Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room – Family rooms play an important role in any home. A place to relax and socialize with friends and family in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. But just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it can’t look just as elegant and stylish as a more formal living room. Read 35 family room ideas straight from the designers and learn how to recreate them in your own home.

Designed by David Mann, this family room has everything that defines comfort, from a desk to a built-in reading nook. If your living room functions as a family room, a reading nook will make it feel more like home without disturbing the formal atmosphere.

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

Instead of lining the walls of a classic gallery with photos and artwork, display something whimsical. For example, this gallery of hats in the family room by Tamsin Johnson adorns the walls, making the room more individual and unique.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

What’s the best way to combine family and adult style in one item? Show pop art. The bright colors and bold atmosphere inherent in these works will appeal to both audiences. For inspiration, look no further than this family room by Raji RM.

What could be more comforting than a toss of mutton? Put it on a chair, cover it with a rug or put it on an ottoman. Designed by Benjamin Vandiver, this family room is done in warm tones for added intimacy.

However, if you have small children running around, the softer the anchor, the better. For example, a fabric-covered ottoman with a tray on top is much cozier than a glass coffee table (did you know? You can also upholster the walls!). Classic and playful prints, traditional elements and unexpected colors are used in combination to make it child-friendly and stylish. This exquisite space from Nick Olsen is a perfect example.

This simple family room, designed by Robert McKinley Studio, incorporates lots of textures, from rugs to curtains to sofas. These everyday materials create a fresh, elegant yet familiar feel.

Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Add a home bar to your family room to make it comfortable for kids and adults alike. It’s a great place to entertain guests, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space when it’s stuck on its side or up. In this family room from Reath Design, you’ll also want to mix mint green paint on the walls and ceiling for a fresh look.

No room for a real full bar at home? No problem! Instead, dress up your bar cart like Beata Human did in this eclectic lounge.

If the space is large enough, think beyond the sofa, coffee table and TV in the family room. In this Malibu home by Romanek Design Studio, multiple windows create a contemporary canvas of ping pong tables for the kids and stools for the adults, separating the play area from the living room.

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

Too outrageous? It is not true. With a gold ceiling, tangerine walls, floral motifs and bright colors, this family room designed by Kathy Ridder isn’t afraid to have fun.

Make Your Small Living Room Chic With These Decorating Ideas

No playroom is complete without tools. Take notes in this space designed by Patti Lau for one half of the music duo The Chainsmokers. A Yamaha grand piano anchors the room, setting the stage for the other instruments and musical memorabilia that line the shelves.

If you don’t have space for both a sofa and a club chair, forego the sofa and opt for a pair of cozy armchairs like the Jeju designer used in this living room. If you have a fireplace, tilt it towards it to create cozy relaxation and conversation while drawing attention.

Consider adding a banquette table for light meals or casual dining to make the spacious family room versatile. This will avoid accumulation of crumbs on the sofa. Built-in benches, such as this stylish bench designed by Arent & Pyke, will help you save space.

Designed by Janet Whitson, this family room has plenty of comfortable seating, a built-in storage wall, traditional rugs and playful yet neutral upholstery (not just a blue sofa on blue velvet, but also a printed tent ceiling!) and the perfect balance: Fashionable and timeless. A wall of sliding glass doors in the barn also adds an intimate feel.

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv [with Layout]

Nothing adds fun like a playful touch in the family room. This hanging media room chair by Romanek design studio proves our point, while the beautiful leather upholstery provides a more sophisticated look. It’s the perfect combination of cozy and cool (especially for those who hate color).

If you don’t have a spare room to use as a family room, move it outside or onto a screened-in porch. Designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, this building features fireplaces, rugs, and outdoor rugs that provide enough comfort and warmth for people to hang out.

A super soft and comfortable sectional with plenty of room to spread out during cinema is a must in any family room. In this room designed by Studio DB, we’re looking for an unusual pendant lamp and colorful pillows.

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

Make the family room intimate and cozy by painting the walls a dark color. Then liven it up with bright furniture like an orange sofa and a green armchair, as decorator Andrew Fletcher did here.

Decorating Ideas For Styling A Small Living Room

Layers of materials and textures greatly enhance the comfort of a family room. Stick to neutral colors for an elegant look. If you’re looking to venture into all-white decorative art, look no further than this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

This fireplace in the room, designed by GRT Architects, is made for family gatherings. To create an even cozier atmosphere, lean a few tools against the wall to provide ample seating space. Floating shelves add a sense of life while increasing capacity.

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Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements That Maximize Space

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If your small living room seems cramped for your style and is an underutilized area of ​​your home, here are some design tips and tricks to make even the smallest room feel bigger. 10 small living room ideas to help you make the most of your living room space, from where to place furniture with the right lighting to how to make the most of the floor and walls to avoid wasting space. No matter how big your room is, you will have available space. If you need small living room design ideas to make a compact room feel spacious and livable, here are 10 of our favorite small living room decorating tips.

Interior Design Styles For Small Living Room

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Inexpensive Ideas To Update Your Living Room

One of the easiest ways to increase the space in a small living room and make it look bigger

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