How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger – Honestly, almost every home has some spaces that we wish were a little bigger. Perhaps a kitchen with insufficient square footage and storage space. Maybe the living room is too crowded for comfortable entertaining, or the bathroom is a little messy. The good news is that you can make these spaces bigger without adding to them. All you need are some simple styling tips.

To do this, we hired Elaine Griffin, an interior designer based in Brunswick, Georgia and New York. “I think it’s decoration,” he said. “You’re trying to trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is.”

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Ready to make the most of your space? Read on for strategies and the best products and tools to achieve them, available at Home Depot.

Clever Tips To Make Your Tiny Living Room Look Bigger

The power of color to make a huge difference in a space is almost unmatched, and when you move into a new home, a fresh coat of paint is the surest way to freshen up a room. For small spaces, there are no hard and fast color rules, but generally it’s a good idea to keep the contrast as low as possible. “High contrast – going from dark to light or from one bright color to another – stops the eye from moving; it creates a boundary,” Griffin said. “When you want a room to be bigger, you want to create the illusion of limits.”

To do this, says Griffin, choose a ceiling color that’s slightly lighter than the walls, and consider painting doors and windows the same color as the walls (but always in a satin or semi-gloss wash) and a soft stripe around the room. .to do Periodic vision. Griffin says that neutral colors always work well when you want to visually expand a space, but to avoid painting everything pure white, which looks dated, use a warm brown base (like coffee, which she recommends using milk). A more contemporary look.

Pro tip: To find the right shade for your room, try the Home Depot ProjectColor app, available in the Apple app and Google Play stores. One of its many features is an automatic linking tool; You can hold anything from a favorite t-shirt to a flower for a pop of paint. Also, upload a photo of your actual room to see what different paint colors would look like.

Dark floors make a space look smaller than it really is, so if this is the case in your new home, you may need to brighten it up a bit. (Good tip: The lighter the color of the floor, the bigger the space will appear.) Griffin likes a finish to give it a “lived-in” look, such as white or ash or wood, but a lighter option like this one will work. But it exposes more dirt and keeps stains. If you want easy maintenance, consider vinyl plank flooring, ceramic tile, or durable synthetic rugs.

Creative Ways To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger 2023

Want to install new floors yourself? You’ll find all the tools you need, such as a table saw or tile cutter, for rent at Home Depot.

Got a new kitchen with limited cabinets? Here’s a quick fix to squeeze more storage capacity out of that square footage: vertically. “Use every inch of wall space for storage,” advises Griffin. Turn to hooks, shelves and shelves to hang utensils and store cookware, dishes and books. And don’t forget the inside of cupboard and pantry doors; These are options that are often overlooked.

If your bathroom space is tight, try a mobile toilet, a more modern sink than a traditional small bowl. “Because the bottom of the figure is floating and the floor lines are uninterrupted, your eye can move unhindered through the space,” says Griffin. And don’t stop at the medicine cabinet with a mirror. Instead, install another one on the side wall, which will give you more space for essentials and more reflective surfaces.

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Deliberately connecting your indoor and outdoor areas can add valuable living space to your new home. Seamless movement? Keep your drapes simple and in a color that matches the wall, says Griffin. This emphasizes the view rather than the pattern or color of the covers.

How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

French doors or sliders can also seamlessly connect the two areas for easy access to the outdoors in warmer weather.

Consistency in interior and exterior decoration—repeating shapes, styles, and especially colors—also helps. “You want to keep the color palette of every living space, inside and out, very tight so that everything feels cohesive,” says Griffin. , you’ll want to choose outer cushions of the same color.)

It sounds basic, but measuring ahead makes all the difference. “Especially in small areas, you want to make sure the furniture you’re considering has room to move,” says Griffin. The sofa takes up the most space in a cluttered living room, so Griffin recommends choosing an apartment-sized version, typically 72 to 79 inches long, rather than an 86-inch sofa.

Remember: It’s not a chair, which is often “small enough for two people to sit comfortably,” says Griffin. Your best bet is an apartment-sized sofa with a narrow seat and back, which saves you from thick cushions and gives you more seating. (Also, stay away from oversized or oversized tapestry styles; they take up unnecessary visual space in the room.)

Tricks To Make A Small Home Appear Bigger

If possible, choose items that help control clutter, such as a console table with cabinets, a table with a raised top, or a thin shelf or shelf.

To keep sight lines open across the room, consider side tables and chairs made of clear acrylic or Plexiglas, and steer clear of large lamps with broad hues. In the bedroom, you can save space by placing table lamps on both sides of the bed. “That way, you can have a small nightstand and a big bed,” says Griffin.

Enlarging your small space doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Shop Home Depot for paint, wall decor, home decor and everything you need to make your small space feel bigger. Home Depot delivers online ordering when and where you need it. Kitchen of the Week, 15 June 2023: Anne Quigley’s pale, tiny home cooking space in Barcelona

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

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Tricks To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

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How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

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How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

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How To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

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