Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room

Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room – There’s a reason minimalism is having such a big moment in the design world (and beyond — thank you Netflix and Marie Kondo) — when done right, it creates a clean, calm space without fear. Minimalism requires efficient use and distraction-free spaces, both of which go beyond the visual and actually create a more peaceful, livable, and upgraded environment. This is great for the living room because that’s where you know you live. That’s why we’ve rounded up 23 small living room ideas to help you revitalize the style at home. Read on for more design and decorating ideas for small, large and small living rooms – and tips on how to implement them in your own space.

It’s good to live modestly and look small. You can make some modifications to make the most of every usable inch. For example, opt for a chair instead of a couch or for add-on and stackable tables instead of a large coffee table.

Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room

Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room

If you love modern design but don’t want to sacrifice color, let Arent & Pyke’s living room be your guide. The materials and finishes used have been stripped back to monochromatic palettes, allowing the heritage and basics to shine as beautifully as they are. Then they bring energy through a muted pink rug and navy blue armchair.

Best Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas (with Inspiring Photos)

And if you think about it, why use color when you can achieve a perfect design with white? This makes the whole process easier as you don’t have to worry about everything fitting together or not. And just because it’s monochromatic doesn’t mean you can’t use it easily. interesting information. It’s all about looks and stuff like that. For example, in this living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, the designer replaces the traditional arrangement with semi-circular chairs (which also work for entertaining), a brushed IKEA rug and a rope lamp.

This is a lesson in monochrome decor and spirit (except for the green pillow, the perfect pop character). Designed by the Razavi studio, this Parisian apartment is a mix of contemporary modern decor with neoclassical roots. While the room’s bones evoke a sense of elegance, the large Moroccan rug and spacious white sofa are more understated. Proof that small spaces can be cozy and warm.

A key element of minimalism is the definition of simple, streamlined shapes. The other stays in the country. What could be more down-to-earth than a coffee table on the floor? Design company Hecker Guthrie combines warm leather, chairs made of natural wood and an unusual but modest bookcase. The lesson of history? Remove the table stand and place the tablet directly on the floor.

As the queen of all white interiors (she even painted the wood in the fireplace white), Leanne Ford is always coming up with new and innovative ways to present a special space with beautiful colors, surprises and restorations. In this small living room, he chooses an object splashed with bright colors: the Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair in red.

Space Boosting Design Ideas For A Small Living Room

In a small living room, every item must play a strong role – weak connections are not allowed. This room is a perfect example. With only three pieces of furniture, two chairs and a small coffee table, it still makes a strong impression and conveys a sense of personal style. This is largely thanks to the innovative engine found in modern lighting.

The clean lines of this living room designed by Robson Rak make it hard not to feel comfortable looking at it. Even the details and shapes of the vertical window covering the cushions on the sofa are soothing. Then the green nesting tables with their round shapes and different heights create a contrast. The white painted walls make the space livable and accessible.

Quality wall art is a wonderful way to add character to a small living room. Although it doesn’t take up space on the surface, the right part has been completely changed. In this living room, cushions in orange and marigolds provide a special light image in the room. For a similar look, use a special photo like this to match the colors of your cushions for the occasion.

Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room

Monochrome reigns supreme when it comes to minimalist designs. A clean and well-organized gallery keeps things interesting without creating visual clutter. Then add a cast iron end table and a simple mid-century coffee table to create a simple, understated and modern living room.

Ideas To Create A Minimalist Living Room That Will Maximize Your Space

What it lacks in decorative detail it makes up for in fresh looks and proportions. This living room designed by Studio DB is an absolute beauty. From the shape of an elegant leather armchair to a light sculpture made from rice paper and a geometric rug, each element complements and enriches the other.

Who says short people are afraid of color? The trick is to stick to one hue, like this modern blue living room designed by Robson Rak. Soft tones and rounded shapes in the interior, from the marble table next to the chandelier to the round sofa, look like an embrace in the shape of the living room.

As you may already know, minimalism is all about keeping clutter to a minimum. And no matter how hard you try, things pile up over the years. Therefore, storage solutions are very important, especially in a small space like this. Floating shelves lining the doorway make full use of vertical space, allowing for trinkets to be stored in attractive containers and ornaments that show through without disturbing the floor.

This is proof that minimalism is not the same as modern interior design. Elegant, simple and right in the middle of modernity and tradition, this living room designed by Studio DB is as timeless as it gets. The natural layout encourages conversation and comfort, and the large windows let in plenty of natural light no matter what.

New Interior Project: A Light Filled, Minimalist Kitchen And Living Room In South London

Set in a truly minimalist setting, Hecker Guthrie was “inspired by the harsh and untamed landscape in which he lives… With references to the dark, menacing tuff and stoic elements that make up the coast, he represents a deliberate departure from the Sea represents inspiration.” This helped them to develop a dark color palette with lots of wood, stone, fabric and metal. , which connects a modern and minimalist home with nature.

Studio Razavi designed this Parisian apartment as a breath of fresh air. It not only proves that you can use wall art in a small setting (the gray color promises not to clutter up the space), but it is also the best example of fun and calm, special and indoor use. A linen sofa bed, rice paper stools, carpeted chairs, jute rugs and a planter table set the stage for the space.

“Downsizing from a large family home to a light-filled home with stunning harbor views,” design house Arent & Pyke combines soft, romantic touches with minimalist design. Pure linen, for example, emits a soft, luxurious sheen, while a jute rug promises no glare (of course, we love the cooling power of a jute rug). While uber pretty, cushions, flowers, and accent chairs give the space a youthful, upbeat vibe.

Minimalist Interior Design For Small Living Room

Minimalism and high open spaces (or almost anything with high ceilings) are a match made in heaven. When it comes to decorating a small space, you can’t go wrong with a plain sofa with a simple and elegant top. Her modesty makes her easily attractive. Then add warmth with faux fur and lots of greenery for a vibrant vibe.

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

The more beautiful the color story, the smarter the room. The best applies to the living room designed by Robson Rak. A wall of semi-open storage shelves is a wonderful way to stylishly hide clutter and showcase a few decorative items, which is important in a small space. The green throw pillow and the sofa are the undisputed highlights here.

Don’t worry if you live in a historic neighborhood and just want to preserve the original while still wanting clean, modern spaces. Where there is a will, there’s a way. And it doesn’t matter if . Contact Hecker Guthrie for help. In this case they removed the listed building and restored the historical details, like the amazing stained glass window, but chose small furniture. Thanks to the color story, they work together.

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