Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After – I usually write about my house, but for a change I want to show you the exterior transformation of the home of Debbie and Martin, who are good friends with Ed.

They were our neighbors for 22 years when we lived in PA. They moved from where we lived before they moved into this house a few years before we moved to Lake Murray, SC.

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

They are the same age as us, and when they became empty nesters who no longer needed a big house, they decided to look for a small house with land in a more rural area nearby.

Ranch House Remodel: Exterior Reveal

After months of searching, they found a red brick ranch on 7 acres that was just what they were looking for.

They didn’t just change the exterior of the house. They also added on to a yard that was open and empty and created a small yard with a barn and another driveway to…

I know you’ll love seeing how they changed the exterior to match their dream life and vision.

This is how the house looked before the change. The red brick is in good shape, but not as good as they wanted.

Top Home Exterior Design Trends

They painted all the brick white, added a tin roof and shingles, vertical siding, new doors and light fixtures.

Here’s the back of the 1970s brick house they turned into their dream home over the course of a few years. Red/orange brick, red roof and rust/red shutters.

Debbie and Martin not only painted the house with black and white shutters, but installed a tin roof and pergola. The walkway was paved with stones and formed a white fenced garden with cut flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

Gardening is one of Debbie’s hobbies. Every now and then his green finger skills are on display as there are colorful flowers everywhere.

Traditional Ranch Home Exterior Remodel — Degnan Design Build Remodel

After buying the house, they cleaned and painted it before moving in. The exterior of the house has changed over the years.

Replacing one roof with a sheet metal roof. Sheet metal roofing from Drexel Metal Roofing Systems in color

Here is a view of the tin roof. The color looks different depending on the amount of light. It looks very silver on sunny days and dark gray on a gray day.

In this picture you can see the addition of the tin roof and the lush area after planting.

Incredible Before And After Exterior Home Remodels

Shortly after they moved in, they designed a barn and chicken coop and built both on the side of the backyard so they wouldn’t block the view.

With an old truck and trailer outside suggests the property was once a farm with a barn, rather than a brick farmhouse sitting alone on 7 acres.

As I mentioned above, the change to the exterior of this house was not done immediately, but over the course of several years. They knew what they wanted and took the time to get it right. See how brick and lath designers, architects and designers transform these old farmhouses into something amazing…with before and after renovations. According to Zillow, nine out of ten homes in the 1950s and 1960s were ranch style. As a hit in the 80s, people were choosing more angular images; However, the McMansion trend is coming to an end and 1950s ranches are back in style. Ranch homes are in high demand and ready for renovation.

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

This client in Michigan wanted to improve their front porch and overall curb appeal. Blending in with the surroundings, the paved walkway, wooden garage and rich colors made this design one of my favorites!

Sopo Cottage: 1950’s Rancher Gets A Dramatic Makeover

This Atlanta gem needed updating and brightening up! Removing the shutters and adding some nice Visual Comfort lighting did the trick. Choose a floor planter and your eyes will be drawn to the front door. Now this house is flipping!

Sometimes you have ideas, but before you dive in, just look at the picture. This client wasn’t sure he wanted to paint, but wanted simple changes. After seeing the beautiful color, he couldn’t resist! Our goal was to draw all eyes up the spiral staircase to the updated front door. Wood is often the best choice; However, in this design we chose a deep black door to enhance the metal trim and lighting.

This friend from North Carolina wanted to abandon the traditional way of farming and create a bold masterpiece. A black home exterior isn’t for everyone, but when done right, the look is beautiful and timeless. By opening the all-glass doors and huge sidelights, the porch goes from a dark hole to an open space. This home screams inviting confidence!

That being said, a traditional farm doesn’t have to be a curse. Ranches are back in style! Some people have feelings that they should see before drawing. Others go for a simple makeover. Although quite a few people want brick and lath designers to take over and surprise them! Instead of selling this beautiful ranch, upgrade and love your home all over again. When I went through all the “Before” pictures of this house it was almost hard to believe how much it had changed. Small blind rooms are finished. The ceiling is raised which makes it feel bigger. And the exterior is almost unknown.

Ranch House Plans

The original house from 1952 has been rebuilt several times over the years. And you could tell by looking outside. There were different types of sides, different heights, and it had no real construction method. Our goal was to create a cohesive look throughout the house – while also making some interior changes to make the house more livable.

We removed the original entrance door (the living room was to become a bedroom with its own bathroom) and accentuated the new entrance by building a false gable above it. We also installed new windows and doors.

We then remodeled the whole house to give it a nice overall look. Faux single vinyl siding looks incredibly authentic while providing a maintenance-free exterior.

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

In the backyard, we restored the damaged floor and added some windows to bring more light into the kitchen and dining room. It is now a great outdoor living space for the new owners with a large private yard and plenty of space to relax and play.

Ranch House Remodel: Lake House Legacy

There are just as many changes on the inside as there are on the outside, starting with a new front door. This place started out as garage storage – but now it’s mostly used as a dirt room to store all the shoes and outerwear we have in Maine (and did you see that floor??? 💕 💕)

I spent weeks stripping the paint off this old post and post. Doesn’t it look great here?

The “wow” moment comes when you walk up the stairs and look into the new living room. With the walls removed and the ceiling raised, the place no longer screams “1952”. It feels warm and welcoming with a large island oriented towards the dining and living areas.

The key to creating this space was removing the walls of the original house. It’s a big job – it requires engineered beams to carry the new load. But what a difference!

What Is A Ranch Style Home?

One of the biggest changes was the increase in the low ceiling. The new cathedral ceiling with the old beams from the church in New Brunswick looks great!

The old gas logs were removed and the fireplace returned to its wood burning origins. We kept the original bookcases – they were in good condition – but added new decorations when we raised the cathedral ceiling.

But there are many more. The original sitting room (used as a laundry room) was converted into a bedroom by removing the old front door and installing a new double glazed window to let in more light.

Ranch Style Exterior Remodel Before And After

The bathroom in the front hall has undergone a much needed makeover. At one point a very wide shower was installed and the walkway was very narrow.

Before & After: 1950s Ranch House Renovation

But one of the biggest areas of change was the basement. The previous owner had an electronics repair shop in the basement. It was full of electronic components, books and the like. Lots and lots of stuff!

We cleaned everything and sealed the walls before putting in a new ceiling and walls. It is now a bright, welcoming space that can be used as a home office, game room, or whatever the new owners desire! We cleared out everything (except the bookshelves) and opened up the thick concrete wall that leads to the back.

And finally, I must mention the great change of all building materials in the building. The house had no underground utilities, so we had to rewire everything – including 10 sets of hard arrows. We upgraded the insulation and installed a very efficient heating system – which ultimately exceeded our energy requirements. And it’s clear

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