color as your tiles.

How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger And More Beautiful?

This eliminates the dividing lines that can occur at the end of the tiles – it divides your walls and makes the room feel less spacious.

This way, there are no horizontal dividing lines on your walls, which help to open up the space, making your ceiling appear higher.

This is easier if you use the same materials where possible – for example using the same floor in the shower as the rest of the room.

The more different materials you use, the more you get the impression that the room is divided into different parts.

Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger — Hadar Guibara

A common mistake is using floor tiles in a small bathroom. This actually makes the room look smaller as it creates more dividing lines between the tiles.

Choosing a large, solid color tile creates more space and a cleaner, less cluttered look.

To create the impression of a larger room, draw the eye to the widest part of the room.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

You can achieve this by marking the longest line in the room, such as a clean windowless wall.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger — Urdesignmag

If your bathroom is long and narrow, you should work with horizontal lines to make it appear wider.

Shower curtains and patterned glass can create an extra wall, divide the bathroom and make it smaller.

For an even more streamlined look, consider a frameless shower screen as it removes all visual obstructions.

The more light you reflect, the bigger your bathroom will look. Instead of hanging a small bathroom mirror above the sink, consider mirroring the entire wall, or at least a large portion of it.

Small Bathroom Ideas For Decorating Tiny Spaces

It acts as a window that brings more light into the room and creates the illusion of a much larger space.

Placing shelves in the walls is practical and aesthetically pleasing. This frees up space in your bathroom because nothing is visible from the walls.

Instead of installing shelves, choose open shelves. This creates depth because the walls look further away than they really are.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

The fewer items displayed in your bathroom, the larger and more functional it will be.

Bathroom Design Quick Tip

If there is no room for the laundry basket without it getting in the way, find a new home for it in another room.

A plinth pool creates more space due to its narrow size. This makes it an ideal option for a small bathroom.

Check this first before installing the pipes, as you may need it.

Bathroom vanities, cabinets and even the toilet can be attached to the wall instead of the floor, creating an uninterrupted floor line and making the bathroom easier to negotiate.

Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

If you would like more design advice for small bathrooms or are considering renovating an existing bathroom, please contact us. Our experienced team will be happy to help you. We do not actively support your current browser, so if you choose to decline this message, please note that some features may not work.

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We’ve used all our best tips to show you how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Another small victory for the bathroom…

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

The average bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, with little room for serious remodeling. However, there are still a few tricks you can use to create the illusion of space. Here we discuss some of the most successful ways to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Ideas: Add Style To A Small Bathroom

One of the most common reasons why a bathroom looks small is clutter. When things take up all the surfaces, it can feel like the space is closing in.

If you can declutter, then do it, but if that’s not possible because you need everything in the bathroom, you can reconfigure the storage solutions instead. A built-in dressing table installed against the wall creates very clean lines. If this is not possible, transparent glass shelves with mirror supports can be placed on one wall to store all hygiene items. Wall-mounted sinks or cabinets look thin if they have the same neutral color as the walls.

Mirrors can be used effectively to bounce light around a room and create the illusion of space. Instead of hanging a traditional mirror above the sink, mount a large flat mirror on one wall. Try placing mirror surfaces next to or opposite windows to ensure maximum light reflection in the room.

Having only one light hanging in the middle of the ceiling can create a dark and dingy feeling. Natural light is best, so if the windowsill is cluttered, move everything around to let in the light.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger — Jade Lisa Interiors

You can also add subtle soft LED lighting effects, such as placing lights under the bathroom vanity or above the sink, or using a ceiling light to create a high-tech light and airy feel.

Bold patterns and colors can overwhelm a small space. Instead, choose a light, neutral color palette to create clean lines from floor to ceiling. Use the same neutral color on the floor to maintain the same smooth feel.

Nothing separates a bathroom like an opaque shower curtain. Get rid of it and install a transparent shower cabin and shower block to maximize the feeling of light and space. Keep it clean to maintain the illusion of space and draw the eye to the screen, not the screen.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

Modern bathroom furnishings are designed with small spaces in mind. Clever use of things like small low toilets and corner sinks can make a bathroom look bigger. Consider where you can place a wall-hung sink and toilet. They are designed to allow more floor space to be visible, helping to make the room appear larger.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Big Impact

Relaxing in the bathtub is a blessing at the end of a busy day, but it can take up a lot of space in a small bathroom. If you remove the tub completely and replace it with a walk-in shower, you’ll be surprised how much bigger your bathroom will look.

Looking for other ways to decorate your small bathroom? Why not browse our selection of small bathroom sets by clicking on the image below.

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You can add as many products as you want, there is no limit. When you’re ready, visit this page to start comparing your products. If you think about it, the bathroom may not be the heart of the home, but it is very important. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and safe and can relax in a long bath or take a quick morning shower before work and get out. Not only that, but it should also serve a practical and aesthetic purpose where you like to spend time while maintaining its primary utility and environment.

Tricks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

But the truth is, bathrooms aren’t always big—in fact, they often are

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