Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After – Looking at all the “before” pictures of this house, it was hard to believe how much it has changed. No more small, separate rooms. The ceiling is raised, and it looks bigger. And the outside is almost unknown.

Since 1952, the house has been extended several times over the years. And this was heard from outside. There were different types of panels, different heights and no real construction method. Our goal was to create a cohesive look for the entire home as well as change the interior slightly to make the house more livable.

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

We removed the original front door (the living room will become an en-suite bedroom) and secured the new door by placing a false gable above it. We also installed new doors and windows.

Ranch House Remodel Ideas

After that we rearranged the whole house to make it look better. Faux vinyl siding looks incredibly realistic and requires little maintenance on the outside.

In the backyard, we restored the damaged floor and added more windows to bring more light into the kitchen and dining room. It is now a great outdoor living space for new owners with a large private yard and plenty of space to relax and play.

The interior has just as many changes as the exterior, starting with a new front door. This space was originally a garage storage area, but now serves as a mud room to store all the shoes and outerwear we live in Maine (and did you see that floor??? 💕💕 )

I have been peeling paint off this new old post and baluster for weeks. Doesn’t it look great here?

Ranch House Remodel: Exterior Reveal

The “wow” moment comes when you walk up the stairs and check out your new abode. By removing the walls and raising the ceiling, this space no longer screams 1952. The large island overlooking the dining and living areas creates a warm and welcoming feeling.

The key to creating this space was removing the walls of the original house. It’s a big job, requiring engineered beams to carry the new load. But what a difference!

One of the biggest changes was raising the low ceiling. The new cathedral ceiling with the old beams from the church in New Brunswick looks great!

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

The old gas logs were removed and the fireplace returned to its wood burning origins. We kept the original bookcases – they are in good condition – but added new decorations after the church ceiling was raised.

Home Tour // A 1960’s California Ranch Style Home Gets A New Lease On Life — The Grit And Polish

But there are many more. The original living room (which was used as a laundry room) was converted into a bedroom by removing the old door and adding a new double window to let in more light.

The bathroom in the main hall has a much needed item. At one point, an extended shower was installed so that the walkway was too narrow.

But one of the biggest differences was the basement. The previous owner had an electronics repair business in the basement. It is divided into electronic components, manuals and other items. So many things!

Before we installed the new ceiling and walls, we removed everything and sealed the walls. Now it’s a bright, cozy space that can be used as a home office, playroom, or whatever the new owners desire! We removed everything (except the bookshelves) and opened up a solid concrete wall.

The Ranch House Revisited — Modern Asheville

Finally, I have to talk about the capital repair of all the buildings. There were no fixed lines in the house, so we had to rewire everything, including the 10-wire smoke alarm. All the while, we improved the installation hand and install a very efficient heating system – ultimately exceeding our energy goals. And it’s obviously upgraded with kitchen plumbing and bathroom work. While this isn’t technically a new home, it’s pretty close!

Most importantly, the new owners love it and happily make it their home for years to come. Now let’s move on to the next project, a really nice bungalow! stay tuned!

Labels: 1950’s Ranch Renovation, Ranch House Before and After, Gut Renovation, Maine Renovation, Single Story Home Renovation, Farmhouse Renovation This is my latest home renovation project and my general contractors for old home remodeling and the neglected to be new and beautiful. the opportunity to use the knowledge is available at home. Follow along with Millie’s Remodel: A 1950 Ranch Renovation.

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

It’s been about six months now since I picked up a hammer and started doing homework. After the Savings Etta project was completed, I took a break from building houses and went on vacation with my family. But after about a month, I got angry. To be honest, I felt a little down about not having anything to do. When I was planning to renovate my house, I was looking to make sure the other house didn’t collapse. There were several applicants but my applications were not accepted. Unfortunately, the real estate and investor market in Raleigh is very hot. This means that there are many investors and homes for sale, but the prices are too high for me to make a profit on a flipped home.

Renovating And Modernizing A Ranch House

After a few months, I started thinking about changing my income and started looking for a rental property. This allows me to adjust my budget and look for nearby homes to renovate and rent while I wait for the value to increase.

A small brick farmhouse came up during my inventory search about a month ago. There were actually two brick ranches there, but after seeing them both, I chose this beautiful brick ranch from the 1950s.

I intend to sell the carport as soon as possible as it does not add much appeal.

The living/dining room is divided by carpet and laminate flooring. The goal is to connect the two and make it look like one open room.

Sopo Cottage: 1950’s Rancher Gets A Dramatic Makeover

I looked under the carpet and laminate and found hardwood floors under both! Unfortunately, laminate is covered with glued linoleum and has a wooden floor underneath. I will have to do an asbestos test before I start the demolition.

I’m hoping to remove the wall behind the fridge and open it up to the living room. This should give a nice open kitchen and bring more light into the kitchen. But I will consult with my structural engineer first.

The three bedrooms are almost identical. This is a small bedroom with only one window. While I was doing in the living room, I pulled up the carpet to reveal the wooden floor underneath. Welcome! They look tough but can often be improved.

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

The third bedroom is at the back of the house and has a nice view of the garden if we remove the cage (you will see a picture soon).

Before & After: Our Nashville Home Remodel

Although the tile floor looks great, the tile is chipping and sinking under the toilet, so we will need to address this. Also, the vanity is the shortest vanity I have ever stood in front of. I have big plans for this bathroom, including trying to save the old metal bathtub.

My plan is to add a small powder room to the existing laundry room. Be sure to watch this video to see where it goes.

Here is a view of the yard. The evil eye can be seen in the cage and in the backyard. It’s pretty ugly and needs some TLC or a complete tear down.

The back floor of the house is built with a back staircase. It’s not pretty, but it looks and sounds good (or will be once I add some structural bolts), so I’m leaving it as is.

Incredible Exterior House Remodels Before And After Photos

The biggest problem in the house is the very old HVAC unit. The heater fan was not working and my inspector advised me not to overheat as this is a major safety issue.

This concludes the photo review. If you want to see the inside of the house and hear my thoughts on the renovation, watch this video:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this project. What do you think of the house? Do you have any opinion about me?

Ranch Style Home Remodel Before And After

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Expertly Updated 1972 Ranch Style Home Asks $495k

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The Today’s Homeowner Co-host and designer Chelsea recently purchased a 1950s farmhouse in Spring Hill that she and her husband, Brandon, are renovating.

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