Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After – Split level homes have been around since the 1950s. The design and layout of these homes are very attractive and extremely practical for many homeowners. In many cases, when you enter a split-level, you will see a set of stairs leading down to a small level, as well as a separate set leading up. The layout of such houses usually includes a first level with a kitchen, living room and bathroom, a staircase with bedrooms and a finished basement. But what about hunting? A two-level house cannot always be distinguished from the outside. Split-style houses allow you to see all levels of the house’s surfaces. If your split level is split at the back, it means you can only see one level from the front and you have to look at the house from the side to see the other levels.

Regardless of the level of your style department, our designers have unique ideas to help you highlight what makes your home unique!

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After

Are you stuck trying to think of new ways to beautify the outside of your home? Our virtual design services are designed for homeowners like you. Our designers will work with you to understand your design goals to create a design as shown below.

Incredible Before And After Exterior Home Remodels

It is not always easy to notice a two-story house from the outside, looking from the inside. In the previous photo shown above, bricks are scattered around the exterior of the house. Our designers create layers on the exterior, combining different types and colors. A different middle part of the house with a different upper level color draws the eye inward.

We love the look of traditional two-story homes with a mix of red brick and siding. The before and afters shown above show how subtle updates can transform a home like a major renovation. The house has a great color block look – just needs a fresh coat of paint.

Many traditional split-level homes have a level that hangs over the garage. For a bi-level door with this design, think of your garage door as a design element. For the house pictured above, our designers suggested a dark color for the garage door. With the light colors used on the exterior of the house, black paint and black lights on either side of the garage door draw attention to the entire garage area. In addition, they coordinate with the new front door.

We love the modern design style of the split-level home. Dark gray James Hardie HardieĀ® Plank siding and Aspyre RevealĀ® Panel System siding above, along with wood accents, create a bold, elegant look that highlights the split-level structure.

Ranch House Plans

This flat beach house with a white exterior will create a feeling of freshness. The combination of panel windows on each of the different levels emphasizes the unique structure of the building. Adding lots of windows adds even more layers to make the street feel more open and inviting.

This two-story house has a retro style reminiscent of one of the most recognizable two-story houses of all time: the Brady Bunch house. It’s time to upgrade. New flooring and new modern garage doors take up a lot of real estate on this front. Perhaps our favorite part of this new exterior is the addition of a front porch to allow for less weathered living. New full size windows and modern yet retro lighting and front door at the top. This is a more powerful external design.

One of the best ways to show off the size of a split-level home is to place accents on different levels. Wood-tone wood accents on this home add visual interest, texture, and layering to the exterior design.

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After

If you have a two-level house with many stairs and floors inside, we recommend an echo that looks outside for a beautiful dynamic. The levels of this home are arranged in a way that only adds contrast and dimension to the plan. We also love how our designers used natural wood around the entrance to create a focal point.

Why Ranch Style Houses Are So Popular Now

One of the best features of a split-level home exterior is the built-in size. Unlike traditional Craftsman or ranch homes, split level homes look sold out. This is what is shown on the house above with color blocking. In addition, the addition of a balcony to the second level of this building adds visual interest and functional living space to the upper part of the building.

This mid-century modern split-level home is fresh and stylish. Choosing interesting accents for your split-level home is a great way to complement your unique setting. This home features variety, from lights and plants to sliding doors and glass garage doors. The oversized stone at the entrance is a great addition to the entryway, especially with the subtle addition of the house number and light fixture.

The modern split-level house above shows how you can influence the highlight of the entrance of a split-level house. Large stone columns surround and give special attention to the exterior of this house.

Don’t forget that your driveway can be a big asset when it comes to exterior design. This modern two-level conversion house has a driveway that mimics the structure of the building. The horizontal layout of the road allows you to create a range that starts right next to the pavement.

House Makeovers That Are Almost Unbelievable

Two-story homes have at least three levels, so why not use triple garage doors? For the exterior design of split-level houses, it is common to have the garage door built directly into the structure of the house, and this raises the level with additional doors. A fresh, modern color palette and a modern garage door to go with it help this home look more cohesive.

Although some people think that the two-level design is difficult for exterior design, we want to embrace the look. Whether you want to stick with a more traditional style or modern design, add unique accents or create a layered look, we hope the ideas above have inspired you to celebrate your split level.

Two-level houses offer functional interior planning. Do not miss the opportunity to make nature as attractive as possible. Start our virtual exterior design process today! The entrance hall is not only an entrance amplifier, it can also be a great place to relax in nature. There are many different ways to approach these spaces, whether you need a wide open space for volunteering or an enclosed portal for your speed. Check out some of our favorite porch addition ideas below.

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Before And After

If you want to add to your existing portal or create a completely new one, but don’t know where to start, our experienced designers are here to help. All we need is a photo (or sketch) of your home and your answers to a short survey to help us understand your design style and goals. Learn more about our process.

Front Porch Addition Ideas With Before And After Photos

At first glance at the before photo above, it’s almost hard to tell there’s a hallway here. The small retaining wall uses the same brick as the exterior of the house, so everything matches. There is not much difference to highlight the portal. There are also no gates to protect hosts or guests from rain or sun. Our designers expanded the space by removing a brick retaining wall and adding a porch on wooden columns. Incorporating different building materials and more detailed flooring draws attention to the additional front porch.

Just because the house doesn’t have a lot of room to work with doesn’t mean adding a smaller porch can’t make a statement. Both before and after are examples of a landscaped street entry with a gorgeous driveway. This area may not be very large, but it is perfect for an outdoor entertaining area, adding another level to the outdoors.

This home offers plenty of space to work. Our designers liven up the outdoor area by adding a porch. We added a new outdoor living space with a shed, stairs to the newly raised stone porch floor, railings and columns to add more dimension. The seating, lighting and plants create a pleasant atmosphere that makes this a great place to relax.

Hallways should be functional and aesthetically attractive. Our designers used an extra porch to enhance the look of this home. In addition to allowing the addition to take up more space from the outside, wooden accents in the form of columns and beam supports, which are visible on the porch, draw attention to the front door.

Updating Your Two Story Colonial For More Curb Appeal

Homesteads are usually arranged in a long line. Our designers use a gable with an additional front porch to create a more interesting geometry. Of course, the white trim on the gable makes the porch stand out even more

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