How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

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How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

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How To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

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How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Feel Larger

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How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

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How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

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Ways To Divide A Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

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If at any time you want to register and enjoy unlimited access to all our content, just go to the My Account link and select Register. If you live in a studio apartment or are thinking of renting one, you probably have a place on your mind. Fitting in all the essentials of living in a studio can be difficult, especially if you’re moving from a large apartment or house. But, I promise you, not only can he live in the studio, he can live a very good life.

How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

From the studio. In my time, I’ve seen people use their sites very well (and not so well).

Clever Tricks To Make Your Home Look Bigger And Brighter

I always remind my clients that the square footage of your apartment does not always equal security. And the key to making your place in the studio just change your mind. Don’t think your studio is

From functional to beautiful, here are my top tips to make your studio look bigger than it really is…

The word “minimalist” confuses me. I’m the queen of fantasy (yes, I still have all my high school textbooks) and I’m an avid Prime customer. However, a small space – or a large space – feels closed during a crash.

Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean throwing everything out the window. This means only what you actually use or like. Which, when you say it out loud, makes perfect sense! Why do you keep everything you don’t use or love?!

Small Bedroom Design Ideas To Make The Space Seem Bigger

If you’re moving into a studio apartment and want to reduce clutter, check out the KonMari method. Learn the ropes from the queen of cleanliness, Marie Kondo, in her popular Netflix series.

We promise you don’t have to be Joanna Gaines to pull this off. Creating a color palette for your room that coordinates will tie the entire space together, making it feel larger.

Choose a color scheme that complements the elements of your room that you can’t change, such as decor, cabinets and panels. Focus on paint colors and furniture, as well as materials such as carpets, rugs and rugs to bring your palette together.

How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

All Mediums: Think you can’t mix white and sugar? Think again! Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutral tones to create a quiet space that looks light and bright. My favorite neutral colors in the studio room are white, beige and gray. Bring out the raw wood with your furniture to create a beautiful city.

Rugs For Small Spaces

Bright and bold: Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t use color, and lots of it! My best tip for using color in the studio room is to keep the walls bright white and complement your color choices with your furniture and art. I dig green, cherry red, mustard yellow and cobalt blue, all accented with black and white.

Soothing pastels: Don’t be intimidated by the word “pastels” – we promise your home won’t look like a kindergarten. I love this studio palette because it’s light and airy. Combine blush red, steel blue, light gray, beige and butter yellow to create a feminine space that has room to breathe.

Does hanging a large picture in a small space seem awkward? Of course he does! But in fact, the smaller the space, the bigger your image should be.

Find one or two walls and fill it with big, bold pieces. My favorite way to create large scale artwork is to use printers. Chris and Julia have the best tips on creating great posters on the cheap.

Secrets Interior Designers Use To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Yes, studio apartments in luxury buildings have the same amenities as their neighbors and two larger bedrooms. Although these accessories won’t add much square footage to your actual apartment, they will give you a lot of extra space.

If there’s one thing a studio apartment needs, it’s storage. I’m not talking about a few more cages that have been broken down to fill up with ridiculous articles and magazines. I mean, find them all

Fortunately, many of the studios I help renters in luxury buildings are designed with these solutions in mind. From closets to closets, I’m always amazed at how many things can be stored quickly out of sight.

How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

Remember – every piece of furniture you have is there to store your things. Think that the outside of your closet and your studio will be clean and tidy in no time.

Ways To Make Your Apartment Look & Feel Bigger

I promise I am not vain. Adding mirrors to your studio apartment will create the impression that it is larger than it really is.

Adding a few full-length mirrors or mirrors can help, but if you want to go big, use mirror tiles to create a wall. Mirror tiles can be found at supermarkets such as Home Depot, Amazon, or even Ikea. If renting, use Command™ strips to hang them to reduce the risk of wall damage.

LivingDIY has this great tutorial for making a glass wall on the cheap. The end result looks like something straight out of a retro kit:

When looking at studio apartments, pay attention to what’s outside your window. When you live in a small space, what’s on the outside is almost as important as what’s on the inside.

Simple Tricks To Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

Renting a studio with a view is one of my favorite ways to add extra space. Well, well, not exactly

Space based intellectual curiosity. I can guarantee that if you have a good view, you’ll love what’s outside your window more than a pair of slippers.

That’s it – my top 7 tips for giving your studio more room to breathe. If you are looking for the best studios in downtown Chicago, write to me and we will find your new home together.

How To Make Small Apartment Look Bigger

We are dedicated to finding the perfect home for our clients. Our industry experts strive to make the apartment hunting process better and more fun than ever.

The Decorating Tricks That Will Make Your Studio Apartment Look Bigger As People Work From Home

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