How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger – Shake off your morning pride as you smother your peers with a cool shot – from dipping your face in ice and cucumber (Kate Moss’ trick) to cold eye drops around your eyes (MAC makeup artist tips).

The shadows will catch the eye, literally. The right colors on a dark circle with a light shade and a shade lighter than the foundation to lift and shine. We love the affordable L’Oreal Paris Touche Magique Illuminating Concealer (£7.99). Be sure to sweep it across your V-shaped cheek to illuminate your entire face.

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

This immediately lifts the lashes and thus widens the eyes. Our favorite mug is Charlotte Tilbury (£18), expensive yes, but it’s a permanent maintenance tool that will pay for itself in no time.

Great Makeup Tutorials To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

While the black lining in the cups below will close your eyes, a light neutral shade will open them up. We are not talking about white, but a nice nude shade is undoubtedly covered by red. Try the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude (£3.99).

As you shade your cheeks to define them, curve your eyes to give them a mysterious shape. Apply a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone near the corners of your eyes.

Smudge a light shade or eyeshadow on the inner brow bone (near the tears) and under the brow bone. This will instantly open your eyes to look wider.

Never underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong facial structure – it’s hangers on your face! Give them a professional styling and try a runway wash to open their eyes.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Mascara is a magic WORKER that will make your eyes look bigger, and if you’re only using one product, do it but try the lengthening method on a thicker one. We love Diorshow mascara by Dior (£25.50). For extra fun, try knitting 3-4 strands at the outer corners of the eyes to create a cat eye shape.

Pull the eyelid back as close to the top line as possible and do not close your eyes all the way around – especially downwards. Gradually add thickness to the outer corners. Elf Intense Eyeliner (£4.50) has a flexible tip which makes it amazing.

Extend your lines to the outer corners of your eyes, creating an “n” pattern. Try not to go

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

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Magical Makeup Tricks That Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger!

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Cary’s straight spiky bob is the 00s. Cameron Diaz Khloé’s bold white strands are a summer sensation. Editorial Currys Beauty Selena’s sun-kissed hair tips are provided by Blair Waldorf and hai-hai-hai-hai-hai How to make your eyes look great with makeup, Enl. Makeup Artists Makeup – November 21, 2022 August 19, 2019 by Samantha McMeekin

When it comes to eye makeup, most of us share the same end goal: bigger eyes than Bambi. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to enlarge your eyes with makeup, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, while comparing yourself to a cartoon deer isn’t realistic, getting bigger, brighter, flying eyes is. All it takes is a bit of business sense…

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger (in 6 Easy Steps)

We asked some of our favorite makeup artists to share their best hacks they know for making eyes (of all shapes and sizes) look great.

According to Carol Mackie, MAC Senior Global Artist, this is an absolute must. “There are many little ways to open your eyes, but this simple tool will do it in seconds.”

He finds this especially helpful if one eye appears smaller and more closed than the other. “Drilling a line into that eye will make it look more open and enhance the eyes.”

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

If your eyeshadow collection consists of black and navy blue, my friend, you just found an excuse to shop.

Ways To Fix Asymmetrical Eyes

“The key to bigger eyes isn’t too dark eyeshadow,” says Serena Wyllie, who has over 170,000 Instagram followers thanks to her artistic skills.

MUA Marnie Avagiannis downplays this, saying that “light shades and bright shades will make a space look bigger. I like to use a light champagne color for a simple yet elegant look.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your favorite eyeliner either, but Carol recommends swapping your trusty black for a darker brown like the M.A.C Coffee Pencil ($47 at Adore Beauty).

“[Apply] to the lash line one-third above the eye and very slightly below, then blend with a brush to soften.”

Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And More Vibrant

Or if you already have dark eyeshadows in your arsenal, this can brighten up your look as well. “Instead of a crayon, try using a dark highlighter and apply it to your lash line for definition, it’s more subtle. And it will not make the eye look full. Not at all,” says Serena.

If the above method doesn’t work well for your eye shape, tightening may be your savior. This is when the eyeliner is applied to the top of the water, just below the root of the eyelashes (and yes, very close to the real eye – not for the faint of heart).

Marnie says this method “can create the false impression of full stitches without taking up space in the eye.”

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

Just as you accentuate your cheekbones for dimension, your eyes can benefit from the same type of treatment.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter: 11 Tips To Try

Try to keep the shimmery eye shadows concentrated in the center of the eyelid and finish with “a shimmery pearly shadow in the inner corner of the eye,” says Serena. “The light will illuminate it and immediately give more light to your eyes.”

If dark circles under your eyes are a distraction from your big, beautiful eyes, you may need to touch up the color before applying concealer.

“I like to cover blemishes with peach concealer,” says Marnie. “Just use it on the darkest areas and then apply a light concealer on top. Thinner layers always work better.” than a thick layer of makeup.

“I often see concealer that looks ashen under my eyes because the color chosen is too light,” says Carol. Look for words like “lightening” instead of changing the hue.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Using Photoshop

Preparing the eye area with a good eye cream can also make a big difference and will ensure smooth glides of concealer.

“Soft, soft lines that are long at the outer corners and extend to the inner corner will open up and enhance the eye area,” says Marnie.

If you don’t like lashes, human lashes are also a good option (e.g. Ardell’s Duralash Starter Kit, $8.99 on Amazon). “I take individual sticks and apply them to the outer third of the eye to lift and elongate the shape of the eye,” says Serena.

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger

You can also nourish your natural lashes with an enhancing serum, such as RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum ($69 on Amazon), which concentrates on the outer corners to increase length. Part of the fun of makeup is using it to highlight certain areas of your face. Sweeping the contour can create chiseled cheekbones. A little coverage of your lips can make your lips look plumper in no time. And if you want your eyes to look bigger and more open, there are ways to use makeup to achieve that. Making your eyes look bigger can seem like an impossible task, but there are quick and easy ways to do it in seconds that can be part of your daily routine.

Makeup Hacks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Below are some expert-approved tips on what to do (and what not to do) to make your eyes look as wide and bright as possible. Doe eyes, you are the one who came.

About the Artist: Lennie Billy is a makeup artist whose work has been featured in publications such as Vogue US, L’Officiel Lituania, ESPN Magazine and TIME Magazine. Check out more of her looks on Instagram @makeupbylennie. Alice Dickson is a makeup artist and teacher at Glam Candy UK.

Before you start makeup, you can create bright eyes by using the right skin products. Look for an eye cream or eye patch to help reduce, moisturize and correct dark circles.

TULA SKINCARE Eye Feel Amazing Cooling Illuminating Hydrogel Eye Mask is one of our favorite eye care products for bright, awake eyes. Eye pads contain probiotic extracts, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and caffeine from green coffee to moisturize, reduce puffiness and energize the entire eye area – all before applying a drop of makeup.

Tips And Tricks| Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

According to Alice Dickson, makeup artist and teacher at GlamCandy UK, this trick will make your eyes look more open. Make sure you only use them in the outer corners (you can add them at the top and bottom

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