How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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This is one of the most common questions we hear from customers planning a kitchen renovation. Small kitchens can be functional, but they don’t always look or feel too big. You don’t want to feel cramped when guests come over, but to really expand the kitchen space, you have to tear down the walls, which is a very expensive job.

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

People are smart, but they can still be fooled. There are many tricks that you can use to make your kitchen design look really big. Let us explain 7 proven tricks to increase the size of your kitchen. The best part? No matter your budget, these tricks are affordable!

How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

You don’t have to stick to just one color when designing a kitchen, but when you use low-contrast colors, it helps to make the space appear larger. To find out if colors are low or high, you need to take them to the nursery and look at the color wheel. Colors on this wheel that are closer to each other are considered low contrast or similar colors. The colors of the wheel at opposite ends show high color contrast.

Black and white are considered the most contrasting, although yellow and blue and green and purple are also considered high-contrast color combinations. The darkest shades of blue and the lightest shades of blue are also considered high contrast. On the other hand, medium and dark green shades have low contrast.

By choosing colors carefully with this system, you can use similar tones that will really make your kitchen look bigger. But why is this true? When the cabinets, counters, backsplash and accents share a basic tone, the eye can easily move from one space to another. Your eye looks for color contrast as a place to rest, but when the eye can move continuously from detail to detail, the space suddenly appears larger.

This is probably the most common way people expand their kitchen. Dark walls always make the space smaller and tighter compared to white walls which are open and spacious.

Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

White cabinets have been the most popular color for quite some time. They give a clean and elegant look and make the kitchen look really big. Like white walls, white kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space and therefore stand out.

Some cabinets can be replaced with glass for an open look. Maybe you don’t want to create it

Cabinet door glass, otherwise you risk too much impact. But 3 or 4 cabinets spread widely and open a small kitchen.

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Glass cabinets are another way to trick the eye into thinking that a space is bigger than it is. With glass, the eye can see deep into the space, behind the cabinet doors, so suddenly there is more visibility and the space seems larger.

Easy Steps To Make Your Small Kitchen Look And Feel Bigger — Rescue My Space

If you know that your cabinets are often cluttered, this may not be the best way to make your kitchen look bigger. When glass cabinets become uncomfortable, they lose some of their power, making your space feel cramped and crowded.

Natural light makes any space feel larger and larger by bringing in the outdoors. If your kitchen has a window, try to install window shades that allow light to enter easily. If your kitchen does not have a window, consider installing a window to bring some light into the kitchen.

Nothing clutters up a room like oversized furniture. Larger furniture is fine when you have a lot of square footage, but when you’re trying to make the space smaller, you need smaller furniture. This does not mean that you should go for a large table that your family can comfortably sit on, but look for thin chair legs or a table top – this will only help to expand the space. Avoid bulky furniture that reflects its size rather than reducing the space around it.

You don’t want to wear a shirt with a narrow horizontal stripe if you’re having a “fat day”, all the horizontal stripes add beauty to it. The same goes for your kitchen – you can make your kitchen look wider by adding a horizontal striped floor, rug or backsplash.

Rental Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Tops Kitchen Cabinets offers wholesale cabinets, counters and more! We can help make your kitchen look bigger at a fraction of the cost. We may earn affiliate commissions when you make purchases through links on our site. Here’s how it works.

Want to know how to make a small kitchen look bigger? You have come to the right place.

We understand that making a kitchen functional and beautiful can be difficult, especially when space is limited. Small kitchen ideas come in handy here.

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

InSinkErator experts explain that “dark and dark rooms can depress us, but moving to a light and bright room can instantly lift your mood. There is no reason why a small kitchen can have serious style and feel larger than it really is. Any size kitchen can feel spacious if you know a few simple design tricks to make the most of the space.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

Along with advice from kitchen experts, we’ve put together some simple tips to help you make the most of even the smallest kitchen spaces.

Using open shelves that reach up to the ceiling will make your kitchen look taller while also creating a nice (and practical) dining area in the kitchen.

Blessed with high ceilings? Make the most of them! Building cabinets is the most obvious strategy, but don’t forget to give these spaces some decorative love. Add open shelving for practical kitchen storage that can also be used for beautiful houseplants, plates, prints, and more.

“When storage space is at a premium, you want to optimize wall space,” say the experts at Wren Kitchens. But instead of choosing solid cabinets that can make a room feel smaller, consider open storage options. The shelves have plenty of space for light kitchen utensils and utensils.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration For Your Home In 2023

Also attract attention with beautiful moldings, painted ceilings and beautiful lighting in the kitchen. Adding your headboard makes a big impact on style without sacrificing floor space.

Of course, if your small kitchen doesn’t have high ceilings, you can still use the same vertical storage concept, and even low ceilings can look great when painted a bright, distinctive color – just check out our painting guide. the ceiling

Suitable for small spaces. Use every inch with a rail for pots – it also creates a nice feature

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

When designing a small kitchen, you should think not only about creating the general look of the space, but also about how each cabinet will be used. By doing this, you can use accessories to make the interior of the cabinet more functional and the kitchen workflow more efficient.

Easy Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Consider hanging spaces behind doors, shelves for cup hooks, and tall cabinets for every inch of corners and occasional storage.

A custom building that takes advantage of small, often overlooked spaces, such as cupboard shelves (the space under a cupboard that can be converted into hidden, pull-out drawers for larger items such as baking tins) above doors and ceilings for clever storage will be Free space

Check out our small kitchen storage ideas, clever pantry storage ideas and jar storage ideas for more inspiration.

“If you have a small kitchen with high ceilings, light shades can be a great addition to the kitchen design,” explains Wren’s experts. However, if you have standard or very low ceilings, avoid cluttering the room with unnecessary lights.

How To Make Small Kitchens Look Bigger

When it comes to small kitchens, integrated lighting can save the design. These lamps are not only characteristic of the overall design of the room, but can also be used to spread bright light into the room, making the kitchen spacious and comfortable at any time of the day.

“Ceiling lights are a must, but don’t stop there. Add them as under-cabinet and over-counter lights to soften your prep area.

Consider how and where you will perform tasks in the space and light accordingly. Remember that the color of your decor will also make a difference – the darker the cabinets, counters and walls, the more energy you’ll need.

How To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Don’t be afraid of color in a small space, we love dark green in this kitchen

Proven Ways To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel And Look Bigger

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