How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom

How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom – Outside of the kitchen, the bathroom may be the most common room that homeowners need to renovate. And for good reason. As anyone can attest, the bathroom is an important room in your home (that no one can live without) and can be a fantastic return on investment, even if you’re not in your home forever.

For homes with guest bathrooms on the small side, you may need to get creative to make the most of your space! Consider storing vertically, but be careful not to overload the eye and create an unsafe head wrap.

How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom

How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom

However, a limited footprint doesn’t have to limit your design! So if you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas or bathroom ideas to fit that small bathroom, this guide is for you! We list the best ways to achieve a functional, stylish bathroom renovation in tight spaces and on a budget.

Small Bathroom Remodels Before And After

Baths are great and functional for everyone, from children to the elderly and the family dog. A long day at the office can be absorbed with just a tub of water and a bunch of bubbles. While a garden tub may be a selling point for families with infants or toddlers, bathroom plumbing for an equally intimate bathroom may be more appropriate for a rare master bath for those living beyond that stage.

On average, a bathtub takes up 13 square feet of your bathroom. In small bathrooms where space is limited, removing this pig can open up your options. Clear that bath from your plans and find plenty of space in your guest bathroom.

If this is your only bathroom, you can opt for a corner shower instead. By eliminating the obstacle of a large bathroom, you can free up that area to re-plan your guest bathroom or expand the space for a shower. Which brings us to our next small bathroom remodel idea!

When remodeling your small bathroom, pay special attention to the shower. Your shower enclosure, whether prefabricated or site-built and installed, should use clean lines and minimize materials that make the shower feel small or claustrophobic, ultimately limiting the size of the bathroom.

My Small Bathroom Remodel (the Good, Bad And Ugly!)

The best way to do this is to use materials that allow light to pass through, avoid “covering” the shower with tile or shower walls, and consider glass or open enclosures for sides and doors. These clear solutions will allow light to flow back and forth and give the bathroom a sense of cheerful openness. By using clear glass instead of frosted glass, the shower will open and the glass will almost “disappear”, giving the shower the feeling of adding more square meters to the bathroom.

You’ll want to clean your glass walls regularly to make the most of those clean lines and minimal visual style. Get rid of excess clutter in the shower and you’ll eliminate visual clutter to make your small bathroom look bigger. So get rid of those 12 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, make sure you clean the water stains from the glass regularly, and add some visual space to your bathroom design.

Large bathrooms have the luxury of built-in wardrobes and storage space; In a small bathroom, this space is precious. Whether it’s new glass in the shower or the rest of the bathroom, you have to be creative with storage. The more creative you are, the better you can not only make the most of the space, but also keep it clean and eye-catching.

How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom

The key to adding storage is finding traditionally unused or underutilized areas. In the shower, instead of exposing your cleaning and hygiene products to the world, adding a niche to the shower wall is a great way to add useful clean storage space. Shower tray as a functional accent, tiled over your shower.

Ways To Cheaply Update Your Small Bathroom

Join your bathroom remodeling partners at The Good Guys! With years of experience in bathroom design, The Good Guys team can help you with design, material selection and custom fixtures, bringing your bathroom vision to life with smart ideas along the way.

In addition to shower storage, the “medicine cabinet” is a great way to keep your everyday items out of sight while avoiding clutter on the go. If you have space between the walls, look for extra deep built-in wardrobes, as they can give you more storage without taking up space from the interior of the room. Next to your medicine cabinet, consider a niche or cut-out shelf for extra storage. Be careful when installing these options on an outside wall, make sure you want to insulate from the outside or behind and around the cabinet so you don’t lose heat in the winter and freeze things!

Decorative floating shelves are another great way to add decorative storage to a small bathroom. Look for glass options to open up your space, or solid materials to decorate your bathroom. Be careful not to put too much, which will defeat the purpose of the shelves!

Towel racks can do more than their name suggests. Try to add additional elements where you can hang towels, robes, decorative linens. Add hooks to use storage containers and baskets with the bar. Again, the key is not to pack and overload all the storage options in a small bathroom. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with clutter or storage.

Small Bathroom Remodel (we’re Talking Teeny Tiny)

Given their utilitarian focus and size, hall bathrooms often look like closets in homes: small, dark and cluttered. Considering the average person spends about 420 minutes in the bathroom each week, why spend so much of your life in an environment like the closet?

When renovating your bathroom, remember that light is your friend. Bathroom lighting fixtures placed above sinks and medicine cabinets can add design elements to the lighting needed to brush teeth. The more lighting the better, especially if it’s natural light.

While high-end fixtures are a great option and a defined lighting plan is essential for a small bathroom, natural light is a great weapon in the battle for size. The more you can flood this space with natural light, the bigger it will feel.

How To Redo A Very Small Bathroom

Adding a window to the shower is a great way to bring natural light into the darkest parts of the room. Often the side wall of the shower is an exterior wall and doesn’t have plumbing, so it’s a great place for a window. Your bathroom remodeling professionals at The Good Guys can handle this and make recommendations on the perfect window for the space, so don’t hesitate to contact them when you start your project!

Top 5 Best Remodel Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If you already have a window in the bathroom beyond the tub, highlighting the light it brings in is crucial to visually expand the space. Avoid darkening windows – and the light they bring in – with voluminous curtains or window coverings. Any curtains or window decorations should be as tall and long as possible – from floor to ceiling if you have the space. The extra height will lengthen the room and make it spacious.

If your bathroom is enclosed and windows aren’t an option, skylights are another great way to bring in natural light and can be easily installed in most homes with roof and attic access. If the bathroom is too small for a traditional window, a tube light can bring a lot of natural light into the room with a very small footprint. Feel free to drop this light to brighten up a small space.

Don’t be afraid of color, especially in a small space. This is probably the most controversial tip on this list. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your color in the tight space of your bathroom.

Darker but lighter colors reflect natural and artificial light into the space, making it feel warmer and more open. Light colors also have a calming effect, making the occupant feel relaxed and less confined – a valuable asset in a small space. Design your bathroom to enhance and complement these warm colors.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2023

Here’s where it gets controversial. Some designers prefer to use dark colors in small bathrooms. This may seem like a direct contradiction to the above points about light colors, but it works especially well in a bathroom without windows or natural light sources. Dark colors, even as dark as black, but with a high-gloss finish or gloss level, can reflect artificial light to create an expanded effect in a small space. Make sure you have the right lighting and fixtures because every time you turn on the lights, they will reflect on you. Tread lightly (no pun intended!), this one

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