Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

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Fortunately, if you try to resize images with “dumb” image editing tools, there are “smart” tools that can help you easily resize images without pixelation problems.

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

All you have to do is attach your photo. The tools then use sophisticated algorithms to create an enhanced version that looks incredibly natural.

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In this article, I have tested the best photo zoom tools and will share the tools and test results with you.

For consistency during testing, I used the following two images to run each image zoom tool. The main goal is to show detailed image results, and this quality is better if you start with a larger file.

I also did two tests on each image: 2x the original size and 8x the original size. Click on any exam image to view full size image.

Upscalepics offers several exclusive free photo components with affordable pricing plans. Online Resizer is proven to be one of the most effective image resizing tools out there, even though you don’t need to download any software.

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The actual image file size is significantly increased compared to other tools. Our original (large) image shows excellent detail when expanded to a larger file. The second image (smaller source file) looks fine when enlarged for this blog post, but is noticeably distorted in actual size (click image to open in new tab).

On1 Resize is premium desktop software with a variety of features for resizing images, creating printable graphics, and simulating how images will look when printed.

Of course, the file size grew with all the tests. They are not too big and each extension is related to the appropriate size. The first proof of Figure 1 is high-quality but soft looking. Interestingly, the second (larger) transformation in Figure 1 is even more pronounced. It’s a nice transition.

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

Figure 2 (small source file) has the same result. The first test (2x the size) produced a smoother image, and the largest file (8x larger) looked slightly better. It’s not as clear as the test in Figure 1, but it’s not bad. It is clear that the results in Figure 2 have distortions such as blurring.

Compress Images And Photos To Reduce File Size has the easiest interface. Some may like it, but others will notice that it looks a bit dated.

That being said, you can’t beat the simplicity of the process. You upload an image, choose a format, and then choose the size you want

Both of the tests in Figure 1 performed much better than I expected. I would say that each enhanced image resolution is better quality than any other tool on this list, at least without touching the editing features.

Test image 2 was a different story. seems to provide fast and quality enlarged images as long as the original file is not too small.

Ai Image Upscaler: Upscale Image Online For Free With Ai

There is also a maximum width limit, which makes it difficult to zoom in without losing quality.

Befunky is an online photo editor and enhancer with powerful options for resizing, editing and adding effects. However, it offers unique features that combine with creative textures to turn ordinary photos into works of art. It’s like you want one of your photos to look like a painting or a picture.

For image resizing, Bufunky provides a free and fast resize tool to increase the width, height, and overall size of your images by percentage. You’ll find hundreds of photo editing features, but if you want to zoom in, you’ll need to go to Edit → Resize.

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

The Befunky Plus plan starts at $4.99 per month for an annual plan and $9.99 per month for monthly billing. It unlocks a one-click AI image enhancer, smart editing tool, background remover, batch photo editor and many more filters, effects and productivity options.

Image Cropper: Crop Image Online For Free

Hard results were achieved when zooming the image from 1 to 2x, and the edges were slightly blurred when only zoomed in. This allows for more zoom, and if you don’t lock the aspect ratio or use smaller images, you can achieve higher levels. The top 6.8x zoom in image 1 gives the same results as the previous test: we lose marginal quality from the original, but the 6.8x zoom looks pretty similar to the 2x retouch.

Image 2 was a different story, as the 2x zoom was quite blurry and the 8x zoom looked silly. Note that smaller images can be zoomed to a higher percentage in Befunky (up to 8x zoom in Figure 2). By the way, the file size is still manageable.

The experiment showed clear advantages and disadvantages. You can’t expect quality results when you start with a small image and scale it up with Befunky. You also shouldn’t expect decent resolution for printing. However, we like it as one of the best options for quickly uploading a reasonably sized image and getting a large version that looks great on digital devices. You shouldn’t have any problems using the results of Figure 1 on your website or blog. Befunky is free and easy to use, which is a huge plus. There are also sharpening tools to help after resizing.

Reshade is basically free desktop software for resizing images and enhancing those images in the process. I love that it’s lightweight software without a hefty price tag. Not to mention, you can upload photos in bulk.

Image Enlarger: Enlarge Images Online For Free

Reshade does a great job of keeping file sizes to a minimum while maintaining the quality you expect from digital photos.

Reshade appears to include a vector resizing technique that allows you to add animation-like elements to larger images to fill in the data. If you don’t overdo it, your image will look bright and colorful. They even look like pictures when done right.

The Image 2 test has more blur, but it’s still better than the other tools we’ve tested. I’m sure you can improve the results with simple post-processing tools.

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

GIMP is an open source version of Photoshop. This is a popular photo application that you download to your desktop. The best thing about GIMP is that there are no limits to what you can do with this software, and the possibilities to explore are vast. It’s much more than just zooming in on an image.

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For value interpolation, we found that selecting “none” gives the best results. But it depends on the size of the image, so they can be adjusted when the size changes

The size of the resulting file has nothing to do with dimensions, and I don’t understand it. This leads me to believe that resizing is not compatible. For example, a 2400 x 1600 px file is 167 KB, and a 600 x 400 px file is 249 KB. I think they would be the opposite.

However, both experiments in Figure 1 were remarkable. Details are preserved with small color variations and nice depth.

GIMP had a lot of trouble with Figure 2. I couldn’t get it to work, which leads me to believe that GIMP needs to have a slightly larger original image to be a good solution for upscaling without losing quality.

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I recommend trying them all out, maybe installing one or two on your computer. Because all images are different sizes. Some tools work best with vector-style images or graphics. Others worked very well for detailed landscape images, but not for vector or shape-based graphics (like logos).

After resizing the image, you want to optimize it so that large images don’t slow down your website. Check out some of these guidelines to help you do just that:

Wondering how to enlarge photos without losing quality? Ask us in the comments!

Make Image Bigger Without Losing Quality Online

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