Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

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Small apartment living room ideas are something we’re always looking for because most of us aren’t blessed with a ton of space. It’s always inspiring how creatively you can provide thoughtful and stylish small living rooms, apartments and all its small spaces.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

We’ve put together five spaces to show you how much you can do with a living room in a small flat – from practical tips on how to expand the space to buying multifunctional furniture to make it more durable your room

Best Small Apartment Living Room Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

When furnishing a small living room in the apartment from scratch, there is a tendency to focus on functionality. But yes, practicality is just as important as designing in small spaces, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about style.

We’ve got all the practical advice and inspirational design ideas you need, so keep scrolling and get inspired…

When choosing furniture for the living room of a small apartment, less is probably more. Really think about the pieces you need and you can use a lot for them.

Storage and seating are important, but could you ditch the sofa for two comfy chairs or opt for a small sectional that can be designed to fit your space? When deciding on storage space, think about what furniture will double the storage space so you don’t waste space on just storage pieces. Coffee tables with hidden storage, as well as TV units, are ideal for this.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas To Maximize Space And Style

We used to advise keeping things simple in a small room to make the space feel as big and airy as possible.

We may have to back up a bit. Don’t be afraid to keep adding lots of ‘stuff’ to a small living room, you don’t want it to feel cramped and stuffy, so don’t forget to add prints and patterns that match your style. This can make the space look larger, as too much wall volume can blur the edges of the room.

Our tip is to keep at least two walls completely clean and make sure there is some negative space.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

So, to avoid feeling like you’re living small with all your beautiful pieces, replace dark and bulky furniture with more elegant pieces. You want light to flow around your space and enough space between the furniture and the floor to make the space feel airy.

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

It’s interior design 101, mirrors maximize space. A strategically placed mirror can make even the smallest living room feel larger and lighter. Nothing too heavy or ornate, go for a simple mirror and go as big as you think your space can handle. Instead of placing it on a high wall behind the furniture, try hanging it on the floor like in the upstairs room, or you can get a mirror that leans against the wall (a good solution if you’re renting).

A very simple and small idea for the living room that does not involve buying a new one is to rearrange your space. When designing a living room layout, there is a general tendency to push all the furniture against the walls.

But this effort to regain those precious few inches often fails. Instead, copy this small living room design and move the furniture a little further from the wall to create space outside the room and group them around a central coffee table.

We always want to make a small space feel bigger, but what about embracing smaller proportions? You want the living room to be cozy and inviting, and small living rooms are perfect for that, so put soft furniture, add soft, bright lighting (fairy lights are so bright) and the entry to your DD means beautiful space.

This Apartment Interior Is Filled With Creative Storage And Decor Ideas

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When square footage is limited, it’s important to keep everything organized, so super savvy storage is needed. Wall shelves look amazing even in small living rooms (as the #shelfie trend proves), are often inexpensive and save valuable floor space.

Choose a combination of open and closed shelving to hide unsightly clutter and keep all your goodies and healthy houseplants on display. Check out our gallery for more amazing shelving ideas.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

In general, white walls and minimalist colors will always make a small living room feel more spacious. But neutral does not mean boring, there are many neutral colors with which you can create a really interesting space. Pair white with off-white, cream, gray and brown to add depth.

Small Dining Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

It may be common knowledge that if you want to expand a small living room in the apartment, you should stick to light colors, but color lovers do not fear, because filling a room with color can have the same effect . Choosing a bold, colorful palette will reduce the small dimensions of the room.

If you prefer a more colorful aesthetic than magnolia-blah, go with it. Approach with a little planning, pick some colors and decorate the room in a way that doesn’t take up space – rugs, cushions, throws and home textiles will be your friends here.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to remove furniture legs and replace them with wall brackets. But if you lift that piece of furniture off the floor and raise it a few inches off the ground, it will make the eye think there’s more space because there’s nothing breaking up the floor.

You knew it was coming. In every small space gallery, you know at least one point will reference Marie Kondo and how decluttering is your best bet. Sorry guys, there’s a reason you hear this a lot because it’s true. The best way to create a light, airy and spacious living room is to literally have a few things in it.

Budget Friendly Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

Now that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and have a sofa floating in the middle of the room, but evaluate everything in your current space and decide if it works, would it work well elsewhere? Does it bring something into the room? You’ll find that having a few things to rotate around your space will instantly make it feel bigger.

A very easy trick to add some height to a small living room is curtains. Hang curtains slightly above the window and let them fall to the floor to create the hint of larger windows and higher ceilings. Since you want to maximize natural light, also choose a light floating material.

An easy way to enlarge the living room of a small apartment? Add a large rug. In a small space, lots of small furniture and decorations floating around the room can make it feel smaller. Meanwhile, a large rug that’s almost the size of the room won’t overwhelm the floor space and can be used as an anchor for your furniture. Treat the dimensions of the rug as the edges of the room and plan your layout around them.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Using glass or acrylic furniture in a small space is a way to get additional furniture without adding too much visual clutter to the space. They add extra space to park your coffee, but almost fade into the background when not in use as the light shines through them. good

Small Living Room Ideas To Copy For Rooms Of Any Size

You always want a small space to be bright, but you don’t want it to come from just one source. Layered lighting is key to creating atmosphere, so make sure we have two lights in our space. Along with the ceiling light, add some sconces (suitable for small apartment living rooms as they take up a lot of floor space) and a floor lamp for softer but more focused lighting.

Love how this floor lamp works almost like a pendant and adds a real focal point to the room.

Shopping second hand is the best way to decorate a small apartment living room on a budget. Look for bargains and eBay, and even if something isn’t perfect, think about whether you can upcycle it to fit your space. Buying used furniture and decorations

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