How To Start My Own Consulting Business

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Welcome to another part of a series discussing starting and growing a consulting business. This is part 5 titled “Starting a Consulting Business with No Experience”.

How To Start My Own Consulting Business

How To Start My Own Consulting Business

We have two other podcast channels. One is the iTunes channel, where Strategic Skills focuses on problem solving during actual strategic engagement. The second focuses on case interviewing and management consulting (Case Interviewing and Management Consulting iTunes Channel).

How To Start A Career As An It Consultant

Now, many of you are probably saying, “Well, I don’t want to interview at McKinsey.” I understand. But how to make new decisions? How to build frameworks; It teaches basic problem-solving skills, such as how to organize objective functions. For many people, we recommend starting there and focusing on the troubleshooting sections. and the culture of management consulting firms. Because you need those skills to learn some of the more complex disciplines we teach.

Today’s episode will be different. I’m going to focus on a question I get often. “How to approach consulting with no experience. How can you get started if you’ve never worked in a consulting firm?” So, let’s say you’re starting a consulting business with no experience. Does that mean you will fail? The answer is no problem.

In our world, large consulting firms are strategic firms, but they are not the only consulting firms out there. McKinsey; The only way to run a consulting firm like BCG Bain, Deloitte or Accenture is to limit yourself because they don’t know everything. There are a lot of things I would do differently if I could, and things I try to do differently. They are not good at many tasks.

They are good at management consulting, but you are starting a consulting business. On the management side, you can consult the technical side as well. It can be anything you want. I run a boutique consulting firm with about 150 to 250 people depending on who you talk to because there are a lot of contractors in one venue.

How Mckinsey Destroyed The Middle Class

My point is that a lot of engineering skills are combined with management skills. If you are a management consulting firm or engineering consultant; It doesn’t matter as long as you are solving a problem that is important to the user.

There are no real barriers to starting a consulting business without experience. Focus only on the basic principles of the concept. “I’ve never worked at McKinsey, so I can’t do this.” If you know management consulting principles. That means never work for a big consulting firm and don’t follow their bad practices. Every company, no matter how good, has a series of losses. Some fans of consulting and law firms may not understand this. But every business can do better. This means that what they don’t want to do or need to stop doing is their bad habits.

So, if you are starting a consulting business without any experience. This means you don’t have the preconceived notions of other consulting firms about the “right way” to do something. Just because you’ve always done it that way or associated with people you think are cool, you’re not bound by this principle of egotistical elitism to do what you do. I don’t know who thinks McKinsey and BCG Partners are cool, but I’m sure one of the four thousand kids who doesn’t want to go to a KPOP concert wants to watch McKinsey Partners on YouTube. A KPOP video hits 90 million views and potential views.

How To Start My Own Consulting Business

In my opinion, there are some advantages to starting a consulting business without experience. Things to do as they have always done. Although it has its drawbacks. You need to do better to play your cards and focus on what you know, instead of not having access to the Is.

Selling High Priced Consulting Services

Does it matter if you haven’t worked at a consulting firm before if you can solve a client problem?

Consultants solve problems. If you are considered elite in your field but have never worked in a consulting firm where you can solve a problem for a client. Not getting paid just because you have the right skills? Measurable to the customer; Although bankable adds verifiable value. You won’t do that. If we find a brand overwhelming or never associated with it. If most of us thought that we wouldn’t be qualified to recommend it to anyone.

Consulting is a remarkably mature field, and strategy consulting is incredibly mature. By immature I mean as an industry. Not like people. Most mature firms lack management consulting capabilities, especially strategic consulting.

In another episode, consulting will tell you why strategy is not a mature field. Now I want to remind you that this is not the case.

Andre Alonzo Chambers

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You can start a consulting business with no experience. 1. Gain confidence in your abilities by realizing that a consultant is solving a problem.

How To Start My Own Consulting Business

A business consultant advising a five million pound catering business on how to optimize business processes is called a management consultant because they are advising their business. An engineering consultant who advises on improving input rates for one of the world’s largest mining companies may also be called a management consultant.

How To Start Your Own Online Consulting Business By Justin Franciscotty By Justin Franciscotty

The concept is very fluid. It depends on how you position yourself. No one will say that these things cannot be said for themselves. You can call it whatever you want as long as you make sure you add value to the customer.

The first question you should ask yourself is, “Do you know how to solve a type of problem?”

There are consulting companies for every problem. For example, there is a consulting firm in LA that helps celebrity managers identify the best time and place to visit a restaurant to avoid paparazzi and celebrity scouts. So you can give advice on anything, you just have to focus on that skill. While traditional consulting firms focus on business, the scope is much broader. On the technical side, build databases; Apps and advertising data segmentation; Consulting firms have long taught that organizational design is not part of their purview. But now

I mean, as a management consultant, I can advise on everything as long as I advise the management of this business. Once a consultant understands how to solve problems, the next question is, “Do you know how to solve a particular type of problem?” No answer will do. Remember, the answer is not the answer, but the mind to know the answer.

Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Cfo Advisory Consulting Firm?

I don’t know what to do with many of the problems I have. But that is management consulting. I don’t believe the answer because there is no answer. But I strongly believe in the ability to know the answer. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t have the answer. You won’t get the answer because you don’t even know the problem.

Once you know that there is some kind of problem, you can solve it because of your thinking skills. So starting a consulting business without experience is not a problem for you.

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