How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home – If you are researching how to get a home care license in New York, you may find that it is not the easiest process.

One of them involves navigating over 100 pages of paper applications. And once you get the application, you only have 6 months to submit everything.

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

It might seem like a good time, but you’ll have to go through a lot of background checks, training, and home inspections to get everything done. It’s also a good idea to submit everything at once, because once one part of your application reaches the licensor, you’ll only have 90 days to complete the rest. Bottom line, time can add up quickly and before you know it, you’ll be facing time.

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In this post, we’ll help you out by giving you an overview of what a New York childcare license looks like. We’ll break down the licensing process in a way that will lead to your success. Read on to find out exactly what you will need to obtain a license to successfully open a home care facility in New York.

In New York, all child care programs are administered by the State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). OCFS has several regional offices scattered throughout the state. You will work with the OCFS regional office serving your area during the licensing process.

Home day care in New York is officially called family day care. In addition, there is regular family care and group day care. What is the difference? Simply put, a typical family daycare system can accommodate up to six children who are not yet in school and do not need to hire an aide.

Group daycare, on the other hand, requires you to include an aide on your application, and you can have up to 12 children who are not yet in school when your aide attends.

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Which one to choose? Depends on you. If you have “enough” space for up to 12 children or already have a mental health aide, family day care may be a good option. If you have a smaller space or want to go it alone, regular family daycare may be more suitable.

One last thing before we get to the requirements, not sure if you really need a license? Here is the OCFS rule: You must be licensed or registered if you plan to care for 3 or more children (that are not yours!) for more than 3 hours per day.

Well, now that we have the basics of what child care in New York looks like, let’s move on to what it takes to get a license to operate a child care home.

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

Just for the record, each of the above points seems perfectly valid, but together it’s more for service providers to keep track of.

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If you have at least 2 years of parenting experience or experience working with paid/unpaid children, you are eligible for OCFS. If you only have one year, you can build an extra year by completing 6 hours of early childhood training or education. Please note that if you hire an assistant, they will also need to meet this requirement.

Upon application, you will need to provide three valid childcare experience certificates. Your licensor will send them a form to complete and return, so you’ll want to stay in touch with them throughout the application process to make sure they receive it and send it to you. Please come back immediately.

It’s also important if you rent from an owner or management company or belong to an HOA to make sure you have approval to open a home care facility before you do anything. We have seen people go into the licensing process to understand that it is not about joining the owner, “Them”. Be sure to give a thumbs up before continuing.

To begin the licensing process, create an account on the OCFS website and access their online orientation. It will take you about 2 hours and you will watch a total of 20 videos. After that, you will be able to request a formal application. Once your request is received, your request will be processed within approximately 1-2 weeks.

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To run a licensed program, you will need to participate in first aid and pediatric CPR. However, these certificates are not required to apply. Instead, you just need to state that you are certified on your application. Be sure to have it too. Online CPR and First Aid courses will not be included.

Once you have received your application and registration number (soon to become a license number), you can register for health and safety training on the Early Childhood Education and Training Program (ECETP) website.

Health and Safety training is a 15 hour course usually split over 2, 3 or 5 days. Here you will find detailed information on how to supervise and monitor the health and safety of children in your program. After completing the course you will receive a certificate, a copy of which you should submit together with the application.

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

As a provider, you will also need to verify that you have a clean bill of health and an application form that you must submit to your primary care physician for his signature. You will also need to take a tuberculin test to confirm that you are negative.

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You will need to sign the form at a notary and stamp whether you are currently receiving alimony. Some people find it a little crooked because it sticks out near the back of the pack.

Before applying, the applicant must ensure that all of your assistants or family members have a criminal record.

You and each family member listed on your application will need to complete a separate “Criminal Statement” form and a List of Exemptions (SEL) form. You will also need to register each family member on a Federal Register (SCR) form and pay a $25 processing fee. Then, when you submit your application letter and the license issuer receives it, you and all of your family members will need to make an appointment to have your fingerprint printed.

After you apply to the license provider and your fingerprints are successfully returned, your license will help you schedule 2 home inspections. The initial home inspection will focus on fire and safety – making sure your home is suitable and safe for childcare and that you have a proper emergency plan in place.

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Then you will have a final check. During this review, your licensor will review all necessary OCFS security requirements, materials relevant to your application, and materials and documents required to maintain records of your application. This visit usually lasts about 2 hours and making a good initial impression is very valuable for a long-term relationship with the licensor.

Want to know exactly what to look for during a home inspection? For more information on domestic regulatory requirements, please contact us.

By now you should have a clearer picture of what it takes to get a home care license in New York. But remember that getting a license is only the tip of the iceberg!

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business At Home

As part of the licensing process, you also need to figure out how to set up your business, ensure security, advertise to parents, register families, and get started.

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If it seems like a lot to take on at once, we totally hear you. That’s why we’ve written a 5-part guide to home daycare. This is a free guide that gives you a broader perspective on opening a home daycare. This can help you manage these important moving parts at the same time.

And if you need help with this, we’re here! We can help make the licensing process seamless. In addition, we can build a business with you and find the most suitable family in your area. Just call to find out more.

Help working parents find the best home care for their busy lives and precious baby. Now childcare options are increasingly rare, insanely expensive and in many cases really complicated and corporate. Finally, offer one option: a full license holder with years of experience caring for a small number of neighborhood children. Every month, thousands of working parents use it to learn about their options and find the right provider for them.

It’s completely free to browse nurseries, view photos, read parent reviews and try MagicMatch, the cutting edge technology to help you find exactly which childcare is right for you. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who indemnify us. This affects which product we write about and where and how the product appears on the site. However, it did not affect our assessment.

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