How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality – You know that awesome smartphone photo you took with your mom and want to enlarge it to make a beautiful print for her birthday? What if we told you that you don’t need an expensive third-party Photoshop plugin to zoom without losing noticeable image quality?

Yes, if you already have Photoshop or Lightroom, quality image resizing/zooming is already installed. To use the photo zoom feature, you just need to enable the setting, otherwise it might already be enabled by default!

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

Photoshop and Lightroom are packed with so many features that are constantly being added and updated that you may have missed this simple but effective resizing feature. Software expert Matt Kloskowski explains how to use it in the tutorial below.

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“I do it because there are so many myths out there,” says Kloskowski. “Sometimes people think that if there’s a plugin that does this, it must be better than Photoshop. I’m here to tell you that Adobe is constantly improving these things. If you use Photoshop and/or Lightroom, you already have great technology. I don’t think you need a plug. I type all the time. I write a lot. That’s what I use and it holds up perfectly to my prints.”

In Photoshop, simply open the image you want to resize and choose Image Size from the menu bar. “Yes, it’s that easy,” he notes. “It’s pretty much the same menu item that’s been around since the beginning of Photoshop.

Once your image opens in the Image Size interface, choose how big you want to make it in inches or pixels. The real trick, he explains, is to make sure the correct Resample method is selected from the drop-down menu. What you want is Preserve Details 2.0, available in most current versions of Photoshop. As mentioned earlier, it is probably enabled by default.

With Save Details 2.0 selected, save the enlarged image in Photoshop and you’re good to go. The software automatically maximizes the details of your enhanced image so it looks great when you print it.

Make Images Bigger Without Losing Quality With Upscale

Select your photo in Lightroom and choose Export from the File menu. Under Image Size, resize the image to enlarge it for printing. Export it to your desktop in JPEG format and the “detail preservation” technology will automatically work in the background to give you the best image quality for printing. It’s that simple.

Watch Kloskowski’s video below to see how this easy process works for Photoshop and Lightroom. We’ve been using Preserve Details 2.0 for over a year and can say it’s a lifesaver, especially with images we’ve cropped but want to print. We can’t wait to see what Adobe brings with Reserve Details 3.0. the content is free. We earn a commission when you make purchases through referral links on our site. in more detail

Fortunately, there are some “smart” tools that can help you easily enlarge images without the pixelation problem you encountered when trying to resize an image with a “dumb” photo editing tool.

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

All you have to do is link your image. The tools then use fancy algorithms to create an enlarged version that looks surprisingly normal.

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In this post, I tested six of the best image zoom tools and will share the tools and test results with you.

To maintain consistency during testing, I used the following two images when using each image zoom tool. The key is to show the results of a detailed image and prove that the quality often ends up better if you start with a larger file.

I also ran two tests for each image: 2x original size and 8x original size. Click on any of the test images to view the image in full size.

Upscalepics offers many free image zoom components along with affordable pricing plans. The online resizing system requires no software downloads, but has proven to be one of the most effective image resizing tools.

Best Online Image Optimizer Tools Compared (real Test Data)

The actual file size of the photos is significantly increased compared to other tools. Our first (larger) image shows great detail when expanded to a larger file. The second (smaller original file) looks fine when scaled down for this blog post, but has noticeable distortion at the actual full size (click image to open in new tab).

On1 Resize is a premium desktop application with countless features for resizing an image, creating graphics for printing, and simulating how a photo will look when printed.

Naturally, the file sizes grew with all the tests. Each extension was not too large according to the respective dimensions. The first test for image 1 is high quality but has a softer look. Interestingly, in Figure 1, the second (larger) transformation was more pronounced. This is a wonderful transformation.

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

Figure 2 (small original file) has similar results. The first test (2x size) provided a smoother image, the larger (8x size) file looked a bit nicer. It’s not as clean as the test in picture 1, but it’s not bad. Obviously, the results of Figure 2 have distortions like blur.

So I Printed Prusa Logo On My Mks3+ Using Rosa3d Pla In Under 4 Minutes Any Idea How To Go Faster Without Losing Quality? has the simplest interface. Some may like it, but others will like it as something from another era.

That said, you can’t beat the simplicity of the process. You upload an image, choose a format and then choose the dimensions you want.

For Figure 1, both tests performed better than I expected. I’d argue that the resolution of any enlarged photo is better than any other tool on this list – at least without touching the editing features.

The tests in Figure 2 were a different story. As the images are enlarged, each one has noticeable blurring and slight color changes. provides fast, high-quality enlarged photos as long as the original file is not too small.

Easily Make Images Bigger Without Losing Quality In Photoshop & Lightroom

There is also a maximum width limit, which is terrible when trying to enlarge images without losing quality.

Befunky serves as an online image editor and enhancer with powerful options for resizing, creating contacts and adding effects. However, it also offers unique features for combining creative textures and turning ordinary photos into works of art, for example, if you want one of your photos to look like a painting or a painting.

For image resizing, Bufunky provides a fast, free resizing tool to increase the width, height and overall size of your photos by percentage. You will find hundreds of photo editing features, but if you want to enlarge the image, you should go to Edit → Resize.

How To Make Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality

The Befunky Plus plan starts at $4.99 per month for an annual plan and $9.99 per month when paid monthly. Unlocks features like one-click AI image enhancer, smarter editing tools, background removal, batch image editor and more filters, effects and productivity options.

Let’s Enhance: Image Quality Ai & Free Online Photo Enlarger

Scaling the image from 1x to 2x produces consistent results, with a slight blurring of the edges only noticeable when zoomed. Befunky saw a maximum reduction of 682% when locking the aspect ratio of image 1. Batch processing seems to allow for much larger increases and you can go higher than that unless you lock the aspect ratio or use smaller images. Regardless, the maximum zoom of 6.8x for Figure 1 showed similar results to the previous test: we lose marginal quality from the original, but 6.8x zoom is quite similar to working with 2x.

Image 2 was a different story, as the 2x zoom shows a decent amount of blur and the 8x zoom looks silly. Note that smaller images allow for a higher zoom percentage in Befunky (I can reach 8x with Figure 2). Not to mention, file sizes are manageable.

The test showed obvious strengths and weaknesses. You can’t start with a small photo and expect quality results when zooming with Befunky. Also, don’t expect print-worthy resolution. However, we like it as one of the best options for quickly downloading a reasonably sized image and downloading a larger version that looks great on digital devices. You will have no problem using the results of Figure 1 on a website or blog. The fact that Befunky is free and easy to use is also a big plus. There is also a sharpening tool that can help after resizing.

Reshade is a free desktop application created primarily for resizing photo images and enhancing those photos in the process. I like that it is an easy application without a high price. Not to mention, you can download bulk images.

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Reshade has done an amazing job of reducing file sizes while maintaining the quality you expect from digital photography.

Reshade includes a vector resizing strategy that allows you to add animation-like elements to larger photos to fill in information. As long as you don’t overdo it,

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