Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement – The ‘open floor plan’ has long been part of the spoken language of interior design and has been dubbed ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ trends over the years. Since then, the concept has evolved to no longer be “fashionable”, but a design decision that, if made right and in the right place, can always be beautiful – in fact, it can lead to your dream home.

The benefits of an open floor plan concept are simple: it improves the sense of space, facilitates social interaction, and improves the efficiency of usable living space (it also makes supervising small children easier). Would you like to switch to an open floor plan and liven up your living areas with an open concept? Here are our design tips to create meaning and harmony – even when there are no walls!

Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement

A great rug is key to an open floor plan living room. Honestly, they are the salvation of an open floor plan. Scroll through the examples in this article and imagine them without a carpet. Suddenly you see large, empty and cold rooms.

Arranging Furniture In A 16 Foot By 20 Foot Living Room With Four Points Of Entry

So rugs not only define your conversation spaces and direct foot traffic, they also make large open spaces feel cozy and grounded. Even layer your rugs in more versatile designs to accentuate the common room, dining room, living room, great room or family room. Rugs work because they offer subtle edges without sacrificing visual space.

A simple strategy for designing an open floor plan is to create a balanced look with large furniture. Doubling up the sofas and complementing them with a large dining table and matching chairs immediately creates a simple look that brings your living room together. Also, keeping a neutral color palette and natural materials helps keep a great space light and bright.

In a large and open space it is important to choose colors more purposefully than in a closed space. Choose an overall color palette and combine them in each individual room. Then choose two or three accent colors and add a touch of that to each area in the form of fabrics, rugs and accessories.

Accent colors help divide the space, while a more neutral color palette brings a sense of harmony to the open space. And don’t be afraid to be bold! Large open spaces without enough color can appear dull or empty.

The Reason Why People Despise Open Concept Homes

Proper lighting goes a long way in dividing your open floor plans into workable areas. Pendant lights on a surface are perfect for the kitchen area, as well as outdoor task lighting. A pendant light or chandelier above the dining table also helps define the space vertically.

Wall or floor lamps are indispensable in the living room and a table lamp on the side tables illuminates these areas clearly and harmoniously. And perhaps most importantly, install lighting that both serves as a source of ambience and directs the flow of the space.

Use your furniture to create specific stations in the larger spaces of your open floor plan to make the space feel walkable. Although a large single room can feel cluttered and directionless, a large single room with clear spaces for conversation and relaxation (sofa/living area), dining and work space (table/dining area), and for finding and preparing food (the kitchen) is just the ticket profusely. More accessible and convenient. Also, make sure there is a clear path between these stations with enough space for people to pass each other.

Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement

If a totally open plan space feels too small, you can create distractions without walls by using furniture like bookshelves or consoles. Open shelving is a great way to demystify an area like a kitchen while still letting light and space shine through.

Decorating An Open Concept Floor Plan

A console behind the sofa is another great addition to divide up the living and dining areas while keeping an eye on the kids playing in the adjoining room and maximizing your overall square footage. You’ll find that even in a small house, open plan house plans can make the space feel larger, especially when it comes to the eat-in kitchen.

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The grandeur of the space is the first thing that catches your eye when entering an open floor plan home. Depending on the arrangement of the furniture, you may feel a little overwhelmed by too much space around you, or the grandeur may be maintained with well-placed and well-proportioned furniture.

A great room idea emerged from the open floor plan that combines living room and family room functions. A television, if available, is a good starting point for furniture design. I’ve had clients who were happy to wall mount the TV and others who died from it, even though placing it above a large fireplace would make a great layout for the furniture. Placing the desired large TV will add another piece of furniture to the room. It can be frustrating when you find that the electrician and cable company dictate which walls to attach the TV and stand to. You can run most of the power and cable along each wall for a great floor plan.

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Another furniture placement challenge arises when the customer brings in furniture from their previous home. Obviously no other house was considered when purchasing the furniture. In some cases, adding parts with the right proportions can solve the space problem. What doesn’t work well is adding a lot of small things like basket collections, pedestals, etc. to fill the space. It will only give a feeling of burden.

The image shown is of the open floor plan from above. The customers of this new house decided to buy new furniture for the house. The dining area was large enough to fit a long rectangular table with 8 chairs plus a server that fit between two windows with a large clock on the wall above. There are 3 counter height stools on the island for you to have a conversation with the dining area or have a great meeting in the room. The seating areas have been designed to face the central wall with fireplace and TV, with a large screen TV above the fireplace. Due to the size of the room, 2 sofas were chosen. One sofa is designed in a light brown shade (warm) and the other in a light gray shade (cool). The thin lines of the sofas follow the style of the room. I love the low profile of the sofa arms. This makes it easy to share the small set table. An accent chair with ottoman in a bold geometric curve makes for a pleasant conversation with people seated on the island.

The dark brown wood tones of the floor harmonize well with the black cabinets and the contrasting white marble countertops and back walls.

Open Floor Plan Living Room Furniture Arrangement

A wool rug with a soft, playful pattern of neutral, warm and cool colors is used to anchor the conversation area and provide balance to the room. The open floor plan has become a major architectural trend in homes built since the 1990s, and with good reason – the layout provides a sense of spaciousness without increasing the overall square footage of the home. An open floor plan is defined as two or more rooms – excluding bathrooms, utility rooms, and bedrooms – located in one large common area.

Rules For Arranging Living Room Furniture & Tvs

While an open floor plan is popular with homebuyers who appreciate its modern flair, it can be difficult to define different spaces and keep the kitchen, dining room, living space, and family from feeling cluttered. We offer several ideas to help you maximize your open floor plan with the right separation between rooms.

Think of an open floor plan as a blank canvas on which to define and mix and match living spaces to fit your lifestyle and sense of style.

One of the easiest yet most effective ways to break up an open floor plan and create individual zones is to use area rugs. For example, a large rug can define the size and location of a living room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with furniture placement; The back legs of the sofa should not be on the carpet, even if the front legs are on it. Use your eye to judge what looks good and best define personal spaces.

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Create the illusion of individual living spaces by simply rearranging furniture within an open floor plan. By placing a long dining table between the kitchen and family area, you can visually separate the open-plan kitchen from the dining and living area.

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