Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After – Architectural firm The Ranch Mine renovated a mid-century modern home in Scottsdale, Arizona for a client who needed renovated space for a growing family.

The 1961 home built by Allied Builders had problems with faulty plumbing. Poor grading and drainage causing the structure to rot slightly Lack of insulation Limited storage space. and 1990s renovations that replaced or removed most mid-century modern designs.

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

A renovation from the 1980s removed the iconic wooden arches at the front of the house. and replaced with new, architect-designed steel columns by Moss Custom Homes.

Before And After: A Ranch Home With Abundant Natural Light

The renovation includes a redesigned floor plan. as well as new windows that emphasize the original column and beam structure.

In the living room Plastered fireplaces become new hearths. And wooden shelves on both sides complement the walnut beams.

From this angle you can see the new owner’s suite and the new dining room. When a layered and compartmentalized glass door opens, a seamless indoor-outdoor living space is created.

New swimming pools along the roof and make better use of the lawn. It also has a large veranda. grass area for children and an outdoor fireplace.

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Back inside We can see that the new dining room is furnished with a set of dark wood tables and chairs. Including a carved pendant lamp

In the kitchen, the columns were removed and the kitchen island redesigned for better space utilization and fluidity. The fridge was moved and fitted with new, smooth dark wood cabinets.

The old bar fridge was torn down and replaced with sliding doors leading to the combined pantry and laundry room.

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

The pantry and laundry have a bar area. Lots of storage space, an extra fridge, as well as a sink in front of the window and a washer/dryer.

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The renovated master bathroom has a separate dark wood sink and a large double shower with sliding doors to the small garden. It’s always nice to see people’s reactions when they walk through the front door. You see, from the street it looks like a small house. But when you walk in the door, it has to be WOW! kitchen dining room and the living room are open plan And when the old ceiling was removed to reveal the cathedral ceiling. I can feel that it is very big.

Of course, things didn’t start out that way. The original floor plan had common room dividers. The kitchen is dark due to its wood paneling and lack of natural light.

To go to the living room It was necessary to go out into the corridor leading to the garage and enter from there. We replaced it all by removing a few walls. We also opened up the cathedral ceiling in the living room. feel more spacious

And the kitchen? it has changed a lot In the middle is this big island. There is plenty of cooking space, but also seating – perfect for casual dining or chatting with the chef!

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But even if the wall is removed The area was still a little dark. So we enlarged the window, reinstalled it (a double window behind the dining table) and installed a usable skylight. It also allows the summer wind to blow directly through the space!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Opening a cathedral ceiling is one of the biggest projects you can undertake. The old press ceiling was low (7 1/2”) and when we raised it, it was 10” This was a big job that required some structural changes. But it’s worth it!

And while I tend to create a lot of new built-ins, The existing bookcase is also very well built. So we leave it in place. (and replaced the fireplace to burn wood again) and added new decorations and lighting. when covered with several layers of paint It gives the room a dramatic focal point.

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

After finishing, I have to admit that I am very impressed with the results. This once dark and cluttered living space is bright and open – perfect for the new owner moving in soon! Don’t you like it?

Ranch Home Remodel Ideas

Tags: 1950s ranch renovation, before and after farmhouse, farmhouse with raised ceilings, open floor plan ranch renovation, ranch renovation before and after 1970 Rancho Reno: living room transformation Day and night in 2021 March 8 By Elizabeth | Posted in Before and After

Remember when we went behind the scenes of the 1970s farmhouse transformation? I’m happy to announce that it’s officially done! (Come on, Covid 555)

In case you missed it Our clients are the lovely Mrs and Mrs C and their 3 sons (ages 10-14). Mr and Mrs C bought the house 4 years ago. This is a 1970’s farmhouse with 3 rooms. 2 bedrooms, bathrooms and a full basement.

After four years of living in the same space, Mrs. and Mrs. C a list of ideas and must-haves…

Farmhouse Renovation: Kitchen Before And After

As this project is a complete renovation on the first floor and quite extensive. Today I’m just going to share the before and after reveal of the entrance, living room and work area. Stay tuned for details on the kitchen, laundry room and bedroom in the next post.

We used to have a nice space with double doors, a wardrobe and the original playroom to the left. (And now a home/office workspace… But a little more!)

When we discussed the features with mrs. C discussed, we wanted to make sure her family had a place to store all their belongings outside the door to avoid clutter (or getting lost) in other homes. The solution is custom built-ins with drawers, hangers, cabinets and seating.

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

The color palette also looks brighter, fresher and with updated elements that this 1970s home needs! Next turn right here…

Split Level House Exterior Ideas

This is a before and after entry…Believe it or not!?! It was the wall that mrs. C wanted to remove, and we did! Now there is open space leading to the living room, kitchen and home office space.

The look and feel of this space has completely changed. We painted the brick fireplace pure white. and add modernity with built-in bookshelves filled wooden shelf Two large chandeliers and vibrant sea foam paint on the walls.

The house plan on this side has not changed. From the living room there is a corridor leading to the bedroom. (More on that in another post!) But we made the space more usable by installing a TV here and adding some great storage.

Now turn 180° to the other side of the room and you’ll see a slightly more dramatic change!

Ranch House Exterior Remodel Tips, Ideas, & Makeover Cost

In typical 1970s farmhouse style, the floor plan is highly segmented. in the previous picture you can see that the living room is separated from the kitchen by a wall. Mr. Xi is determined that this area will also open up… Let’s be honest, we did! The end result is fresh, seamless and very inviting.

On the other wall it is the same wall you see on the porch. but on the other hand Deleting it makes a big difference, right? Now the space is open, spacious, covered and ready for all the children to run and play as they wish.

We lighten most of the furniture. Except for this beautiful multicolored rug and some orange, yellow and blue pillows. The perfect balance between leisure and social.

Ranch House Interior Remodel Before And After

Check out the version we created – it’s perfect! OK, now let’s look at the family grandfather clock…

Before & After — Rochman Design

In the past, this space was used by children and adults to work from home, exercise and play video games. Having the whole family at home during COVID We decided it would be a good idea to have a small workspace. of their own and lots of storage space for everyone.

We built a wall that doubles as a work space for 3 people (the other side becomes real estate for the new laundry room) Open this window for more natural light. and create a fourth workspace on the opposite wall. Such details are useful during a pandemic and extremely useful in normal times.

And we return to the entrance! I know you’ve seen the teenager’s kitchen. But I promise it deserves its own post. 😉 We bought a new house and are currently renovating our lovely 1950s farmhouse. I would like to take you to explore the interior and share all the features of this home. The interior is circa 1950/1960 and is in very good condition. just dated We bought this house in October and when we finish the renovation in 2023 we will add it to the spring sale list.

It will be

A Stunning 1960s Ranch House Remodel

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