Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget – Check out how we completely transformed our small bathroom with these easy and inexpensive small bathroom makeover ideas!

The first phase of our master bathroom update is complete and I’m so excited to share it! If you missed it, check out this post where I shared all of our plans for the update!

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Since we weren’t ready to completely remodel the bathroom, we decided to update it in two steps. The first step is to update the vanity, light and paint. The second step was to renovate the shower and replace the floor.

Small Bathroom Remodel

This post will share exactly how we updated our small bathroom on a budget and the tips we learned!

I’m a big believer in making every room feel like home, no matter how temporary or how tight a budget. You should feel good when you walk into your home, and it really shouldn’t take long for that to happen! Small changes can cause big changes in the mood and appearance of a space.

When we decided to quickly transform our small bathroom, we wanted to keep it simple. We don’t know how temporary this update will be, so I didn’t want to spend too much if we decide to do a full overhaul soon.

There are many easy ways to update your space to feel like home on a budget!

Easy Budget Small Bathroom Ideas

The power of painting is amazing! Seriously, if you want to update any space on a budget, paint it!

The original paint in the bathroom was dark brown and the room felt small, boring and dirty. I like to brighten up the bathroom with a lighter paint color to make it look bigger and cleaner.

We decided to use the same paint color as the bedroom to help the spaces flow together. I love this color! It’s a perfect warm white with a hint of pink: Behr bleached linen.

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

For the storage cabinet, I knew I wanted an accent color. I’m debating between sage green, rust orange/red or black. I ended up going with the Behr muted sage and I love how it turned out! It’s the perfect soft sage green color and goes well with the bathroom rug! I think the dark color of the cabinet doors also makes the room look bigger!

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We could have painted the existing baseboards, but they were old and short, so we ended up replacing them! When modernizing older rooms, I recommend updating baseboards and door coverings. Longer/wider, more modern tapestries make such a big impact and really clean up the look of the walls. We used the same paint color for the entire house: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

Another part of this room that we updated with paint was an old flat door. Check out this post for all the details on how we upgraded our flat panel interior doors to the top tier.

Honestly, I was so nervous trying to paint our tile floor! But they are so good I’m so glad I did! Seriously, if you want to replace old tile in your house, try painting it first!

Of course, it’s not the most durable option, but it’s simple and works as long as you wait for the right time to replace it.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Bathroom Remodel On A Budget You Can Live With

It is also very affordable. We only needed one quart to paint the bathroom floor, so it was only $40 with base and topcoat.

We painted these tile floors about 3 months ago and they look great! They had a couple of scratches when we finished the bathroom, but those were easy to patch and cover. Not sure if I would recommend painting floors in high traffic areas, but it worked well in the bathroom.

We chose black for the base coat and matte gloss for the top coat, which we really like. Just a warning: the black floor shows everything. But I still love the way it looks! And this bathroom is very clean because I’m the only one using it.

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Painting is easy, it took time because you have to wait for it to dry. Be careful not to walk too quickly! It was worth the wait!

Before And After: Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

The toilet is the biggest part of the bathroom! If you can update your existing sink with some paint, it’s an easy way to save money! Painting your existing sink can completely change its look.

Other ways to update an existing sink include new hardware for doors or drawers and replacing the sink faucet. Sink faucets are very easily installed independently.

This black bathroom faucet is from Amazon and is super affordable! I always buy off-brand sink faucets from Amazon and have never been disappointed! They look just like the $300 versions, but for like a sixth of the price!

If your foundation is in good shape you can also consider changing your makeup top. Most quarries have a “waste” section where you can buy leftover pieces of rock at a discounted price.

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In our case, the existing toilet is not in good condition at all. It would also cost money to paint the base, replace the counter and sink.

It is often cheaper to buy a bathroom set that includes a base, worktop and sink. It is very useful to buy these items separately.

So we decided to buy a new sink for this bathroom! However, I had a hard time deciding what to buy and how much to spend. There are a lot of good options and are well priced (around $200-$300) but don’t seem very well made. Design choices are also very basic (usually a standard white toilet with two doors and a white ceiling).

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

While searching, I found a few options that I liked. So I decided to spend a little more than I really needed. I love the white washed oak finish on the sink! Looks good on a black floor.

Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling

I decided to spend more on the toilet because a good toilet is an investment that can easily be saved if you decide to redo the bathroom. It can be removed from the bathroom and reinstalled if you ever want to change the layout or redo the floor.

Also, if you buy a high-quality wooden sink, it will last for a while and you can repaint it in the future if you want a new look.

Changing your bathroom mirror is an easy and quick way to update any bathroom! Especially if you currently have standard builder grade mirrors (you know, oval, beveled, they’re everywhere!).

This is another item that I decided to spend a little more on because you can easily move it around your house and it will last a while.

Easy Ideas For A Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

I am in love with this Anthropologie mirror! In fact, there are so many I love that it’s hard to decide. I love that they are all beautiful and unique. I almost have this shelf mirror. I think the little shelf is really cute! I might save that for our next shower!

Another very simple switch is the new Cosmetic Light! The vanity light in our bathroom is so old! Probably an original lamp from the 1970s.

This is the last item I spent more money on than I needed to, but I love these makeup lights! This was one of the options I considered for the hallway bathroom we remodeled last year. I know they will definitely be in our bathroom.

Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Adding the finishing touches to your bathroom can be a lot of fun! I like to keep bathrooms very simple and clean, but still add some decorative touches.

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These gold shelves above the toilet are so beautiful and functional! This bathroom gets lots of natural light and some face and hair products I use every day so I have some plants upstairs.

I almost bought some expensive bookshelves from Anthropologie, but these are much cheaper and work just as well. I don’t think things like the lamp and the mirror should be knocked down.

In fact, I even updated them to work better in this bathroom. The original wood surface of the shelf was too warm compared to the dresser, so I used this white wash stain to lighten the wood.

I kept it very simple when designing the shelves. The

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