How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

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I freely admit that I am a maximalist when it comes to interior design. My room is a mix of colorful prints, books, trinkets, tarot cards, wallpaper and plants that I love.

How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

However, it is difficult to find space for this way of thinking, especially in a small apartment. Keeping common areas clean yet modern is a major hurdle we’ve all had to overcome at some point, and in the case of my apartment, the bathroom was an instant source of conflict—or at least some sideways glances between roommates. The point is: keeping a small bathroom clutter-free and still beautiful is a difficult task.

A Trick To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

It is possible though, I promise. The following items and ideas will not only allow you to inject some style into your small bathroom, but will also keep things clean and functional.

It’s a turnoff in every apartment I’ve lived in. There’s nothing sadder than bad water pressure, especially if your bathroom is already old and boring. Replacing your shower head with a shiny new number will provide better water pressure and greatly improve your bathroom and can really help make a small bathroom look more luxurious.

I really like this shower head. It has 24 different functions and easily changeable settings and offers a very luxurious shower experience at a low price. If you need more options, you can also check out our post on the best showers.

I didn’t like the idea of ​​cabinets over the toilet until I got one in my apartment, and now I’m a convert. The bathroom seems more functional and personal because the shelf allows storage baskets and small plants to be displayed without losing space.

How To Plan Your Space For A Small Bathroom Remodel

This shelf is perfect for your bathroom needs and its neutral design will work well with any other details you already have. It is easy to assemble and stands free from the wall, so you will have no problems if you have rental restrictions. Reviewers love how sturdy the case is and how much storage it provides in unused space.

Don’t stop at the shelf – get organized! Investing in storage baskets will increase your bathroom storage space and allow you to stay organized, preventing future clutter.

As a maximalist, I like how “things” look in a room, so these wire storage baskets made the move. They come in three metallic shades and two sizes, and all the options are modest enough to go well with everything else you have in your bathroom. An added bonus is that they are lightweight, making them easy to move and rearrange if needed.

How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

Decorating the bathroom can greatly enliven the room and make it larger. If your floor is dark, a light gray or blue rug can help open up the room and connect the space. If the floor is light, dark shades can create a focal point for the rest of the room.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

This bath mat was our favorite during the test. Available in 20 colors and extremely absorbent, overall it’s a high-performance piece that will stand the test of time. It comes in three sizes so you can meet the exact specifications of your small space.

It turned out that everything is clear with a little light, and the same applies in small bathrooms. Lighting is important, especially if several people are trying to get ready at the same time.

These Lumens under cabinet lights will not only add luxury to your space, but will open up the space and bring a little more clarity when you’re rushing to put on your makeup before work. This lighting option is small enough to fit under a sink, mirror or cabinet, and reviewers loved the product’s ease of installation and streamlined appearance.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all accepted flat glass with cracks and odd dimensions, but you don’t have to live like that anymore. A large mirror will create the illusion of increased space in your bathroom and is ultimately a functional addition.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

This mirror from Wayfair is modern and smart and comes with reinforced hooks for easy mounting. Reviewers like that there are gold and black finishes and multiple size options.

I live with two boys and a girl, so it is important to create a separate space in the bathroom, not only for our sanity, but also to avoid your hairbrush falling into the abyss of detergents and deodorant. Under sink containers have been incredibly helpful in creating personal space in our small bathroom and ultimately keeping the room clean.

These two-tier storage baskets are stackable and available in a variety of colors. The baskets can be removed from the shelves for easier cleaning and rearranging. In our bathroom, we stacked two identical models under the sink with plenty of free space.

How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

Am I the only one who can’t get near the tub without knocking something over? By investing in a shower you can avoid the problem of bath products messing up the edges of the tub.

Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

This stainless steel bracket hangs over the shower head or can be mounted on the wall. It has two wide shelves, several hooks and a small shelf for soap. In addition, you can use vacuum cups on the back to prevent wobble. That way, you have a storage solution that everyone in the apartment can agree on — all parties can agree on which cabinet they want.

Small bathrooms get steamy quickly and no one likes standing in a hot cloud when they get out of the shower, especially in the warmer months. This exhaust fan effectively removes steam from your small bathroom and makes the room more functional because your roommates don’t have to wait for the fog to clear to get ready for work. Reviewers love how quiet this fan is, and many say it’s easy to install in their home.

Hiding your large towels behind the door will help give your bathroom the illusion of space, while also helping your linens dry. This door towel rail has built-in hooks for even more storage and comes in chrome and bronze to match your existing fixtures. The stand comes in two sizes, so be sure to measure your door before buying.

If your shower liner is old, discolored and slightly moldy, chances are you shouldn’t touch it at all costs. If this sounds like your life, it’s time for a new foundation. This inexpensive shower liner will protect your space from mold and mildew so you can shower without being pressed against the wall in terror every time you turn around.

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger!

Reviewed product experts cover all your shopping needs. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest deals, reviews and more. But bathrooms are often too small for comfort. If you have a small bathroom, you cannot move the walls to change the size, so you have to change its appearance. Make your bathroom bigger by making smart decisions when decorating it. When you need to make a small bathroom bigger, use these tips.

The color, size and direction of your floor tiles make a difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Be careful when choosing flooring for your bathroom and follow these tips.

White or off-white tiles reflect a lot of light, making the room appear larger. If you prefer white, focus on that color when looking at tiles. If you’re not a fan, at least make sure you only use one color of tile and that your entire bathroom matches that shade. The more colors you have, the messier your bathroom will be. Make sure the grout between your tiles matches the color of the tiles.

How To Make A Small Shower Look Bigger

For small bathrooms, use large tiles. It sounds counterintuitive, but this trick works. If you have too many small tiles, you will have even more grout lines that will break up the room and make it look cluttered. Larger tiles require fewer joint lines.

Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger & More Spacious!

If your tiles are rectangular instead of square, you can use them to your advantage. Just like clothes, stripes guide the eye, so stripes that run from one side to the other in your bathroom will appear wider. For the best effect, focus on the tile to emphasize the length of your bathroom. In other words, if your bathroom is front to back, adjust the tiles so they are front to back.

Mirrors are perfect for small bathrooms. Since it is transparent, it does not make the bathroom messy, and the light reflected from it makes the whole bathroom cheerful and bright. Use

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