Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces – Hey guys, LaTonya here! Now that the holidays are over, I’m sure you’re unpacking your kids’ clothes with your mouth shut and trying to figure out where in the world they keep them! This is not just a holiday problem for us, it is a persistent dilemma due to our small living space. I will say our apartment is small, but by New York apartment standards it is a very good size. The only problem I wish was not there is the lack of storage space. We have only one closet. Crazy, right? Honestly, the closet can hold my clothes alone. And this is constant cleaning and careful selection on my part. We created a closet in the hallway, the children’s room has a closet, but we still did not have enough space. We considered using a clothes rack, but ran into another problem, lack of space. My husband and I started thinking about an attractive and functional way to free up some closet space and we came up with this hanging clothes rack! We both love that we now have more storage space and I love that this dresser adds so much character to our room.

3/4″ x 5′ Solid Type L Copper Pipe (We cut 8″ of the pipe for the hanging piece. You can cut as much as you want depending on how high you want to hang your coat rack.)

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

The first step. Choose where you want to hang the clothes rack. Low traffic corners and areas are always best. Once you have chosen your location, take the floor flanges with your marker and mark where the screws will be placed on each floor flange.

Organizing A Closet In A Small Space? Here Is What To Consider

The second step. Cut your pipe using your mini pipe cutter. We chose to cut 8 inches from our pipe, but you can cut however you like. Alternatively, if you want to keep the original pipe length and do not use part of the hanging part, you can buy another pipe and cut it. After you cut the hose, take a short length of hose and thread it into your male adapter.

The third step. Drill your holes. Using dowels and screws, screw the floor flanges to the wall.

The fifth step. On your 5 foot pipe, turn 3/4 of your elbow to 90 degrees. If you are worried about the weight of your clothes on the base, you can use super glue to make sure it stays put. We did not use super glue and we hold well.

The sixth step. Insert your 5 meter pipe into the short pipe that hangs from the ceiling. For extra safety, reuse your super glue at this step. Our shelf is very sturdy and we chose to create it without glue so that we can easily move it in the future.

How To Maximize Your Closet Space

And your clothes hanging rack is finished! We chose to use copper because we love how it looks against the wood and white walls. You’ll find many more options at your local hardware store.

If you don’t need the extra storage space, but like the look of this shelf, you can use it to hang your plants or hang your art.

Also, instead of hanging it from the ceiling, you can hang it from the wall and create a small organized art section for your kids. You will need several baskets and hooks. This project is super easy to make and can work in any room! –LaTonya Let’s face it, not all of us are lucky enough to have a Carrie Bradshaw-level dressing room, so it’s important to come up with storage ideas that will help keep things looking organized. The smaller the closet, the harder it is to keep organized, so we’re highlighting organizing tools and tips on how to help make it easier. Whether you’re someone who feels like you don’t have enough closet space, or you live in a city apartment with limited closet space like me, you can use these 30 small storage ideas. cut your wardrobe in half!). We’ve even included ideas for storing clothes without a closet.

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

If you have a closet in your bedroom, but a closed door makes it feel cramped and even smaller, consider turning it into a pocket door or removing it altogether. In this two-story room by Dee Murphy, wallpaper and paint separate the sleeping area from the closet, but the lack of a door helps to open it.

Storage Ideas For Small Closets

If you have an empty, empty corner, invest in a large wardrobe or closet that will liven it up and give you extra space to store all your things. This textured corner in a small room by Shawn Henderson can keep things intimate and intimate.

This small David Caixoy closet has a washer and dryer, so everything is well organized. The trays in the drawers help keep things organized and in place, and the double row of rods makes use of all the vertical space.

Here is another David Kaihoi wardrobe designed in this room. Here are some great tips for small spaces: 1) Mirror the inside of your closet door. 2) Add hooks inside the doors to organize extra items and clothes. 3) Use boxes to keep things organized.

If your bedroom closet is too full, store your shoes in the closet or in the hallway. It’s the last thing you wear, so if you have to go somewhere else to get them (even can’t say for underwear for example). This linen closet by Joshua Greene is also a shoe rack. Organizing shoes also helps save space: when you put each shoe in the opposite direction, you can fit more pairs on the shelf. Try some cubes to help keep everything organized.

Small Closet Organizing Ideas For Girls

Designer Ariene Bethea’s room features fun quilts and wild Etsy chairs. A mannequin with a mirror gives her dressing room an elegant look. Plan and display clothes with the mannequin or use it as a temporary clothes rack. It’s a great way to keep organized in an open space like a bedroom if your closet is too small. A vintage or antique inspired option is the way to go.

A separate walk-in closet is a lifesaver for anyone with a cluttered closet, or who doesn’t even have a closet. Also, since your wardrobe is on display, it forces you to keep your clothes organized instead of shoving them in your closet.

Shoes can take up a lot of closet space, so why not set aside a separate storage space for them in another room? Here, Amanda Reynal incorporated shelving into the entryway bench for extra storage to free up space in the bedroom. It also makes it easier to enforce the no shoes rule in the house.

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

Create extra storage space above the bed! This is especially good if you have high ceilings and want to make the most of your vertical space without compromising usable floor space. Designed by Studio DIIA, an open shelf holds books, upper cabinets hold linens, and a bedside cabinet holds clothes.

Creative Clothes Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Such a wall unit creates a shelf for accessories and a place to hang clothes and bags. Designer Tom Scherer installed a distressed white wall organizer to match the farmhouse style throughout the home.

This wall-mounted wardrobe disappears into the master bedroom, designed by Shapeless Studio, and provides ample storage for clothes without physically or visually encroaching on the living space.

If your pantry has glass doors or screens, cover them with a nice cloth. It hides all your stored clothes and adds some flair to your space. If you don’t know how to sew, you can use Velcro to attach the fabric. We love the floral print design Anna Spiro chose here to complement the moss green paint job.

With these wicker baskets on the upper shelves of this closet by Gideon Mendelson, we can focus on beautiful finishes and materials and keep the non-seasonal pieces of staples that are rarely used out of sight. Aheaplus Wood Clothes Rack Wardrobe Closet For Hanging Clothes Heavy Duty Garment Rack, Large Corner L Shaped Closet System Organizers Walk In Closet For Bedroom With 11 Shelves, 3 Wood Drawers, White :

Stack baskets to keep shoes, jewelry, accessories, workout clothes, pajamas, and more close at hand. You can throw in a ton of these boxes without cluttering up your space, as Dorsey Designs did here.

If you do not have a wardrobe, but you have a collection of clothes, be organized and polished with special wall units that keep everything behind closed doors. In this bedroom design by Corinne Mathern, the built-in units provide ample storage space and match the irregular ceiling structure. They are deeper than your typical closet and wardrobe, a win for smaller rooms.

If you are narrow, put a small chest and a shoe rack under your hanging clothes. On top of the cabinet can be placed hats or accessories such as jewelry, sugar, etc

Ideas For Hanging Clothes In Small Spaces

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