Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Hello! I’m Suzanna, a serious DIY enthusiast and mother of two young children. Follow along with my top DIY home improvement, sewing and crafting projects, real food recipes, and stress-busting goals.

I believe you can love your home as it is and have the ability to design and make major changes to make it even better.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you’d like to get my detailed budget sheet and check out my recent post on my One Room Challenge master bedroom project, I’ll be sharing some of my best finds! Redoing one room at a time can be expensive…but there are some easy ways to save!

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I’ve done budgeting before, but for our bathroom and kitchen – you can expect thousands of items, not hundreds. I’m a pretty smart shopper when it comes to this bedroom renovation, but I was amazed at the overall result!

If you’re new to this project, you can check out the full story in this post, including “before” photos, design ideas, and techniques. This room makeover includes new drapes, lighting, design and trim.

…Well, here it is! This is my money spent. (I’ve also included a full list of sources if you want more details.)

Add fast! All of these are great prices on these items. Not a huge gap (although new mattresses and rugs are never cheap unless you find a great estate sales account or something).

Charming But Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas • The Budget Decorator

Yes, some products are sponsored and provided by me for free. However, I bought a new bed and literally changed everything in the room – if you start with a few pieces and keep them, you don’t need to buy as many as I did, even.

I didn’t add paint because we did all the painting of the entire house in one go in July. Therefore, the “before” photos are shown in this post.

After going through the One Room Challenge with this project, I’m sure I have some tips for you! It created a truly perfect custom design for the room and shopped my way. After doing a lot of frugal work in the past, I definitely recommend furnishing your home – but if you have a specific design in mind, finding the right furniture can take years. Instead, here are my tips to create the space of your dreams in no time!

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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Midcentury Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

While our master bedroom isn’t furnished yet, I thought it would be a good time to share an update on its current state and what it used to look like. We still need to replace a few things with more fitting furniture (like the plastic sock drawer I hid behind the mirror, 2 bedside tables and a nondescript dresser), but I’m very happy with the way it is now!

I’m sure you can understand how excited it is to finally have your own “master bedroom” right? I lived with my parents 4 years ago and moved into Jun’s parents house, we lived in a small bedroom with a king size bed for 2 years, so I hope our master bedroom can be polished, “We are now I’m an adult!” Vibration

Remember – what this bedroom looked like before we entered. Some color and thoughtful planning can really open up and brighten a space!

The room had a narrow window and a wide glass sliding door to the back yard, both old vertical blinds were missing and falling down. We decided to take them and install 2 pairs of full length blinds of the same width. The way sheer curtains diffuse the light, you can’t tell that the window is much smaller than a sliding door.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas From Designers

Our windows were really old, thin double pane windows, the argon gas between the panes had long since leaked, so the room was leaky.

Morning sun and warmth. They face east so we needed some blackout drapes to stop the room from heating up in the morning – there’s nothing worse than waking up to an uncomfortably warm room with harsh sunlight. As you probably already know, drapes can be quite expensive, and while drapes are often the cheapest option, it can still be difficult to find quality materials at low prices. But I tried these AmazonBasics blackout shades and they didn’t disappoint! About $24 a pair, that’s for sure

If I get curtain rods that wrap around the ends of the room, we’ll definitely see zero light leaks, but I want to keep the cost down and buy simple double curtain rods that used to accommodate blackout drapes and $12 sheer drapes. They’re They’re Another Amazon Score: $25 Double Curtain Rods! The fins at the end are plastic, but the bars don’t bend and hold up these heavy screens really well, so I’m impressed.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Like the rest of the house, the walls and ceiling of this room are painted pure white. As with our living room and most of our house, we stuck with Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain, but to save a bunch of money we color matched it with Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra paint. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember how I felt about this color in my living room, which looks a bit purple on an overcast day, but in the light of the large windows, the room looks like a true gray. I think of it as a very calming color in all my neutral furniture and decor.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom (without Buying Anything!)

I only wanted 4 frames above the headboard but since I shop at HomeGoods I can only find 3 matching white frames. I’m thinking about getting a bigger one eventually, but so far I think these look great. I don’t have the exact link for these Mikasa frames, but you can get a similar 4-pack for less on Amazon ($8.99 for my 3-pack).

I also wanted some large bedside mirrors, but while casually browsing Walmart, I found these $23 door mirrors that I couldn’t say no to. Frame is made of faux gray wood with a grain similar to real wood grain!

Our nightstands are actually the last living room tables I got from my mom and I haven’t decided to replace them with better ones. I use the nightstand drawers for books, magazines, medicines, etc. I want everything to fit together and not be displayed sloppy, so I wait for the perfect pair to show up. However, I get a lot of questions about mine, so here’s a link to what I currently have in my room.

For bedside lamps, I prefer ones that are simple in design (and price). I don’t really want any “loud” bedside lights, and seeing how expensive they are, I can’t justify paying more for them. These $15 bulbs are simple, but make perfect use of my black accent color, and they have an outlet to plug in a phone charger.

Peek Into My Own Lake House Bedroom Makeover!

On the subject of my bed, I have to say this is probably my favorite purchase for an entire bedroom. A king-size bed is only $277, and that includes the entire bed frame and slats, not just the headboard. I guess my only complaint is that the headboard is a bit lower than I’d like, but that’s because our bed is really thick! It rises high on a thin bed. This is definitely not a cheap bed frame so I appreciate that

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