Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments – Of course, there are some best practices for decorating a stylish living room that work no matter the size and location, but there are a few more tips that make decorating a good idea. of the room alone. Urban homes give a new meaning to “small” and require more solutions when the home has certain limitations. So if you live in an apartment and are looking for design ideas, tips and advice from the experts, you are in good hands! We share 15 examples of living rooms designed by some of our favorite designers to help you create your design.

This living room in interior designer Devin Kirk’s Chicago apartment is the equivalent of a couple’s masterclass. A marble section fits well in a corner, while a circular ottoman with a coffee table gives a softer, less visible. Instead of adding a side table or console that would look too big here, Kirk opted for low stools. The beautiful decorative wall is another great touch (cutting it over the beautiful mill visually expands the space).

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

David Frazier makes the living room of his tiny NYC home look formal and polished despite the limited space. It divides the main room into two separate areas, one for relaxing and visiting and the other for dining and working. Large pendant lights and antiques add a personal touch to the home.

Fresh Decorating Ideas For Your Living Room

Super yellow pink in the plaster seems to completely change the look of this small New York room designed by Celery Kemble. The textured faux finish channels the wallpaper, which is not allowed according to building code. It is a good solution.

If you have an extra closet in your living room and don’t need more storage, turn it into a bar. It helps you prepare well for fun and adds depth and dimension, especially when painted in different colors, as Robert McKinley found in this.

Devin Kirk painted the wall to compliment the bed in Benjamin Moore’s Bird’s Egg. Jason Home’s sectional is reproduced from a Robert Allen Schiele canvas (it hangs above the canvas). A jute rug adds texture and dimension to a small space without overwhelming color.

Designer Sarah Solis created a home office by placing a sofa in the living room. Another part of the room is dedicated to relaxation and visiting.

Modern Living Room Ideas You Need To Try In 2023

Designed by Sia Priven, this small and cute room is painted blue by Farrow Ball. Stacked coffee table is slim and rare, which balances the carpet and elegant section.

For a small house in the city, Lisle McKenna uses soft and colorful images, but does not shy away from detail and contrast. He also chose a chair next to the dining table that has a good opportunity to provide additional seating for guests or a comfortable place to eat and read e-mail.

If you live in a city, you need a temporary situation. So why not bring it into your living room for a daily dose of herbs? Designer Elizabeth Cooper installed a citrus tree in the corner to add life and color, followed by topiaries on the windowsill.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Close up is a godsend in a small living room. In this book created by Brooklyn-based Shapeless Studio, stacked coffee table books enliven the space without cluttering it. Everything is locked behind cabinet doors.

Irresistibly Stylish Midcentury Modern Living Room Idea

This simple living room designed by Robert McKinley Studio has a lot of texture, from the rug to the shade to the sofa. These simple materials create a great atmosphere while being fresh and stylish, and even though each piece of furniture is smaller than your average furniture, it feels right at home here.

Take every opportunity to add character and flair to your living room. For this time, Heidi Caillier has created a window seat in the corner.

Don’t let uncomfortable ceilings distract you from a perfect space. With the right approach, you can make it work! Take, for example, this living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors. Neutral colors and modern shapes make it especially attractive.

“I love the mix of traditional spaces and modern staircases,” says Elisa Crater of Sister Parrish Design. the free space of his living room.

Best Small Apartment Living Room Design And Decor Ideas

A fun house plant is a surprise in this beautiful and cosmopolitan living room designed by Shawn Henderson. And instead of classic white or warm-white, he opted for a cool gray neutral color. It is perfect for a pied-à-terre.

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Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

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Modern Apartment Décor Ideas To Suit Any Size Space

Finalist in the prestigious style and design award. She is an interior designer and home decorator and has been a writer and editor for several top publications in the field for nearly 10 years.

New Yorkers know this better than anyone: in a small apartment, the best solution is to make your space bigger and brighter. So how to treat a small space? Although many small houses are cluttered and dark, the best thing you can do with limited space is to give it a good mood. Consider modern room decor with textured fabrics and less clutter.

This can be achieved with a limited color palette, smart window treatments and multiple goals. There are also some things that should not be – dark and large furniture, many beautiful things and no lighting. For beauty, you need to get rid of unnecessary and handmade items that do not fit your layout.

Make your space feel 10 times bigger: read on to find out 20 modern interior design tips for small homes.

Small And Refined Contemporary Apartment In Rio De Janeiro

White walls are not just a trend for a clean, bright room – they are also a way to make the room more open. By combining beautiful white furniture with natural colors, Becca Interiors makes this home perfect without losing the warmth of the earth tones. When choosing colors, stick to neutral palettes such as leather, wood, and woven textures, while keeping lots of colorful accents in artwork and decor.

In this room from The Sprucing House, simple white window coverings let in more light and brighten the room. Say goodbye to the blackout curtains and outdated blinds that come with your room: sheer curtains or woven shades still provide a lot of privacy without darkening your room. This is especially important for south and west windows that get the best light.

If your ceiling is low, choose a pendant light with a white shade that will not look negative in the room. Adding visual height draws the eye to make the area appear larger, without creating more space. When this light is attached to the ceiling, the room feels airy from top to bottom.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Another long-term interior decoration technique is the use of mirrors in small spaces. Large glass windows provide good lighting throughout the room and expand your space when working in low-light areas. In this living room, Jessica Nelson created a coffee table with a fireplace that is beautiful and harmonious.

A Gallery Of Living Room Inspiration

In the small, dark or corners of the room without good lighting, use a floor mirror that extends to the wall height to add visual space.

The lighting is combined with the main base with lighting such as sconces, sconces and special messages. In this East Side location, Bespoke Only uses different levels of light to create visual interest. Earth lights illuminate the dark part of the room, while hanging pendants and large mirrors draw attention to the high ceiling.

If your space is particularly limited, choose transparent furniture that seems to disappear into the room. Made of glass, lucite and acrylic, this product adds class with a glossy surface and smooth finish. Combine flat furniture with your favorite decor colors and natural accents

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