Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

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Fortunately, there are some “smart” tools that can help you easily resize images without the pixelation problems you encounter when you try to resize your image with a “dumb” image editing tool.

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

All you do is enter your photo. The tools then use fancy algorithms to generate an enlarged version that looks surprisingly natural.

How To Enlarge A Picture Without Losing Quality In Microsoft Word

In this post, I’ve tested six of the best photo zoom tools and will share the tools and test results with you.

To maintain consistency during testing, I used the following two images when running each image zoom tool. The purpose is to show results from a detailed image and to demonstrate that the quality often ends up being better if you start with a larger file.

We also ran two tests for each image: 2x original size and 8x original size. Click on one of the test images to view the full size image.

Upscalepics offers several high-end free photo items along with affordable pricing plans. This online resizer requires no software download, but it proves to be one of the most effective tools for increasing image size.

How To Upscale Images From Stable Diffusion

The actual image file size has increased by a significant amount compared to other tools. Our first image (larger) shows excellent detail when enlarged to a larger file. The second image (smaller original file) looks fine when scaled down in this blog post, but the actual full size has noticeable distortion (click image to open in new tab).

On1 Resize is a premium desktop program with a multitude of features for scaling an image, creating printable graphics, and simulating how the image will actually look when printed.

Of course, the file size grew with all the tests. It didn’t get too big because each expansion is tied to its own dimensions. The first test image 1 is of higher quality but with a softer appearance. Interestingly, the second (larger) transformation of image 1 appeared more pronounced. It’s a big transformation.

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

Image 2 (original smaller file) has similar results. The first test (2x size) gave a softer image, with the larger file (8x size) coming out slightly better. It’s not as clean as test image 1, but it’s not bad. The results of image 2 clearly have distortions such as blur.

Make Your Photo Bigger Without Losing Quality By Elgrandepatka has the simplest interface. Some may like this, but others will notice that it looks like something from another era.

However, you cannot exceed the process guidelines. You can upload an image, choose the format and then select the required dimensions.

Both tests of Image 1 turned out to be much better than I expected. I would argue that the resolution of any enlarged image is of a higher quality than any other tool on this list – at least without the need for editing features.

The 2 photo tests were another story. All have noticeable blurring and slight color changes as the images get larger. seems to provide a fast, high-quality, enlarged image as long as the original file is not too small.

Video Resizer: One Click Video Resize Online

There’s also a maximum width limit, which is problematic if you’re trying to enlarge images without losing quality.

Befunky is an online photo editor with powerful options for resizing, retouching and adding effects. However, it also offers unique features for adding creative textures and turning ordinary photos into a work of art, such as when you want to turn one of your photos into a painting or drawing.

To resize images, Bufunky provides a fast and free resizer to increase the width, height and overall size of your images by a percentage. You’ll find hundreds of image editing features, but you’ll need to go to Edit → Resize if you want to enlarge the image.

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

The Befunky Plus plan starts at $4.99 per month for an annual plan and $9.99 per month when billed monthly. This unlocks features like a one-click AI photo enhancer, smarter editing tools, background remover, collage editor and many more filters, effects and productivity options.

How To Resize An Image In Photoshop

Zooming in at 1x and 2x produces solid results, with a slight blurring around the edges that’s only noticeable when inspected while zooming. Larger increments are allowed, and you can go even further if you don’t lock the aspect ratio or use smaller images. In any case, the maximum 6.8x magnification in Image 1 showed similar results to our previous test: we lose marginal quality from the original, but the 6.8x magnification looks quite similar to editing at 2x.

Photo 2 was a different story, with 2x magnification showing a decent amount of blur and 8x magnification looking ridiculous. I will note that you can scale smaller images to larger ratios in Befunky (I managed to get 8x with image 2). Not to mention that file sizes remain manageable.

The test showed clear strengths and weaknesses. You can’t start with a small image and expect high quality results when you scale it up with Befunky. You shouldn’t expect decent print accuracy either. However, we found it to be one of the best options for quickly uploading a fairly large image and getting a larger version that looks great on digital devices. You will have no problem using the results of image 1 on a website or blog. It’s also a big plus that Befunky is free and easy to use. There is also a sharpening tool that can help after resizing.

Reshade is a free desktop program designed primarily to resize images and enhance those images in the process. I love that it’s an easy program without the high price tag. Not to mention you can upload images in bulk.

How Do I Resize A Gif In Photoshop Without Losing Quality?

Reshade has done an incredible job of keeping file sizes down while maintaining the quality of what we would expect from a digital photo.

Reshade appears to include a vector adjustment strategy that allows you to add cartoon-like elements to large images to fill out the data. Your photos will continue to look sharp and colorful as long as you don’t overdo it. They really look like paintings when done right.

Image 2’s tests are slightly cloudier, but still superior compared to other tools we’ve tested. I’m sure I could have improved the results with the simple post-processing tools available.

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

GIMP is an open source alternative to Photoshop. It is a popular image processing software that you download to your desktop. The best part about GIMP is that it has a solid following to explore the features and there is no limit to what you can do with the program. It’s much more than just enlarging an image.

Free Image Resizer Tools To Resize Photos Online

I found that selecting “None” for the quality interpolation gave the best results. However, it depends on the size of the image, so feel free to adjust it if you resize it.

The sizes of the resulting files were not related to dimensions, which I don’t understand. It makes me think there is an inconsistency with the resizing. For example, a 2400 x 1600 pixel file is 167 KB, while a 600 x 400 pixel file is 249 KB. I guess that will come back.

Anyway, both tests for Picture 1 were great. Details remain, with subtle color changes and nice depth.

GIMP really struggled with Image 2. I couldn’t get it to work, which leads me to believe that you need a slightly larger original image for GIMP to serve as a viable solution to scaling images without losing the quality.

Let’s Enhance: Image Quality Ai & Free Online Photo Enlarger

I suggest you try them all and maybe have one or two on your computer. The reason for this is that all images change differently. Some tools work better with graphics or vector-style graphics. Others did great for detailed landscape images, but not for vector or shape-based graphics (such as logos).

Once you’ve resized your image, you’ll need to optimize it so that the larger image doesn’t slow down your site. To help you do this, check out some of these guides:

Still have questions about how to enlarge photos without losing quality? Ask us in the comments!

Make A Picture Bigger Without Losing Quality

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