Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living Room

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Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living Room

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living Room

The key to mid-century modern living room furniture is to invest in utilitarian style furniture with clean lines. Choose functional furniture combined with abstract prints based on organic shapes. For inspiration, look to mid-century icons such as Eames, Arne Jacobsen, and Paul Evans, the leading mid-century designers. Some of the best interior designers still refer to his work. This will give you an idea of ​​what to look for when decorating your living room.

Mid Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Interior Design

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This contemporary living room was designed by interior designer Leticia Laurent of Lor Nell Interiors. “The key to a successful mid-century modern look is striking an interesting balance between eras and colors. Mixing palettes and textures is also important. Think walnut, which has a beautiful patina with rich jewel tones like blue.” Royal or emerald green,” Laurent told Homme.

“It’s all about giving the whole space a sense of harmony and moving the eye from one interesting part to the next.”

Interior Design Mid Century Modern Bohemian Living Room

With mid-century decor, you can always find key pieces of furniture that are classics of the time. “This style of design calls for recycled treasures mixed with vintage elements and more streamlined elements. Imagine a vintage desk paired with a modern ergonomic chair. It gives a mid-century modern look,” adds Laurent.

One element of mid-century design that continues even in modern homes is wood. Loved for their timeless beauty, durability and warmth, they make a mid-century home special. Choose streamlined wood furniture with tapering legs for mid-century charm.

The first decorating tip to give your small living room the illusion of more space is to invest in the right furniture. Fortunately, many mid-century products have intentional, elegant designs that are geared toward the baby boomer generation. This functional, fluid and slim piece of furniture is loved by those who want small living room ideas that give the illusion of more space.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living Room

Symmetry in the interior design creates a sense of balance and calm. A symmetrical layout helps make any small space feel larger while making any mid-century home stylish and comfortable. Think pairs for accent chairs, side lamps, tables, and other key items. When arranging furniture in your living room, find a focal point, such as a television or a large coffee table, and place your furniture around it. For example, you could place a statement rug in the center of a mid-century modern living room.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Break away from the traditional mid-century aesthetic for a more contemporary look by opting for Scandinavian pieces. In general, Scandinavian spaces share many mid-century design elements. It will be a clear, clear and efficient space where functional and aesthetic elements harmonize.

In a mid-century modern living room, using primary colors like red, blue, and yellow is a subtle way to make your décor stand out beautifully. These colors might be too bright for a mid-century modern living room. But it’s all about the shades of these colors and the general color scheme.

For example, a living room with warm, earthy natural surroundings provides the perfect backdrop to set a beautiful scene and add vibrant primary color accessories.

Use classic wood for a mid-century modern look, but don’t be afraid to use other materials. Mix and match textures like leather, concrete, metal and velvet for a more modern approach. Mid-century style focuses on functionality and practicality, but still leaves room for decorative accents such as greenery, glass fixtures, and more.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Stick to low-key options when looking for furniture like sofas, accent chairs, and tables. Choose clothes with narrow legs and a low waist. Mid-century decor is known for streamlined designs that create the illusion of space in even the smallest of rooms. While a mid-20th century living room encourages the eye to look down, sometimes a lamp distracts the eye as it continues to scan the room.

Not all mid-century modern living rooms have neutral colors and simple décor. Feel free to embrace trends and bring out your fun side. Get inspired by the 50s and 60s with vibrant wallpapers, bold geometry and playful colors. Go for bold floral prints that add color to your interiors without straying too far from the mid-century aesthetic.

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Mid Century Modern Interior Design Living Room

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The Basics Of Mid Century Modern Design

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Samantha is an editor covering all things home, including home improvement and repairs. He has edited home design and repair content for websites such as The Spruce and HomeAdvisor. She hosts videos on DIY home tips and solutions and has started several home improvement review boards with licensed professionals. Design is always circular. Styles from their heyday are re-emerging in new ways. Mid-century modern design is by no means the only aesthetic that has been resurrected, but it has been resurrected with unparalleled staying power. A modern aesthetic is defined by clean lines, organic shapes, a less is more approach, and high functionality (think design icons like Florence Knoll, Herman Miller, and Arne Jacobson). It became popular in the 1940s and after a second wave of interest in the late 1990s, it still hasn’t stopped being a mainstream shape, much to the dismay of many design scholars.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas: 15 Expert Ways To Introduce This Timeless Trend |

In fact, the debate about the relevance of mid-century design has been going on among designers for decades. Some suggest that it must be removed if it has not become ours, while many attest to its infinite permanence. “We don’t call it Mid-Century Modern, but rather the era of design,” says Piotr Paradowski, lead designer at Paradowski Studio. “It started in the late 20th century, but it’s still relevant to the modern day. Live.”

Whichever side of the debate you fall on, it’s clear that the mid-century modern aesthetic has left an indelible mark on the world of design. It’s a function and form that we can all learn from. So, whether you’re committed to a complete mid-century home makeover or just want to spruce up your living room with a few simple tweaks, you can bring your favorite looks from the ELLE DECOR pages to make an impact. Read on for 48 Mid-Century Modern living rooms that step back in time. We promise you won’t want to come

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